May 05

Updated May 09

Looking for a regular lawn guy. 3305/07 W. Walnut.

It takes about 45 minutes for an experienced guy to cut. Size 80' x 40' approx.
Want to cut every 3 weeks throughout the summer.

Post here if you are interested and then click head icon and email me direct.


Apr 25

We get more LOW marks for development and expansion!

With all the headlines about what a great job Chicago is doing...look at our ranking! Even po dunk little places are doing better! Even Detroit!

Perspective is important when winding through the spinn city hall throws out there.

source below

    The economies of the 40 biggest US cities, ranked from worst to best
    The US economy varies in its biggest cities. Metro areas such as San Francisco, Seattle, Austin, and San Jose have particularly strong economies; Cleveland, Virginia Beach, and Providence are much weaker. That's according to our ranking, which ranks metro areas by taking into account their unemployment rate, average weekly wage, job growth rate, GDP per capita, and GDP growth rate.

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