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Mercadito Holiday Art Sale!

Just a reminder that this is coming up.
Our 2017 Mercadito features exquisite art designed by local and Latin American artists. All proceeds from the sale will support the education and organizing work of Centro San Bonifacio's community health promoters.
El Mercadito de 2017 presenta una exquisita colección de artesanía
diseñada y producida por artistas locales y latinoamericanos. Los ingresos obtenidos contribuirán a los programas de Centro San Bonifacio.

Nov 27

Updated Dec 06

Painter Reccomendations

I had my condo painted a few weeks and the painter did a horrible job. He didn’t patch holes, didn’t use dropcloths, and didn’t paint the ceilings (this is an abbreviated list of what went wrong). I contacted Paintzen to get a quote and they said they would have to repaint everything, which I would rather not do.

  • I decided to go with Chicago Painters, Inc (http://www.chicago-painters.com) and they're coming on Monday. They came out for a quote last Saturday and were great and didn't try to upset. I asked about painting the kitchen cabinets and they said it wouldn't be worth it, since the paint would come...

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    I decided to go with Chicago Painters, Inc (http://www.chicago-painters.com) and they're coming on Monday. They came out for a quote last Saturday and were great and didn't try to upset. I asked about painting the kitchen cabinets and they said it wouldn't be worth it, since the paint would come off due to the type of cabinets. They gave a little discount if I booked before March and with that discount the whole job is about half of what I was paying the other company. I'll let everyone know how it all turns out, but so far their office manager and dedicated project manager has been extremely helpful and professional.

  • Great! I haven’t seen you this happy in a while. We’re looking forward to your follow up message!

Dec 03

Updated Dec 05

New Planet Fitness

Hi neighbors, does anyone know when the new Planet Fitness that is coming to 3636 N Broadway is going to open??

  • oooohhhhh is that what they're doing at 3636? I thought Life Storage was expanding. Just what we need another fitness Center :)

  • No news on when it will open. Yes, we need another fitness center, one that doesn't cost $80 per member per month! :)

  • Ed H. 5 year Lakeview resident

    I agree, we need another cheap one. The XSport on Broadway is CRAZY busy. I'm shocked to hear planet fitness is coming though!

Nov 14

Updated Nov 26

snow shoveler near Broadway and Wellington?

I'm looking for someone I can pay to shovel our front sidewalk this winter right around Broadway and Wellington. Anyone know anyone?

  • Victor Perez small business owner

    Hi Peggy, I've been meaning to respond to this you can check out my company quality assurance Contracting Services LLC we do snow removal on a large scale with competitive pricing and credible references seasonal contracts and per visit pricing available 312-885-1719

Nov 20

Updated Nov 21

Local Movers needed

Need a mover to pick up a lg couch in north center and move it to wrigleyville

Oct 31

Updated Nov 01

Avondale Tap on Belmont - reopened

I noticed that the Avondale Tap/Grill or whatever they call it now has reopened. Anybody stopped in and checked it out?

  • Fast Freddy Grace and Leavitt

    I noticed the lights were back on, but didn't see any customers yet. I hope it is up and running.

  • It is open! I went in last weekend. It's got new ownership. The place looks pretty much the same inside - though the cleaned up, put in a new concrete patio (so there will be outdoor seating maybe?), and did some landscaping. The menu is all new. They were scrambling a bit when I went in since they'd only be open about 24 hours - but the new staff and owners seem great.

Jul 19 2016

Updated Oct 24

Countertop removal

I'm changing my countertops and in need of someone to carefully remove the granite from our kitchen perimeter and island. We are repurposing our cabinets and will save them for the quartz countertop addition. Any suggestions on cost of this type of service or company that provides this service?


  • Sprovieri does the installation for Home Depot. DON'T do it. They were terrible, screwed up my kitchen big time and it can't be fixed without really having to trash and redo everything. Plus, the installer from Sprovieri stole one of my husband's tools. Home Depot gave him an inferior tool to replace it after he kept on them forever ( because it technically wasn't a Home Depot employee who took it).

  • Oh jeez, this is a post from July? Ah well, my counter's still jacked so my complaining stands.

Oct 18

Updated Oct 20

Residential Snow Removal

My 4-unit building a block from Belmont and Sheffield is looking for a snow removal company for our sidewalk, walk-up, stairs, side of building path, and alley parking spots/driveway. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks in advance!

  • Victor Perez small business owner

    Quality assurance contracting services llc
    312 885 1719
    Currently sending out several proposals for ever block members.
    Also, last season we took care of multiple every block properties, children's light house and all of Dream town realities offices and private properties.
    Hope to be of service!

  • please call e-mail me Jerrykorolchuk2004@yaho.com i do snow remowing thank u for contact me .

Oct 14

Updated Oct 17

The Next Shiny Object?

What the media is concerned about: The soda tax, the Cubs, the Bears, the Blackhawks, Trump's next bowel movement, legalized marijuana, etc.
What they should be talking about: Alderman Proco Joe Moreno threatening a Chicago citizen, unprecedented property tax increase, woman shot in Rogers Park. I also notice the Harvey Weinstein scandal has fallen from / never been on the front pages. Maybe because the media was complicit in the cover up for years?

  • You think Joe Moreno is a problem?? You truly do not know what's going on my friend. You need to scratch below the surface.

  • Alderman Moreno! How ya doin?

  • future alderman future alderman

    most people never knew of or cared about weinstein-he is no bill cosby

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