Feb 16

Updated Feb 21

Criminal activity

Residents are not being notified of neighborhood criminal activity in a timely manner.
If residents and guests are not notified by the city or association management companies, the criminals are free to attack again until they are caught.
There must be a better notification system sent immediately once an attack is reported by a victim.

  • JL

    John Adams III
    will be in prison for quite a while.So what your saying is he will get out
    How about this. Bring back the death penalty so people like this will not be getting out of jail. Instead be carry out of jail
    Also your words not mine.
    In a perfect world, not in Chicago. He'll sadly receive a slap on the wrist and be let back out sooner than you think.

  • This guy isn't going to receive a slap on the wrist, he killed a cop, it's game over for him this time. It's the slap on the wrists for his previous (non-homicide) violent crimes that need to be the focal here, and what judges let this filth back out on the streets before he finally hit the murder lottery. These liberal judges need to be publicly shamed and outed.

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