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M&J Fdtn. Gave and Gave at Christmas Time

TBT - MJ and I take a photo at the JUMP offices where we recorded his narration track for a video I produced and directed for the M&J Foundation (M&J stood for Michael & Juanita Jordan Charitable Foundation). MJ had a much bigger smile when he took a photo with my son Matt and his buddy Brett Witek, but they didn't make him work like I did.

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Nov 28

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Thinking about Moving to 60616

Hi friends...we are thinking about moving from over the river to south of the river....seems like a great - upcoming area. A new Marriott Marquis just went up, a Hilton is in process - and I hope that a grocery, walgreens, etc. are on their way.

Any hints or pointers those of you who live in the area can offer. We don't have a car....so, public transit, walking are our primary modes of getting around....

  • Judy Happy Chicago Resident!

    Thank you all for your thoughtful responses....60616 here we come!

  • Hi Judy, my wife and I live in 60605 and work in 60616 often. We would be happy to help you find the right place to live. Please shoot me an email at marcus@marlenproperties.com so that we can help you accomplish your goal :)

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Neli Vazquez Rowland Announces Run for Congress

Neli Vazquez Rowland is running for Congress. She has 20 years of experience in helping homeless - including homeless VETS - so - please share this because we need more WOMEN in Congress. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vu3VpI8nyMo

    Contact us: Campaign@neli4congress.com

Dec 06

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Found Cat

I found this black cat (male) last night. Please send me if you think it's yours

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Henry Louis Gates Jr. on his never-ending quest to excavate African-American history

...free. By 1896, so many of the rights ensured by the Reconstruction amendments — the 13th, 14th and 15th — had been rolled back. I want to make this film as a cautionary tale to...

    Henry Louis Gates Jr. on his never-ending quest to excavate African-American history
    Pioneering feminist Anna J. Cooper once wrote, "black people have to stop imitating white people and white culture." She went on to say that black Americans in 1893 had to find their own voice, the roots of which are buried in the literature, mythology and folktales and music created by their enslaved ancestors.

Dec 07

Weekend bets: Krampus events, art shows, Gingerbread Grindhouse

SLAY BELLS RING - (Jan. 13th, 2018) Murder Mystery Dinner. Skellington Manor, 420 18th St., Rock Island, IL 61201. (Dec. 16th already sold out, so book your tickets soon!)

This article has 19 other Chicago locations (Show)

Facets Warehouse Movie Sale - (Dec. 7th-14th) Titles as low as .99 cents! Facets Cinémathèque, 1517 W. Fullerton, Chicago, IL 60614.

IT - (Dec. 8th-14th; Closed Dec. 9th & 11th) Grab some drinks and enjoy Pennywise at the Brew & View! Vic Theatre, 3145 N. Sheffield Ave., Chicago, IL. 6:30pm. ($5)

ST. FRANCIS HEARS A NOISE - (Dec. 10th at 6pm) Psychotronic sci-fi feature about a sound recordist whose microphone seems to be picking up sounds from the great beyond. Director Jimmy Schaus in attendance. Presented by ACRE Projects. $7-$10. Nightingale Cinema, 1084 N. Milwaukee, Chicago, IL.

RE-ANIMATOR - (Dec. 8th at 7pm) Free screening at Bucket O' Blood Books & Records, 3182 N. Elston, Chicago, IL 60618. BYOB. (SOLD OUT)

KRAMPUS: A Haunted Christmas at 13th Floor Haunted House - (Dec. 8th & 9th) 13th Floor Haunted House, 1940 George, St., Melrose Park, IL 60160.

Holiday Mini Art Show - (Dec. 8th from 7pm-11pm) 3rd annual holiday mini exhibit displaying original artwork from 50 artists. All pieces priced under $50. Sponsored by Revolution Brewing. Sideshow Gallery, 2219 N. Western, Chicago, IL 60647.

Jimmy Beans Art Show: Saturnalia - (Dec. 9th from 5pm-11pm) 30+ artists celebrate Saturnalia through mixed media artwork. All work is dark / low light. Jimmy Beans Coffee, 2553 W. Fullerton, Chicago, IL 60647.

Madman's Eye: The Art of Mac Blackout - (Dec. 8th from 6pm-10pm) Galerie F, 2415 N. Milwaukee, Chicago, IL 60647. Free. All ages.

PAZ: Piñatas & Zines - (Dec. 9th from 7pm-10pm) Various artists. Elastic Arts, 3429 W. Diversey #208, Chicago, IL 60647.

