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winnamac coyotes back or never left ?

Saw a coyote walking in front of chappell on Wed night (11th) about 11:30pm . I was walking on the sidewalk and coyote was inside the fence. Was a decent size. Looked at each other and just kept walking.

  • So cool, I never see them. My guess, because they are so good at hiding, is that they never left.

  • I see these coyotes all the time. I only worry when I see two together then I tend to walk a little faster in the opposite direction. They are eating all the rats so I’m good with them. 👌🏼

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Farewell Dear Neighbors

It’s been a good run here on Everyblock. May you all do well and be safe. Thank you for being caring neighbors.

  • Catbus Philosopher, Third-Class

    Having seen the conversations from other neighborhoods, I'm grateful that our share of trolls and racists was relatively low. Relatively.

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Motorcycle storage and service space on Berteau Ave between Wolcott Ave and Ravenswood Ave

Shared secure space in an industrial building for your motorcycle. Welder, drill press, air compressor and good assortment of tools available.

  • I need to rent a pneumatic wrench to loosen a nut on my water heater. Ya got one?

2 days ago

Does anyone own a pneumatic wrench that I can rent?

I want to change the anode in my water heater. I cannot get the old one out. Yes, I have a 24" socket wrench and a cheater bar. It still won't budge.
I hate to have to disconnect the gas line, and water lines, AND remove the blower just to get more room to work.
I need a little help.
Do you have any ideas?
(Yes, trolls, that was your que.)

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Jul 05

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Ravenswood newbie looking for monthly parking & tips

Hi, I'm moving to Ravenswood later this month and am looking for monthly parking.

Prefer covered

The closer to Lawrence & Hoyne the better

Also any insight on my new neighborhood would be greatly appreciated

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Theater events: Branden Jacobs-Jenkins' 'Everybody' premieres at Brown Paper Box Co.

...materials describe as a "true blues lover's smorgasbord." The show opens July 22 at 4450 N. Clark St., Chicago. (773) 769-4451 or blackensemble.org...

This article has 13 other Chicago locations (Show)

...by a lottery at each performance. Previews are Friday and Saturday, July 13-14, at 4147 N. Broadway St., Chicago. The show opens Sunday, July 15. See brownpaperbox.org...

...a Chicago company devoted to science fiction and fantasy theater, opens its new home at 3914 N. Clark St., (former home to Live Bait and Public House theaters) on Saturday, July 14. The celebration...

...Lookingglass Theatre, located inside the Water Tower Water Works, 821 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago, recently announced special performances for "20,000 Leagues Under the Seas." Recommended for families...

...development works by members of its playwrights unit Saturday through Wednesday, July 14-18, at 170 N. Dearborn St., Chicago. During their yearlong residency, Chicago-based writers have a chance to develop their plays...

...The About Face Youth Theater Ensemble, has its world premiere at The Center on Halsted, 3656 N. Halsted St., Chicago. Performances run from Saturday, July 14, through Sunday, July 22. (773) 784-8565 or...

• Broadway in Chicago presents the national tour of director John Doyle's Tony Award-winning revival of "The Color Purple." Performances begin Tuesday, July 17, at the Auditorium Theatre, 50 E. Congress Parkway, Chicago. (800) 775-2000 or broadwayinchicago.com.

...his guard booth. Performances run Thursday through Sunday, July 19-22, at The Den Theatre, 1331 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago. (773) 697-3830 or silenttheatre.com...

...week Chicago premiere of "The End of TV" begins Thursday, July 19, at Chopin Theatre, 1543 W. Division St., Chicago. A multimedia meditation on advertising and TV culture set in a Rust Belt city...

...to assist playwrights in developing their plays. Free performances take place July 19-21 at 4546 N. Western Ave., Chicago. The in-development plays include Ambrose Cappuccio's "Cigarettes," a two-hander about a...

...and sets off to find her purpose. Performances take place at Voice of the City, 3429 W. Diversey Ave., Chicago. See runawayslab.org...

