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does anyone know why the City posted a Stop Work Order notice on the multi-unit of 3334 S. May -- any information would be helpful as it is under contract

  • Best way to find out is to call 311 or your alderman's office.

  • Usually just permit problems

  • There was work done in the basement without obtaining plans and or a permit. The work could've been done recently or in the past. If it was done by a previous owner it's up to the new owner to resolve the issue.

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Seriously scary

Hell's Gate, 3101 S. Canal St. 605-301-4283;

Dungeon of Doom, 600 29th St. 847-262-3666;

This article has 2 other Chicago locations (Show)

Evil Intentions, 900 Grace St. 630-634-2858;

13th Floor Haunted House, 1940 George St. 708-571-3326;

    Seriously scary
    Something wicked this comes ... it's the cold chill down your spine, the little hairs on your arms suddenly standing at attention, the throb of terror in your veins. With Halloween quickly approaching, area haunted houses are creaking open their doors and letting loose the tortured souls that have lain in wait these last 11 long months.

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MAJOR SALE on Dog Toys and Other Goods At Local Farmer's Market

Receive a sample of dog food with every purchase at the McKinley Farmer's Market this Sunday 9/10 (while supplies last). The Market is held every Sunday through September from 10 am-2 pm. It is located on the northwest side of McKinley Park, off of Western and Archer.

Most items have had prices cut!

-Children's books
-Dog Park T-Shirts
-Moisturizing paw balm
-Handmade tug toys
-Homemade dog treats

100% of proceeds go towards the establishment of an official dog park on Pershing and Western.

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Looking for a gargage to rent

Im looking to rent a gargage in the Bridgeport area. I live near 32nd and May.
If anyone know of anyone looking to rent out their gargage please let me know.

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Stolen Pot from Front Porch

Hello All - I realize this is a long shot but I thought it was worth posting. My wife and I live in the 3400 block of Aberdeen and sometime last week either Wednesday or Thursday night some low life stole our big potted topiary plant from our front porch. The pot is HEAVY so whoever did it had to have some help. Attached is a picture of it. Again I'm sure it's long gone but if anyone sees it can you please let me know.
Thank you!

  • Linda Bridgeport Resident

    Sorry this is happening to you. I am looking into a security system and live on 3300 S. Aberdeen. With the recent garage fires its one way to hopefully deter crooks.

  • That is just so shitty

Aug 28

Zone parking signs on 33rd St between Halsted & Lituanica.

Hey neighbors, does anybody know when these signs were put up? Thanks!

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Looking for housekeeper in Bridgeport

I'm new to the neighborhood and to the website. I'm looking for a trusted housekeeper to help me clean my place once a week (the apartment is about 700 sq ft). Can anybody help?


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Lost dog?

A dog followed- a small female pug, followed me home starting around 28th and Canal last night. I walked her back to the area a few times last night looking for her possible owners but to no avail. Is anyone looking for a lost pug or know of a pug- she's tan-ish, pretty gray around the face, very sweet.

  • Beautiful animal and great advice!

  • What if the dog is not micro-chipped? A dog or cat that's given to the wrong person could wind up as bait dog, practice dog for illegal dog fights. Or it could wind up being a money making scheme for someone who will sell animals that's not theirs (could wind...

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    What if the dog is not micro-chipped? A dog or cat that's given to the wrong person could wind up as bait dog, practice dog for illegal dog fights. Or it could wind up being a money making scheme for someone who will sell animals that's not theirs (could wind up being used in laboratory experiments). Don't allow people (who claim the lost dog might be theirs) to come to your home so soon because they might use that as a way to come and case your home to see what's to steal. One thing I thought of in sleuthing, you could ask the person for words "their" dog responds to. Thank you to everyone who go that little extra mile to get lost animals back to their rightful owners.


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