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Everyblock Logan Square Facebook Group

Since there has been some interest I created a group. There has been no response from the Logan Square Community Group to my request for membership.
So please sign up and continue to post my Everyblock friends!


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What is going on with the factory on the 2700 block of armitage? I have not seen anyone working there for months.

  • Rick Stoneham Logan resident since 1984

    Probably a permit issue. I’ve been worried about the lake that formed on the site as a mosquito breeding pond. But yesterday saw workmen draining it. It looks like construction will start again but I’ve been wrong before. I have to look down on it every day.

  • They are awaiting a shipment of steel. The cost of steel went up due to the Trump tariffs and now the supplier can't honor the original quote.

    To clarify: They are delayed waiting for the shipment, the tariff thing is my own speculation. There were men in the yesterday working.

Jun 27

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Friendly feral near Belden/Central Park

We've had a black TNR cat slinking around our 'hood for about a year but he's been increasingly hanging out in our yard and on our porch. We like the little guy and don't mind--I'm just curious if he has a caretaker/has a colony he's part of.

  • They do seem to get attached to certain yards..even people..though they don't get close. Was there a pic?

  • You might be talking about our next door neighbor's cat - we're at Fullerton and Lawndale right behind The Little Pickle, and our elderly neighbor cares for a mostly feral black cat that he calls for named "Beady" (i.e., beady eyes). If you see a calico cat around it too sometimes, that is the other cat he cares for, but he much prefers the black one.

  • future alderman future alderman

    adopt him

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Bookkeeper needed

I am looking for a bookkeeper for my business which is in the neighborhood. Experience in manufacturing is a plus as we have many employees and ship a lot of product. I am checking here before posting to the usual places. Let me know if you or someone you know is interested.

  • Hi George-

    I posted about 1 month ago looking for a bookkeeper as well. Hopefully you get more response than I. Where else are you posting?

  • Tomorrow is another day Happy resident of North Park Village

    You might try one of the moonlighting websites. The only one I can remember right now is:


    I'm sure if you did a search for moonlighting jobs, you'd find them.

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These nearby schools are looking for financial help on DonorsChoose.org:

  • Get in the Zone - The Chill Zone!

    Ms. Indianer is asking for $1476.75:
    My students need these items for our Chill Zone, which allow students to regulate faster and return to the classroom ready to learn!
    Cics-Bucktown Comment
  • A Magic Carpet to Fly Through Kindergarten!

    Ms. Dajani is asking for $607.27:
    My students need a classroom carpet that will allow them to sit, engage, learn, and build connections. I would like my young learners to be as comfortable or stimulated as needed to be successful.
    Cics-Bucktown Comment

Jun 16

Gunshots in Humboldt Park

Last night was startled awake by a gunshot near the corner of Wabansia and Kimball. Then heard a fight outside. Not sure if they were related. Stay safe out there friends!

Jun 16

  • Permit issued for new construction


    2337 W. Lyndale St. Issued June 14, 2018 Comment

Jun 15

Jun 14

Where to Swim: Chicago Public Pools

2200 N. Oakley Avenue

This article has 77 other Chicago locations (Show)