Prints of Unusual Size - (Dec. 9th from 7pm-10pm) Woodcut prints, live printing demos, ceramics, posters, tees, gifts, snacks, and more. Hoofprint Workshop, 2433 S. Oakley Ave., Chicago, IL 60608.

RODIN: Sculptor and Storyteller - (through March 4th, 2018) Seeing Auguste Rodin's famous sculptures up close and personal is definitely an experience to remember and cherish. Hours. Art Institute of Chicago, 111 S. Michigan, Chicago, IL.

Roswel Solo Art Show - (Dec. 9th from 7pm-10:30pm) “No Bad Days” exhibit. Roswel “utilizes his playful Yeti character to explore everyday life in Chicago's urban landscape.” Presented by Graffiti Institute at Chicago Young Authors, 1180 N. Milwaukee, Chicago, IL 60642.

Hitch*Cocktails - (Fridays at 10pm) Alfred Hitchcock-themed improv skits based on audience suggestions. Live jazz band, parlor games. Actors must drink as the plot thickens. The Annoyance Theatre & Bar, 851 W. Belmont, Chicago, IL 60657. Runs through Dec. 29th, 2017.

Improvised Black Mirror - (Extended through Dec. 29th) Styled after the popular techno horror television show, Black Mirror, the group performs a new episode based on a suggestion. Public House Theatre, 3914 N. Clark, Chicago, IL 60613. $12.

...company dedicated to putting women in charge onstage and behind the scenes. The Den Theatre, 1333 N. Milwaukee, Chicago, IL...

Haunted Chicago Walking Tour - (Sept. 2nd through Dec. 30th) America's Tours & Second City Tours, 2959 N. Springfield, Chicago, IL 60618. (Goldstar discount HERE.)

Trapped in a Room with a Zombie - Room Escape adventures where guests must figure out clues and puzzles to escape a room they share with a snarling, chained-up zombie. Ages 14+ or must have parent. Fine Arts Building, 408 S. Michigan, Chicago, IL 60605.

Chicago Metal Market - (Dec. 16th from 12:30pm-4:30pm) Shop vinyl, CDs, tees, patches, art, and more. Metal vendors and artists. Beat Kitchen, 2100 W. Belmont, Chicago, IL 60618.

QUEEN OF THE DAMNED / DETROIT ROCK CITY - (Dec. 13th at 8pm) Horror vendors, giveaways, 21+. Free. Fat Cat Chicago, 4840 N. Broadway, Chicago, IL 60640.

Dec 07

Dec 04

GSLA Neighborhood Paint Night!

GSLA Neighborhood Paint Night!

    GSLA Neighborhood Paint Night! - Greater South Loop Association
    We recently hosted a Neighborhood Paint Night at Bottle & Bottega as a fun holiday event and fundraiser for our organization. We really appreciate all who came out to support the GSLA and spend a fun evening in the neighborhood. The GSLA would like to extend an extra special thanks to Lakeside Bank for their sponsorship of this event and...

Dec 04

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Dec 02

Dec 02

Dec 01

Nov 30

    Former Priest Daniel McCormack Still A Sexually Violent Person, Judge Rules
    COOK COUNTY CRIMINAL COURTHOUSE - Disgraced former Catholic priest Daniel McCormack could have to stay behind bars indefinitely after a judge Friday ruled he remains a sexually violent person. "I have to say Mr. McCormack ...

Nov 28

Updated Nov 30

Cleaning Person--Bridgeport area of Chicago

Hello Neighbors,

Looking for a reliable cleaning person for our home, every 2 weeks with a strong work ethic and professional. Any suggestions much appreciated.

Thank you!

  • I live in Bridgeport and cleaned for an air b n b for about 1 year contact me betzyg25372@gmail.com

  • Hello Maya,

    I have a FANTASTIC cleaning lady. Feel free to message me (gspags@gmail.com) and I'll provide contact info.


  • Hi, Maya!

    I can recommend my cleaning person. She comes with references, background check, is very professional and cleans like nobody's business. You can email me for her number nathalyschool@gmail.com

    Best of luck!


Nov 30

Aug 21

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Loud Motorbike Racing Over East Pilsen

Motorcycles, some easily reaching speeds over 100mph, race on Dan Ryan Expy with impunity. Nightly, between midnight and 4am, motorcycles speed South of Roosevelt to God-knows-where. I never hear a siren give chase. What gives? Where's the State Police? You could easily make a few thousand in fines for empty state coffers.
Loudest is Ryan over Canalport @2am. Your help will be appreciated.

