Jan 27

Updated Jan 29

Crime to Vehicle 5400 South Shore Dr.

I witnessed an unusual suspicious incident yesterday 11 AM 5440 South Shore drive.

2 Men got out of a Black SUV stood in the middle of the street and operated some very large, loud piece of machinery (Chain saw?) and stood over another vehicle. The men acted very suspiciously and glared menacingly at me when I noticed them. I think they were trying to cut off a City "Boot" that had immobilized the other car. They may have been attempting to steal a Catalytic Converter. This ended when the two jumped in to the Black SUV and sped off.

Suspects were 2 AA men ~ the ages of 25-30.

  • Did you get their license plate number?

  • jaye els Returned to Hyde Park Kenwood

    Joe Jank,

    No I didn't get the license plate and to be honest the two thieves noticed me noticing them and were putting out extreme hostile vibes.

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