Jul 21 2015

Updated Apr 20

Spend Where You Live

I am proposing to Bronzeville residents that for one day out of the week we spend in our community as not only a way to demonstrate our purchasing power, but to contribute to the growth of home buisnesses who thought enough of us to invest with us.

  • We need to start the conversation, reestablishing our community becomes more paramount each day. It seems our welcome has worn out and our dollars are not welcome in certain areas. The answer and only answer is get OUR community back.

  • We are being judged not by the content of our character but by the color of our skin, the time is long past that we readdress establishing our community for our own welfare and salvation and financial growth. Once we start funneling our dollars here in Bronzeville and other predominately African American businesses then we become less dependent and start the process of Wealth building right here.

Apr 10

Volunteer English (ESL) Literacy Tutors Needed!

Help adults learn English at Aquinas Literacy Center!
Volunteer as a one-on-one tutor for just 90 minutes a week at 1751 West 35th Street on the southwest side of Chicago. All tutoring is in English, so you don't have to speak another language to volunteer. Volunteer tutoring opportunities are 9am-8pm, Monday-Thursday.

Join us for our next tutor training workshop: Friday, April 27 (6pm to 9pm) and Saturday, April 28 (9am to 4pm). Attendance on both days is required to become a tutor. Please register in advance. For a registration packet, please contact Sabrina at sabrina@aquinasliteracycenter.org or (773) 927-0512. Aquinas Literacy Center is sponsored by the Adrian Dominican Sisters.

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