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Free Citizenship classes at Onward House

Onward House offers free citizenship class and interview practices.

Topics to cover are US Constitution, US history, Civil War, Government Structure and interview practice.
Classes are free of charges.

The schedule is Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3 pm to 5 pm

Classes are held at 5413 W Diversey ave.

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Is it illegal to honk?

Need to vent. Today I was picking up my brother from his friends, I honked 2 times and these idiots (man and woman) who were walking their dog started yelling at me like crazy and said that why I had a phone. I got so mad I flicked them off and they tried to get close to my car so I took off. They were yelling at me crazy.

  • Did anyone consider that maybe the couple walking their dog thought Jennifer was honking at them and that’s why they got mad?

    Anyway, yes honking is rude. Not sure what the original poster was thinking the response would be to the original post... lol.

  • Thumbs up to the dog walkers for educating our operator

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Has anyone else heard gunshots these past two nights? I heard some Friday morning then some about 1 hour ago sounded near of Kilbourn and Roscoe. Called in, only Roscoe was swept up and down.

  • LadyHawk justdointheright35thward

    Sure did hear it. I posted earlier. Several others called it in. Thanks.

  • LadyHawk justdointheright35thward

    @Alejandro Torres Kilbourn and Roscoe and Kedvale and Berteau. I heard it all the way over here 4200 n. on Lawndale. Definitely not fireworks. I e-mailed concerns just now to the Alderman's web site. I have lived here for 54 years and it has never been this bad. Breaks my heart. Nice to know they are concerned neighbors like yourself. Thank You.

  • Hi,
    My husband and I are moving to Kilbourn and Roscoe in a couple of weeks. We're coming from Logan Square (Armitage & California) so we're very familiar with crime although our block is great. We've had our fair share of gunshots in the surrounding area but generally feel very...

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    My husband and I are moving to Kilbourn and Roscoe in a couple of weeks. We're coming from Logan Square (Armitage & California) so we're very familiar with crime although our block is great. We've had our fair share of gunshots in the surrounding area but generally feel very safe at most times. We're not very familiar with the area yet. Do you guys have any tips or insight? How is the crime around the park? We thought the area would be similar to Logan, maybe a bit better. The block around the park seems very quiet. Is there a lot of gang activity? Break-ins? We would love the hear the overall consensus on crime.

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Mar 15

Mar 14

Spring Green @ Kilbourn Park 3/17 9am–Noon FREE ADMISSION!

Spring Green @ Kilbourn Park 3/17 9am–Noon FREE ADMISSION!
See the attached Flyer for more info...

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Mar 03

Lost Dogs Illinois added a new photo.

Lost! #Chicago #IL #BelmontGardens (Belmont & Cicero) India - Female Pit Bull - Mix. Brown/White. (920) 277-9267. Cook County. 60641. Missing 03/02/2018. To see India’s location on the Helping Lost Pets Map: http://www.helpinglostpets.com/v2/?pID=2219052 More Info, Photos and to Contact: http://www.helpinglostpets.com/petdetail/?id=2219052

Mar 03

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Neighborhood flyers

Does anyone know who I can contact regarding the neighborhood flyers tossed on our front yard. Sometimes there are three in one day. I always throw them out. I want to take my address off the delivery list. It's almost like getting unwanted calls and hanging up.
4300 block of Kostner ave

  • Thank you all for your suggestions. I did call the phone number listed on the back of the of the add. They are suppose to take me off the delivery list. I will keep you posted. Let's hope it works.

  • Sunny mango you might want to collect the Flyers tape to your garage door & take them to your alderman. Supposedly my Alderman calls these contractors & advises them they're not allowed to post Flyers without listing their contractors number. I even have a "no soliciting" & "post no bills" on both sides of my 5 yo garage door but to no avail.

Mar 01

Lost keys

I lost a set of keys on Keeler, just south of Milwaukee. They are on a carabiner clip with a rainbow colored strap attached to it.
Reward if returned.

Mar 01

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Doorbell Ringing Near Milwuakee and Kildare

Has anyone's doorbells been ringing from 1 am to for 4 am lately? My family and I are quite worried about this incident. There was no banging of doors, but the doorbells were just at it.

  • Has this happened more than once? Do you have a wireless doorbell? After I installed one I bought at Home Depot, my doorbell would ring but there’d be no one on my porch. I was perplexed for months until I noticed that every time this happened there was someone at the door on my neighbor’s porch across the street. Their wireless doorbell was apparently set to the same frequency so whenever someone pushed their doorbell, it rang at my house.

  • Same here with the wireless doorbell. We had to finally get rid of ours, after we realized it rang everytime there was someone at the door of the house across the street from us. Hope that is all it is for you. If not, I would be installing cameras.

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Diversey and Lamon

What was going on friday morning 2.16? There were a few helicopters and a spotlight? The radio said police activity and diversey was closed.

Feb 16

Feb 16

Feb 16

Feb 13

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Park District

Does anyone use the Park District exercise machines?
I never see anyone there.

  • I use Independence Park machines and the pool in the Winter. In good weather I run around the park.

  • Actually Independence Park is closer,but Dunham is always available in a.m.

Feb 15

Feb 14

Feb 12

DOES anybody have a PARKING SPACE AVAILABLE near Diversey/Cicero?

I am looking to get my car off the street. A garage or parking space to rent for a couple months would be great. THANKS

Feb 10

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Locksmith needed

Anyone have a locksmith to recommend? A spring broke, causing the pin to drop, making the deadbolt useless. Luckily I have 2 deadbolts on that door, so I can secure my home, but this needs to be fixed. Thanks!

  • NatureNut SE PortageParker since1992

    Tom Surplus comes right away and has very low prices. 773-427-8224

  • If you are at all handy take off the broken lock and take it to a hardware store / Lowes / Home depot and ask for a replacement. If it is a standard lockset it will fit into the old hole. Can't get cheaper than that.


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