• "Anarchy: An Improvised Rock Opera" continues at 8 p.m. Saturdays at The Annoyance Theatre, 851 W. Belmont Ave., Chicago. (773) 697-9693 or theannoyance.com.

• Nothing Without a Company has extended "Not One Batu," Hannah li-Epstein's examination of Hawaii's meth epidemic. The production runs through July 28 at the Berger Park Cultural Center Coach House, 6205 N. Sheridan Road, Chicago. See northingwithoutacompany.org.

...Interrobang Theatre Project takes up residence at Rivendell Theatre, 5779 N. Ridge Ave., Chicago, for its ninth season examining identity/crisis. It begins Sept. 7 with a revival...

    Theater events: Branden Jacobs-Jenkins' 'Everybody' premieres at Brown Paper Box Co.
    Brown Paper Box Co. stages "Everybody," Branden Jacobs-Jenkins' riff on the 15th-century morality play "Everyman"; Silent Theatre returns with a solo show about a security guard; and Black Ensemble Theatre premieres the jukebox tuner "Rick Stone and the Blues Man," this week in Chicago-area theater.

Jul 07

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Any good one person veterinarian offices on the north side?

The type where they don't have a revolving door of different vets coming and going and you never know who you are going to see or hear from each time you go there?


  • Alice East Lakeview

    Dr. Mitchell at Pets First on Broadway and Roscoe

  • vh

    Lincoln Park Dog and Cat at 2665 N. Lincoln has had the same two excellent vets forever: Dr. Susan Ferraro and Dr. Margaret Post. Dr. Sue took over the practice from her dad years ago. Even though I moved out of that neighborhood, I trust no one else with my dogs.

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Missing drone

My friend was flying their drone on Sunday, long story short it flew off without their GPS set and now it is missing. I know this is a long shot, but if anyone sees a white drone please let me know. Last seen around Lawrence and Ravenswood. Thanks!

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electrician needed

looking for an electrician to work on two exterior lights messed up by a handy man, so someone who knows how to install lights on timers, motion sensitive lights etc.

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    "Primed for redevelopment": Cedar Street Cos. leads wave of Uptown luxury projects
    With 710 apartments, Cedar Street Companies' proposed development at Broadway and Argyle Street Uptown stands out, but not just for its size. The complex - along with similar projects by CRG and Praedium Development - is part of a growing number of luxury apartment mega-projects in a neighborhood previously known more for affordable housing.
  • Citizen Pain Citizen Pain

    Hurray for progress in Uptown!

  • Debra Crawford Homeowner

    We have owned our 3 flat for 15 years and are overjoyed!! How exciting to see the beginnings of returning Uptown to the grandeur it saw in the 20’s.
    I finally feel there is hope for this community with this development and the renovation of the Uptown theater.

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Save Andersonville Charm

Morning neighbors - as many of you know, developers are coming into our neighborhood, threatening the charm, character, and available green space. This isn't just relegated to East Andersonville, but South Andersonville, too. Our block club is trying to do what we can to preserve a rare Victorian on Carmen. If this is important to you, please consider signing this petition.

If we all work together, we can try to preserve the Andersonville we all know and love.


    Sign the Petition
    WFCW Block Club: Save 1441 Carmen from Demolition

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Does anyone know what happened in the budlongwoods area on lincoln and Summerdale ? I saw police putting yellow tape on a condo property.

Jul 09

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Western Avenue

Hello all. We are new to Lincoln Square and are really enjoying the area and the community. Has anyone heard of any plans to resurface Western Avenue and perhaps new streetscaping? Compared to Lincoln, Lawrence (east of Western) and some other streets, Western Ave doesn't look so nice.

