Jul 08

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Gun shots and drag racing, 1:15 a.m., 7/8/2018

Anyone hear anything like this on Archer near Lock Street? The drag racing is one thing, but the gunfire/racing combination was a first for me since I’ve been here.

  • And have for as long as I can remember...Just part of every day life. Drag racing car and crotch rockets shooting guns ahhhhh no. That's dangerous and can get an innocent person killed. Train horn to my knowledge has never killed anyone.... Have a good day....Reality


    You sir are a classic definition of a troll.

    Consider yourself <MUTED>

  • The “drag racing” has been going on for years. They come from loomis and shoot down Archer and end up in the Mariano’s parking lot almost every Saturday night around 1:30/2:00am.

    Not sure about the gun shots but if it’s the same group they haven’t had issues like that as far as I remember.

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