Jun 21

Updated Jun 23

Roof Sealing Recommendation

Hi neighbors - I'm looking to seal the roof of my four-story condo building and wondering if anyone has had a good experience with any particular company? Also, I'd love to know general cost for sealing - I'm looking to have approx. 1,500 SF of roof sealed. Any and all input would be greatly appreciated!!


  • I just had my 2-flat roof repaired AND coated...and it was all on my pageant not broken down and I asked for the coating price alone..but can't recall...sorry.
    I DID NOT go with Expert Super Seal Roofing and Tuckpointing because he wanted me to sign immediately and keep getting in...

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    I just had my 2-flat roof repaired AND coated...and it was all on my pageant not broken down and I asked for the coating price alone..but can't recall...sorry.
    I DID NOT go with Expert Super Seal Roofing and Tuckpointing because he wanted me to sign immediately and keep getting in my face to sign; didn't trust his estimate which was the highest...by a lot.
    I did go with Midwest Pro Roofing and Tuckpointing (Luke) at 2502 N. Clark St (773) 528-8000. "Flood coat entire roof with heavy commercial grade aluminum coating.."
    The work was fine from what I saw. All as done in one day and the coating dries very quickly. The problems i had were that I needed an updated receipt (they found something else of course that added to the cost..but I figured that going in) and it took 3 e-mails to get it and then he blamed it on 'the girl in the office'...and also I was promised before and after phone pics they took for my records and I never got them.
    They have NO YELP reviews but their reference they sent me was that they had done the Film Studio roofing and I know how particular those guys are.
    They ALSO go down on the price ..when they come for an estimate face to face...and the workmen are great.
    Good luck!

Jun 21

Updated Jun 22

Furniture refinisher

Does anyone know or can recommend a furniture refinisher who will work on the project on site? I've contacted a couple of the commercial establishments, and after getting quotes thought I'd try Plan B.

  • Jeffrey Littleton If you can't be a poet, be the poem.

    Try finding someone on Thumbtack.com, lots of small independent operators.

  • I don't know of one, but you can try the vintage resellers like Vintage Garage sale and see if they have vendors that do it; or go to the Randolph Market on the weekends.
    As a last thought, you can try services in Craigslist either placing an ad (Services wanted) or see if one is listed.

Jun 19

Updated Jun 20

Flooring contractor needed

Looking for a flooring installer for my condo unit. Anyone have a good one that is fairly priced?

Jun 17

Updated Jun 18

Need to find a good electrician Fast!

Got to change from fuses to circuit breaker in a three flat! Lakeview location!

Mark Bean Broker EXP Realty

Jun 16

Updated Jun 16

Seeking a photographer for artwork

Can anyone recommend a good photographer who's experienced with photographing flat artwork?

  • Dreamer North Center

    Lee Klawans and he's very reasonable. Find him on Facebook.

Jun 14

Updated Jun 15

Optometrist Referral

Hi, I am looking for an economical (exam/contacts/glasses) optometrist referral in the Lakeview/Roscoe Village/North Center areas or even downtown Loop. Thank you for your suggestions.

  • Second City Eye Care. 4115 N Lincoln Ave.
    Dr. Liz is great!

  • do you want an optometrist or opthalmologist? Walgreens has a new Optical Centers.

Jun 09

Updated Jun 11

New restaurant?

Anyone know what’s going in to the former Dive Bar space on Halsted just south of Cornelia? Looks like they’re painting the outside in preparation for something.

  • Do we need another restaurant in the neighborhood.

  • I'm curious too, that was supposed to be the reopening of mEAT, but those signs have been down for over a year now. And, yes, we certainly need as much restaurant choice in this neighborhood as possilbe, anything is better than another closed building.

  • Li, if you think you know what the neighborhood needs, by all means....

    go ahead and take the risk and open up your own business.

    or, sit on the sidelines and take e-potshots at those who have the courage, conviction, stamina and work ethic to try.

May 23

Updated May 28

Albany + Diversey corner store shut down?

I noticed a big orange CLOSED by the City of Chicago as of 5-22-2018 sign on the front door of Diversey Market at the corner of Albany and Diversey. This place was recently sold (I think?) and renovated within the past few weeks. Does anyone know why it has been shut down? The sign had no details, and the store was open on Monday.

May 19

Updated May 23

Plumber Recommendations

I live in a 5 story 1920s condo building with 10 units. There are a total of 4 plumbing riser stacks (galvanized) in the building. We have these risers routed out every year. Our contractor is recommending we route the risers twice a year now.

I am looking for recommendations for reputable plumbers with experience in vintage buildings. We are interested in getting professional opinions on such topics as:

1. Should we even be routing the pipes given their age and potential frailty?
2. Is power flushing a better option to routing?
3. What is remaining useful life and potential approaches to replacement?

Thanks much for any and all suggestions!

  • Power Plumbing will give you a straight, complete answer before they do anything, They are not only the best plumbers in the city, they are the best in all the trades.

  • Thank you North Center guy! We appreciate the endorsement!

May 15

Updated May 17

Roofer recommendation?

I need part of my roof replaced. Anybody had a good exeprience to recommend a roofer or had a poor experience to avoid a contractor?
Live in Avondale.

  • Maz ethnic/cabaret accordionist, bungalow owner

    I had Nyberg do both my house and garage roofs. I was satisfied with them and they were very responsive. A few years later they did the siding on the back of my house. Again, very good job. They're on the NW side of Chicago. Contact info:

    Stuart Nyberg
    Nyberg Exteriors
    4525 N Lowell Ave
    Chicago, IL 60630

  • Bger East Village neighbor

    Good experience: Lindholm Roofing. Bad experience: Blue Sky

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