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McKinley Dog Park Committee @ MP Farmers Market Again This Summer!

The McKinley Park Farmers Market is soon to be open for the summer! June 3rd marks the opening day for the market that hosts live music at noon. The project manager has worked hard to secure more vendors and a longer season. We hope you enjoy!

The McKinley Dog Park Committee will once again have a booth and hope to see you there! We will be selling the following items: t shirts, tennis balls, canvas bags, paw balm, dog treats, etc. All funds contributed to the future McKinley Dog Park. If you're unfamiliar with our efforts please visit mckinleydogpark.org

If you have any questions please reach out to mckinleydogpark@gmail.com

    McKinley Dog Park
    Official Page for the McKinley Dog Park Committee

May 14

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Merging Bridgeport Churches and Schools

Anyone have any update abouts what's going on with Bridgeport Churches and Schools merging?

  • The Catholic church need to update their policies to relate better with the younger generation. I believe a great way to start is having better schools. The Archdicese of Chicago need to invest more into their schools. Chicago have a demand for better education. If you build it, they will come.

  • I'm an atheist and it saddens me to think that these lovely Catholic church buildings will one day be gone. They are architecturally pleasing and function as community centers, which we need more of instead of storefronts and condos. I went to MSA and always found the bell towers of StAnthony's inspiring. I'm not sure how I can help, as I'm neither a worshiper nor have deep pockets.

May 14

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The Chinese Exclusion Act

PBS/WTTW Channel 11 on May 29th is having a special presentation of the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882. It examines the history of how this Act kept the Chinese from coming to America and the Chinese who are already in America from becoming US citizens until the 1940's.

  • emj will love watching this. If she had her way, Bridgeport would have dozens of boarded up storefronts where Chinese businesses flourish today.

  • In 1944, a Chicagoan became the first Chinese-American to naturalize after repeal of the Chinese Exclusion Act. He was in the US since 1892.

Apr 27

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My favorite Bridgeport Pizza?

Does anyone know what happened with Lina's Pizza on Morgan Street?

  • Too many people are just brave when sitting behind a key board. I really wish he would take his comments and racial slurs to the streets of Bridgeport.


    R. Gar ... Tad is the classic definition of a troll. But you are correct in that I would love to see him take his comments and racial slurs to the streets - especially around Armour Square - there he would turn into a magician in that he would actually disappear.

    p.s. bye Tad, you've been muted.

  • emj1900 bp lifer

    I already muted the troll as well .... He seems to really hate this area, why is he even here...? And you are right R. Gar.....Let him make those racist slur comments in let's say Rockys.......Now that would be funny.....

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Apr 16

Updated May 12

Homeless drunks on corner 24/7

On 21st and leavitt, drunks loitering mixed with gangbangers everyday every kind of weather,no help from no one they urinate and defecate in public while kids are going to school and women walking to go shopping on cermak can some one help it gets worse in the summer we had about 5 shot on corner last summer.every weekend broken beer bottles out there, Garbage all over

  • I lived over there 8 years ago and that's just the way it is you should have moved somewhere else.

  • emj1900 bp lifer

    Kristin Talbert....from your sad reply, I assume you were one of them....No one has to but up with that.....Sad to think you seem to think it's ok.....WOW!!

May 04

Aldermen examine state of their wards, future plans

When asked about possible revitalization of the Halsted Street business strip, Thompson noted that Lakeside Bank will be “breaking ground in the coming months” at Halsted and Pershing Road. “

This article has 12 other Chicago locations (Show)

...As far as small businesses in the retail corridor, especially on Halsted and Archer,” Thompson said he and Daley will discuss how to use the CMAP grant “promote and...

“We’re also getting a STEM program for Crane High School,” said Burnett. Located at 2245 W. Jackson Blvd., Crane will transform into an Early College STEM School beginning in the fall.

Skinner School, 1260 W. Adams, will have a new addition to accommodate the growing student population as more people move into the community.

...and low-income residences.  In terms of publicly funded developments, a mixed-use development at Clybourn Avenue and Larrabee Street will include Chicago Housing Authority, affordable-housing, and market-rate units. Additional mixed-income housing...

...Authority, affordable-housing, and market-rate units. Additional mixed-income housing is going up at Oak Street and Larrabee and Blackhawk Street and Larrabee. “We should also be finishing up the rehab of the...

...rate units. Additional mixed-income housing is going up at Oak Street and Larrabee and Blackhawk Street and Larrabee. “We should also be finishing up the rehab of the Henry Horner Annex on Monroe...

A new transitional home for homeless people is open at 1521 N. Sedgwick St. by Lincoln Park Community Services. “It’s a well-run shelter and residents do clean-up in the community,” said Burnett.

“We just dedicated transitional housing with the Salvation Army on the 800 block of Christiana, which will give folks who lose their homes because of fire or other things a place to stay,” said Burnett.

Another priority for Alderman Burnett is recreation and green space. At this writing, Alderman Burnett is preparing to vote on a $4 million rehab on the Seward Park Fieldhouse, 375 W. Elm St. 

In other news, a fire station on the 700 block of Kedzie will be transformed into a community center, which will be connected to Kells Park.  Skinner Park, 1331 W. Adams St., and Touhy-Herbert Park, 2106 W. Adams St., will be getting a new fieldhouse.

In other news, a fire station on the 700 block of Kedzie will be transformed into a community center, which will be connected to Kells Park.  Skinner Park, 1331 W. Adams St., and Touhy-Herbert Park, 2106 W. Adams St., will be getting a new fieldhouse.

A new West Loop branch of the Chicago Public Library is projected to open at 118 N. Aberdeen St. in late 2018. This would be the only public library in the neighborhood and, according to Burnett, will be “a bright spot for families. It will mean the young people have somewhere to go,” he said.

    Gazette Chicago " Aldermen examine state of their wards, future plans
    May 4, 2018 Editor's note: Gazette Chicago reporters spoke to Aldermen Pat Dowell, Sophia King, Patrick D. Thompson, George Cardenas, Danny Solis, Walter Burnett, Jason Ervin, and Brendan Reilly about the state of their wards and their plans for the community for the rest of this year and leading into 2019.

Apr 10

Volunteer English (ESL) Literacy Tutors Needed!

Help adults learn English at Aquinas Literacy Center!
Volunteer as a one-on-one tutor for just 90 minutes a week at 1751 West 35th Street on the southwest side of Chicago. All tutoring is in English, so you don't have to speak another language to volunteer. Volunteer tutoring opportunities are 9am-8pm, Monday-Thursday.

Join us for our next tutor training workshop: Friday, April 27 (6pm to 9pm) and Saturday, April 28 (9am to 4pm). Attendance on both days is required to become a tutor. Please register in advance. For a registration packet, please contact Sabrina at sabrina@aquinasliteracycenter.org or (773) 927-0512. Aquinas Literacy Center is sponsored by the Adrian Dominican Sisters.

Apr 04

Water Meter Installation 2018 Update

After getting this water meter installed in 2014, I really wanted it to be a ripoff, like most other city services. But after four years of water bills, I can safely say that unless you're emptying Lake Michigan every time you shower, a metered account is a better deal. If you're on the fence, just do it.


    Water Meter Installation Update - 2018
    Four years after the installation of my water meter, the half-yearly charges are less than a quarter of what they were when I was being billed for non-metered water. It's a great deal, as long as you keep the bill paid on time, which, of course, you do with all your bills.

Mar 27

gun shots?

anyone hear (2) guns shots about 5am this morning around 35th and Union?


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