7 hours ago

Found a dog

We found this dog running on the street just north of Kedzie and Palmer. Corralled him an tied him in our yard so he wouldn't get hit by a car. Has a blue collar but no tags. Looks like a male pit mix, really friendly.
Please let us know if you recognize him or he is yours! You can call 847-204-0534

Jun 09

Updated 5 days ago

I have a PARROT at my bird feeder...

Not a parakeet, but a green parrot that is 12" long. I tried to take a picture but everything is green and it let me know that it wasn't interested. I'll figure out better food for it..

  • DianeW just nosey

    Oooh, I'm so glad it's still around, and thank you so much, Kitty hop, for trying to help.

    Have you tried regular old pet bird seed? Like unsalted sunflower seeds and unsalted safflower seeds?The bird might recognize that as food more so than fruit, In case it hasn't been exposed to a varied diet of fruit and veggies in it's previous home.

  • On my way to get some....

Jun 01

Updated Jun 06

Lost dog

Anyone know this sweet girl? We found her with no collar at Monticello and Fullerton.

Jun 04

Updated Jun 05

Missing Cat from 2700 block of Sawyer

My cat Bentley has gone missing. He is a small tan/grey tabby with white paws and black stripes. His front paws are declawed. He disappeared on Sunday June 3 from my condo on Sawyer between Milwaukee and Diversey. He is not used to being outside and is scared by loud noises. He is a friendly cat and tends to like people. However, if you try to pick him up he will struggle and scratch you with his back legs. He is quite vocal. He has a chip. If you have seen him please call or text 773-520-3055.

  • yes - do ask neighbors to look in their basements and garages - and go down the alley and make meowing sounds..call his name..listen for reply from garages......then ask owner to open... sometimes a cat will go on a porch in the area thinking it is theirs... Also find out who feed cats in the area - he might be going there to eat. DO NOT GIVE UP - sometimes it takes a while.....

  • In addition to my other comments - - is your microchip actually registered to you? Are the phone numbers and address up to date? Find your chip certificate and call them to make sure of that.... also put up a sign at your vet's office - and other vet's in the area.... and keep looking out the window - walk around the neighborhood - look under bushes.....they are sometimes hidden by greenery... I hope your friends are helping you.

Jun 02

Updated Jun 05

Anyone missing a small brown / gray cat in the Logan/Avondale area?

Hey neighbors,

There’s a small brown / gray tabby cat that’s been hanging on my block the last couple of days, she/he is timid but sweet. I’ve put out cans of tuna and a bowl of water the last two days which it seems to be enjoying. Just wanted to see if this is anyone’s missing kitty.

  • Tay Maria Logan Square resident; pop culture entrepreneur

    Where are you located exactly? There are missing posters all down Kimball of a gray tabby that looks just like this one. Noticed them over the weekend. It went missing about a week ago from a house near Wrightwood and Drake if I remember right.

  • Cat Wrangler happy Humboldt Park resident

    Also, you can take him to any vet and they will scan him for free to see if he is microchipped and has an owner.

Jun 04

Lost Cat

Last seen at 2717 N Sawyer

Jun 02

Updated Jun 04

Lost small greyhound in Logan Square

A woman lost her doug orf leash. Slipped through her collar and ran. Its a female greyhound that is tan with a white chest. Last seen at the corner of troy and george st. Her owner lizs in the huge red 3 flat.. she doesnt seem to like people. Very skittish. She may respond to maya. Please be on the lookout.

May 30

Missing Cat

Our 7-month-old kitten/cat snuck out last night and has not returned. Lemmy was last seen around Lawndale and Belden. Please reach out if you see him around.

May 16

Updated May 21

Found Dog on Kimball and Dickens

I found a jack russell terrier shivering in the corner of a doorway this morning around 8AM. He was scared and shivering. Was clean and had good teeth and grooming. Definitely a young dog. And he is not microchipped.

Please contact me if you’ve lost your dog with details and proof of ownership.

  • Bob, to my knowledge Paws can't take strays - unless something has changed over the last two years. They only pull from the shelter.

  • Thanks Emily, I have seen strays there but its an indirect route:

    In Chicago, stray and lost pets are impounded at two main locations:
    City of Chicago Animal Care and Control (CACC) – 2741 S. Western Ave, 312-747-1406
    Animal Welfare League – 6224 S. Wabash Ave, 773-667-0088
    These shelters are...

    Read full comment…

    Thanks Emily, I have seen strays there but its an indirect route:

    In Chicago, stray and lost pets are impounded at two main locations:
    City of Chicago Animal Care and Control (CACC) – 2741 S. Western Ave, 312-747-1406
    Animal Welfare League – 6224 S. Wabash Ave, 773-667-0088
    These shelters are open seven days-a-week and accept strays. If you need a stray animal picked up, call 311 for assistance. If you take the animal to CACC, please call PAWS Chicago at 773-475-9462 with the intake number and we will try to take the pet into our adoption program. Please note, we cannot guarantee that we will bring the animal to PAWS as our intake is determined, based on our existing population and number of adoptions.

May 11

Updated May 20

Missing Black Cat

My sweet large black cat with white chest markings is missing as of (5/11) Friday morning. He is probably very scared and will run away if you approach. Please contact me if you think you've seen him. (773)766-9920

  • carrie 40-year Palmer Square resident

    Where was he lost?

  • Tay Maria Logan Square resident; pop culture entrepreneur

    I would also like to know where he was lost. We saw a black cat that doesn't normally frequent the neighborhood on our back porch this past weekend. We live on Altgeld and Avers right off of Fullerton. Hoping your cat returns to you soon!

  • A Kelvyn Park Lifer

    I saw a black cat hanging out by the U-Haul by the Metra tracks a few days ago.

May 16

Updated May 17

Cat Found - Marina, 8 months old

We found a very friendly, young cat in our yard a couple of nights ago when it was storming. It turns out she is microchipped - we learned that her name is Marina and she is 8 months old, but the owner's contact information is private. The chip company has tried to contact the owner but so far, no luck. Did anyone lose this sweet kitten?

May 14

Updated May 16

Turtle in need of home!

My friend recently moved and asked if I could find a home for her turtle. It has a tank and some food. I cannot keep it sadly! It's name is Baxter and really needs a loving home!

  • Duke Animal at 3900+ N. Ashland also treats turtles, etc. They even have adopted the 'office turtle' named Heidi.

    Please contact Michael..he seems perfect!

  • k_alt Northcenter

    One of my friends was able to bring her turtle to the Garfield Park Conservatory to live the rest of it's life with other turtles among the plants. Might be worth contacting them or other conservatories in the area to see if they would take another one. If you do choose to adopt it out to someone please make sure it's someone who knows what they are doing and will care for it well. Sometimes it's hard to tell through the internet if that's going to be the case.

May 07

Updated May 08

Lost dog (Yorkie)


Last seen near 2400 N. Luna Ave. on 5/7/18. Was wearing a black Avengers shirt
Small size
If spotted or caught please call

  • He's home thanks to Lost Dogs IllinoisThank, Lost and Found Dogs Northwest side of Chicago and the good people who returned him. 😇🐕...

Apr 27

Found on walk tonight

While walking our puppy tonight, I found this open blade and handle not too far from it in the grass near our house. Near instersection of Lawndale/Altgeld.

Heads up to look out for your puppy’s paws (and kids hands for that matter)!!!

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