825 W. Sheridan Road

5835 N. Lincoln Avenue

5110 N. Damen Avenue

900 W. Wilson Avenue

4701 N. Ashland Avenue

2333 W. Sunnyside Avenue

3035 N. Hoyne Avenue

2534 N. Greenview Avenue

618 W. Scott Street

3843 N. California Avenue

5100 N. Francisco Avenue

4222 W. Foster Avenue

4822 N. Long Avenue

4100 N. Long Avenue

3945 N. Springfield Avenue

3516 W. School Street

2732 N. Avers Avenue

6935 W. Addison Street

6100 W. Fullerton Avenue

1419 W. Blackhawk Street

1330 W. Chicago Avenue

1501 W. Randolph Street

2526 W. Grand Avenue

958 N. Sacramento Avenue

1333 N. Laramie Avenue

5610 W. Lake Street

500 S. Central Avenue

4615 W. Jackson Boulevard

100 N. Central Park Avenue

515 S. Washtenaw Avenue

910 S. Aberdeen Street

1312 S. Racine Avenue

1119 W. Cullerton Street

1824 S. Wood Street

3559 W. Arthington Street

4320 W. 15th Street

4247 W. 31st Street

2901 S. Poplar Avenue

2210 W. Pershing Road

4136 S. California Avenue

4949 S. Archer Avenue

6258 W. 62nd Street

2411 W. 55th Street

1700 S. Wentworth Avenue

55 W. 22nd Street

3309 S. Shields Avenue

3770 S. Wentworth Avenue

3520 S. Cottage Grove Avenue

331 W. 45th Street

39 W. 47th Street

4430 S. Marshfield Avenue

1809 W. 50th Street

1301 W. 52nd Street

6054 S. Damen Avenue

6500 S. Racine Avenue

6201 S. Stewart Avenue

5531 S. King Drive

6200 S. Drexel Avenue

1833 E. 71st Street

7740 S. Ingleside Avenue

7655 S. Ingleside Avenue

1440 W. 84th Street

2936 W. 85th Street

3939 W. 79th Street

1817 W. 95th Street

965 W. 95th Street

49 E. 95th Street

501 E. 90th Place

1215 E. 83rd Street

8930 S. Muskegon Avenue

2400 E. 105th Street

201 E. 111th Street

10436 S. Wallace Street

11250 S. Ada Street

11320 S. Western Avenue

3721 W. 111th Street

939 E. 132nd Street

    Where to Swim: Chicago Public Pools
    Mather High School Pool Indoor Pool5835 N. Lincoln Avenue(773) 534-2412 Website Amundsen High School Pool Indoor Pool5110 N. Damen Avenue(773) 534-2425 Pool Website Winnemac Park Website Uplift High School Pool Indoor Pool900 W. Wilson Avenue(312) 742-7709 Pool Website Clarendon Park Website Wrightwood Pool Outdoor Pool2534 N.

Jun 12

Updated Jun 14

Looking for apartments in Bucktown / Wicker Park (new to area - advice welcome)

Hi all, hope it's kosher to post here about searching for apartments. Read about it on some other forums and was suggested to ask for insight here.

I'm new to Chicago but have visited for work 20-30 times over the past 2 years. Mainly stayed in the Loop so I'm choosing Bucktown / Wicker Park based on word of mouth and advice from others. I'm 24, young professional, consultant, female.

Basically I'm looking for any tips / insight for the...

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Hi all, hope it's kosher to post here about searching for apartments. Read about it on some other forums and was suggested to ask for insight here.

I'm new to Chicago but have visited for work 20-30 times over the past 2 years. Mainly stayed in the Loop so I'm choosing Bucktown / Wicker Park based on word of mouth and advice from others. I'm 24, young professional, consultant, female.

Basically I'm looking for any tips / insight for the search - locations to avoid, best ways to search, etc. I've contacted a few locators in addition to searching on my own. My move-in date is any time after August 10. I'll be there August 10 - 13 with the intention of viewing an applying for places (and hopefully signing a lease).

Thanks in advance!

  • No worries Bger ... My comment was more so to show that there are other great areas adjacent to WP/Bucktown that are MUCH more affordable (I'm 7 blocks from Bucktown and own a house ... A WHOLE HOUSE ... that costs less than to rent a jr 1 br .5 miles away ;)

  • Joe

    Logan Square is west of western and certainly is desirable in many ways. Worthy of checking out.

Jun 14

  • Permit issued for renovation/alteration


    2317 N. Oakley Ave. Issued June 12, 2018 Comment

Jun 11

Updated Jun 13

Recommendations for non-surgical skin doctor for face

Neighbors: Looking for recommendations for places and/or doctors to treat a few sunspots on my face. I would like non-surgical procedures and little to no down-time after the procedure. Having a hard time finding someone! Would prefer a personal recommendation vs reading reviews online. Thanks in advance for your help.

anywhere within city limits is good, will travel for a good doctor!

  • I second Dr Neha Robinson at Dermatology & Aesthetics. She is wonderful.

  • AMG

    @mkbjazz and Marcy - thank you for the recommendation,

    @Holly - thank you.

Jun 08

Updated Jun 13

Speed Humps by the Map Room

I noticed speed humps being installed on Hoyne south of Armitage by the Map Room. Speed humps can cause reckless drivers to lose control of their vehicles and create more dangerous situations. Wouldn't it be better to drop the speed limit to 20mph, set up a speed camera, and ticket at 25mph? Speeding there would plummet immediately via economics.

  • Another solution, albeit perhaps wildly unpopular, would be to turn Hoyne into a one way street northbound. Locals would enter the neighborhood from Armitage by using the southbound one way Leavitt (which has a stop light.) Cars in transit south on Hoyne to avoid heavy traffic on Damen will be SOL.

  • they don't even fill potholes without a complaint from residents... you think CDOT added speed bumps to one random residential street one their own?


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