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Trains suddenly using their horns

Any idea why the trains have started honking in the past 24 hours? It kept us up all night. It seems to be Amtrak and the freight trains. This is the first time I can remember that they've started consistently honking while passing through Hyde Park.

  • I_want_to_know In search of solutions!

    I was told that last week a man was laying across the train tracks around 63rd street and had to be physically removed by the Metra police. He had stopped a South Bend train for quite awhile but supposedly there were no accidents.
    I am not sure if this is the reason for the honking though.
    Is there a pattern that the horns honk?

  • Yes! They woke me up several times Monday night at 1.30am, 3.30am and 5am. We’re 2/3 mile from train tracks and I never normally hear them. I assumed that they were doing work on the tracks and it was a safely thing?

  • They were installing brand new signals and working on things behind our building from Monday until yesterday afternoon (I think they might be out there again...I hear a lot of radio chatter). I'm not sure if they're doing it on a long expanse of track, but this is near 54th street. I believe that the all the trains are blowing their horns more so that they can alert the workers they're going to be coming through.

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Jun 25

Plumber Reccomendations

Hi neighbors! Our sink in our Kenwood condo has become separated from the counter top and now we have a bit of a leak under the sink as well. We are looking for a good plumber that services the area. I know I could call roto-rooter, but I always find them impersonal and very expensive. I think the leak is causing a severe buckling in our kitchen laminate floors as well, so flooring professional recommendations are also appreciated!!!

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  • Independent Work Stations for Special Needs Students

    Ms. Albaugh is asking for $747.88:
    My students need an orderly and organized systems to function within my classroom. These storage bins and classroom dividers will create an calm independent work station free from distractions and stimuli to focus.
    Ariel Community Academy Comment

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What is happening on Lake park and 49th in the Kenwood Academy property?

Construction heavy equipment and digging.

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Gwendolyn Brooks: The Oracle of Bronzeville

...7, the Chicago Literary Hall of Fame unveiled a beautiful bronze statue in Brooks Park, 4542 S. Greenwood, to pay tribute to the woman who was the Illinois Poet Laureate for more than...

    Gwendolyn Brooks: The Oracle of Bronzeville
    On what would have been renowned writer Gwendolyn Brooks' 101 st birthday, the City of Chicago received a special gift. On June 7, the Chicago Literary Hall of Fame unveiled a beautiful bronze statue in Brooks Park, 4542 S.

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