  • Jill H 38 years in Chicago, 19 in North Center

    There was a plan floated a couple of years ago to have sections of Ashland and Western be used for express buses, with center boarding islands. The plan would have significantly reduced parking on the street and the number of places where drivers could make left turns. It would also have increased driving times. Not surprisingly, businesses and residents pushed back on those features, and those plans seem to have gone away. I also think federal transit monies needed were not available, and probably won't be for the foreseeable future.

  • Years ago there were dividers down many of the main streets the city removed them. Daley put them back with plantings. They can be a safety hazard. We watched an emergency vehicle trapped on a street with concrete dividers. There was 4 lanes of bumper to bumper traffic and no way for the emergency vehicle to get through. Just food for thought.

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Neighbor Filling Up My Recycling Bins

One of the people who lives in the apartment/condo building across the alley from my house has decided he prefers to use my city-provided recycling bin to the recycling bins his building pays for. I know who it is because a) the recycling waste contained mail with his and his partner's name on it and b) my garage security camera took a video of him walking across the alley with his recycling over to my bins. If this were just...

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One of the people who lives in the apartment/condo building across the alley from my house has decided he prefers to use my city-provided recycling bin to the recycling bins his building pays for. I know who it is because a) the recycling waste contained mail with his and his partner's name on it and b) my garage security camera took a video of him walking across the alley with his recycling over to my bins. If this were just a one time thing it would not be that big a deal but it seems to have become a regular habit. Our bins typically get full to the point of over-flowing before they get emptied every other week so we don't need other people's recycling waste in them. I tried posting a polite note on their back alley door and bins asking him to please use his own bins, but to no effect.

Any other suggestions for how to deal with this?

  • chizzleking -- Why 311? Wouldn't you want to call 911, to get the police out there in real time?

  • I don’t think 911 is necessary for stealing a cup of coffee from outside Over Easy but I do think it might be chizzleking slingshot worthy!

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Found keys on the 1400 block of West Warner.

If you think they are yours, please message me with the movie the keychain has a reference to.

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Uptown’s Vegan-Friendly Detroit-Style Pizzeria Expands to Full-Service Restaurant

Longacre’s owners took over the Baker & Nosh space at 1303 W. Wilson Avenue. Co-owner Andy Kalish and his wife Gina also run the Ravenswood Event Center. They...

    Uptown's Vegan-Friendly Detroit-Style Pizzeria Expands to Full-Service Restaurant
    What started as a carry-out spot for a ex-Detroiter to showcase square-cut, caramelized Motor City-style pizza has evolved into a full-service restaurant in Uptown. Longacre officially launches its new dining room with expanded menu with pastas and plenty of vegan options. The restaurant is from the owners of Kal'ish, the vegan-friendly restaurant located next door.

  • RacineSteve

    Love Longacre. Glad Andy and Gina are taking the time to get things right! What a great addition to the Sheridan Park dining scene!

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Lost keys

I know this might be a longshot but my fiancé lost her keys last night during the 4th of July at Winnemac Park.

We were there for a few hours and left at 9:45 pm and were situated behind the largest diamond field just west of the parking lot, behind the 1st baseline.

The keys include a key fob and a LOTR keychain. Yes, it is a Legolas key chain exactly as pictured here (front and back). $20 reward if found. Thank you!

Jun 13

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People walking dogs

keep your dog off my yard and out of my planting. If you want your dog to dig and tear up the outside do it in your yard. The outside is NOT a dog park. Walk your dog, pick up your poop and go home to wreck your yard. Show respect for the community. You do not have the “right” to be abusive and disrespectful to the community’s work to keep it looking nice because you can’t train fluffy. My yard is not open to your dog!

  • Joeflatwoods, your axe has been grinded dear, put it back in your tool box for another post.

  • future alderman future alderman

    if every dog that walked on my landlords parkway had a "bad poop" by the end of ANY day humans would have to cross the street! everyone wants to say "it's hardly ever"-but when 300 dogs stop on your lawn EVERY DAY just 1% is TOO MUCH-and it's MUCH more than 1%---more like 10%

Jul 05

dangaken posted 2 photos to Flickr:


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