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Petition to stop a cell tower from going up on the corner of Wrightwood and Ridgeway in Logan

Someone started a petition to push Alderman Santiago (31st ward) in Logan Square to stop a cell array from being constructed by T-Mobile on top of a residential building at the corner of Wrightwood and Ridgeway Ave. I live down the street and would rather not see it from my window.
Here it is if anyone wants to read it over and sign it if you agree that it would be an eyesore/annoyance on a residential street:


    Alderwoman Santiago, stop the T-Mobile tower at 3714-16 W Wrightwood Ave.
    Target: 31st Ward Alderman Milly Santiago Region: United States of America Please note: While we appreciate support from people who live anywhere, signatures from residents in Logan Square are the most helpful. Please share with anyone you know in Logan Square, specifically those near the corner of Wrightwood and Ridgeway!

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