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Where to sell used goods locally?

I would like to get rid of some decent electronics that are used but probably still have some value. (55" TV, laptops, etc).

Anyone know of a good place around Pilsen / Bridgeport that buys and resales used goods? (aside from Craigslist, etc)

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Last seen near 23rd and Trumbull. Brown/white female pit very friendly with white chest and paws. We miss her very much and would really like any information on bringing her home. Please call 7734370489 with any info.

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  • Support Within Centers!

    Mrs. Escoto is asking for $229.86:
    My students need reading kits materials to support them within centers that will allow them to work with peers or independently. The materials will support the skills we have been learning in class.
    Ruiz Elementary School Comment

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These nearby schools are looking for financial help on DonorsChoose.org:

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  • Kids Blossom in a Blended Math Classroom with Laptops!

    Mrs. Diaz is asking for $1203.59:
    My students need more laptops for our classroom so that some of us can do independent work on Khan Academy like you see the kids doing in our class photo while others are with the teacher.
    Ruiz Elementary School Comment

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fireworks or semi automatics?

I am at the 2200 block of 21st place. In the middle of the night there was a whole string of popping sounds in rapid succession. Did anyone hear?
It was difficult to tell if it was fireworks or semi automatic weapons.

  • Instead of training myself watching youtube videos on different gun sounds, I have decided to move out of the neighborhood.

  • I have been around Pilsen since the late nineties and have witnessed dozens of shootings, including seeing people die on the sidewalk. But I am not willing to deal with this anymore

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  • IPads for Science

    Mrs. Martinez is asking for $914.33:
    My students need iPads. We use iPads in the class for research, science stations, create science projects, and to save paper (which can be expensive).
    Instituto Health Science Career Academy Comment

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Mowing/Snow Removal Service


Looking for a lawn care/snow removal service for a small lot in Pilsen. Please reply with any recommendations! Thank you!

  • Hey there, I know a guy in the Logan Square neighborhood. GTZ Lawn Care provide lawn mowing and yard cleanup give them a shout 773-397-1659

Nov 02

Christopher Columbus statue defaced right before Columbus Day celebration

...until officers from the Chicago Police Department’s 12th District responded.  Kyle Miskell, of the 2200 block of West 23rd Place in Chicago, faces allegations of criminal damage to government property...

This article has 2 other Chicago locations (Show)

...remnants of red spray paint from Victor Arrigo Park’s statue of Christopher Columbus at 801 S. Loomis Street on Columbus Day morning as worshipers gathered at the Shrine of Our Lady of Pompeii...

...on Columbus Day morning as worshipers gathered at the Shrine of Our Lady of Pompeii, 1224 W. Lexington St., for the Roman Catholic services that traditionally have kicked off the neighborhood Columbus Day festivities...

    Gazette Chicago " Christopher Columbus statue defaced right before Columbus Day celebration
    November 2, 2017 The annual Columbus Day celebration honoring the Taylor Street area's Italian-American heritage drew a sympathetic crowd on Oct. 9 after vandals tagged a neighborhood park's statue of explorer Christopher Columbus twice in three days, including the morning of Columbus Day.

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  • Necessities, Not Just Supplies, Within the Class

    Mrs. Escoto is asking for $545.61:
    My students need supplies within the classroom . This year's supplies within our school are scarce and there are materials that are within this project that will facilitate instruction. All the materials are to facilitate instruction.
    Ruiz Elementary School Comment

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Pilsen Open Studios XV


"Although most artists are Latino, not everyone uses the same aesthetic and not everyone makes folk art. The Latin American community is just as complex in styles and philosophies as what you are going to find in the Art Institute of Chicago."

    Pilsen artists open up their studios on their 'quinceañera'
    15 years ago, Chicago's Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events designated October as Chicago Artists' Month. They sent a letter to the muralist Héctor Duarte to propose the idea that he open up his workshop to the public, located across the street from the National Museum of Mexican Art, and offer him some publicity in their brochure.
  • In the 15 years of the Open Studios, many of us that live our life in Pilsen/ Heart of Chicago area. we are not allowed to visit the art studios. People with mobility disabilities are excluded due to no access to the studios locations. Maybe that should be included in such articles. Many of the businesses on 18th Street exclude those with disabilities on a daily basis,

Oct 22

Latinos are the majority minority in Chicago


"Nearly 75 percent of Hispanics in these communities are Mexican and Mexican American, followed by Puerto Ricans, Ecuadorians, and Guatemalans, respectively."

    Mexicans and 'Hispanics', now the largest minority in Chicago
    Latinos have surpassed other minorities in Chicago, including African Americans, in population, becoming the second largest racial and ethnic group in the city after U.S. Whites, according to the most recent Census data. "Hispanics", the label used by the U.S.

Oct 22

    Diez y Ocho restaurant 'priced out', re-opens Friday for the last time
    'Diez y Ocho' is the name by which Michael Hernandez calls the neighborhood where he grew up, and it's what he decided to name his burger joint located on 18th St. and Damen Ave., a promising, but short-lived venture that could not survive the increasing cost of commercial space in Pilsen, he said.

Oct 21

Found this morning on 69th & Damen #WestEngle...

Found this morning on 69th & Damen #WestEnglewood #Chicago Female wearing a collar but no tags. She was scanned but no microchip. She was taken to Chicago Animal Control on 27th & Western.

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what is that smell?

Has anyone noticed a steel smelting kind of odor on some mornings?

It's sort of metallic and ozone like.
Is there a factory nearby that could be emitting this smell?

I am near Oakley and 21st place.

  • I'd guess ice factory, too, but the tortilla factory has so many process systems. Maybe daily cleaning procedures or something?

  • Gotcha. Yeah I used to pass the chocolate factory on my way to work and sometimes it smelled pretty gross, not anything like chokolate. So, just like you said, depending what stage the processing is it can give out different odors.

Oct 16

  • Technology to the Rescue! Closing the Gap!

    Mrs. Escoto is asking for $949.69:
    My students need 4 Chromebooks in the class to access the resources that will further develop their Math and Reading skills needed to thrive in class. While the talking dictionary will support their language acquisition.
    Ruiz Elementary School Comment

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