2 days ago

Poor HD reception?

Found a 150 mile HD TV antenna. It works really well. Most of pixles reduced and channels are more clear.

On my block lots tell me they have problems with this. Here is the solution!

Jun 22

For those who got a LARGE LOT

Found a really nice schematic decision making tree for buyers to use! It is really nice.



Jun 08

Updated Jun 21

Does anyone have a RING doorbell?

Can you tell your experience? THANKS Several on our block are considering getting one.

  • Tomorrow is another day Happy resident of North Park Village

    Hey, gpblight, if you haven't bought the Ring doorbell, and you want to, go to QVC.com. Today, Saturday, they have a special: $84.95 with 5 easy payments of $16.99 (and free shipping too!). There you can watch a video presentation and see reviews.

    I hope you get this in time.

  • gpblight 22 Yr East Garfield Resident

    We had our 2nd meeting on our block. It looks like we may have 5-6 neighbors getting a RING device. We are all encouraged by the product. Thanks Tomorrow, we missed the sale. That was thoughtful of you.