  • Noel Siwel , hey BUDDY The DAY is Friday Oct 22 / the TIME is 6:30 AM / the PLACE is in Pilsen

  • Noel Siwel, hey BUDDY The DAY is Tuesday Nov 28 / the TIME 10:52 PM / the PLACE is in Pilsen

Nov 22

Updated Nov 27

Racial Wafts

There are no less than 8 mentions of an attack by 4 black youth on 1 white man on south Michigan Monday night.
Yes, a problem exists. Always has.
But I don't recall Lequan McDonald getting this much press when he was murdered (prior to video release).
Every single news outlet posted their take, and the underlying theme in most is "Oh, no. Not in my playground. Call the National Guard." Please.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Nov 27

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Nov 26

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Nov 24

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Nov 23

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Nov 23

Nov 21

FREE FURNITURE - you pick up

Leather couch - bar stool - free - you pick up. If interested send an email to dublu51@gmail.com.

Nov 21

Nov 16

Updated Nov 18

Found large male tabby boy cat very loving and missing his home.

Found in southeast Pilsen near Cermak and Morgan 11/14/17.

Contact me for details

  • What a precious little face! Seems to be a bot frightened though. Hope he can be reunited with his people soon. In the interim, thank you for helping him. Many, many blessings to you!

Nov 18

Nov 17

Nov 15

    Protect Rental Property Assets with an LLC
    Real Estate has always been considered a safe investment since the supply is finite and the demand grows with the population. Even though we have seen some swings in the real estate market over the past decade, the theory still is held true by many.

Nov 15

    Why We Love Good Guys
    Not long ago while going through some old photos and memorabilia, I found a press clipping from the Chicago Daily News - a newspaper that folded years ago. The story described how a fireman ran into a burning building an saved three small children. The kids were living in a building in a poverty stricken...

Nov 09

Updated Nov 14

Neighbor repeatedly reporting us to City agencies... Is there any way to stop the harassment?

The older, single woman living in the house next door to us has been repeatedly reporting our house to various city agencies, complaining of rodents (rats, which live in HER yard), "trash" in our yard, building code violations. We have had our yard inspected repeatedly with no violations. Can she be reported for harassment?

  • RaleighsMa Not fauxraged but may contain typos.

    It'll run it course. The departments will see a pattern develop and stop responding to her. Contacting the Alderman's office as well as the main departments that are her favorites to explain your circumstance may expedite things toward some peace and quiet.

    I had to call out the Streets &...

    Read full comment…

    It'll run it course. The departments will see a pattern develop and stop responding to her. Contacting the Alderman's office as well as the main departments that are her favorites to explain your circumstance may expedite things toward some peace and quiet.

    I had to call out the Streets & Sans Supervisor for my neighborhood to put to bed once and for all that our fence on the alley wasn't a problem for traffic (since it was my neighbor's one and only pressing issue, apparently). As soon as he met me in the alley, he pointed to the house with the old lady in it who was causing the huff and said he remembered her from 15 years earlier when she was causing a condo development headaches and calling all the time. He gave me his direct number and said to call if I ever had an issue. They've never been back out since.

  • emj1900 bp lifer

    what's the saying....those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones? I think every block has one...... Scott and I just so happen to live next door to ours...lol...

Nov 13

Kellye Howard records a live album, and more of the best things to do in Chicago this week

...Picasso if he was on acid) for the exhibition "Three Wise Monkeys" at NYCH Gallery (643 W. 18th). Helgason is no stranger to the Reader, having designed illustrations for our Riot Fest coverage...

This article has 5 other Chicago locations (Show)

...and composer Vijay Iyer, playing Chicago Symphony Orchestra's MusicNow series at the Harris Theater (205 E. Randolph): "Iyer and trumpeter Wadada Leo Smith will give the local debut of their stunning duo...

...exhibit "Saturday Night Live: the Experience," open to tour at the Museum of Broadcast Communications (360 N. State). Visit sets from SNL, including the basement from Wayne's World, and watch videos that...

...by Hurricane Maria with a benefit they're calling Apocalypse Cabaret at the Neo-Futurarium (5153 N. Ashland). It features performances by Rey Andújar, Jean Carlos Claudio, Barrie Cole, David Isaacson, David...

Wed 11/15 Over the last 11 years, fearless stand-up comic Kellye Howard has been a staple in Chicago—both on the north and south sides. She's recording her inaugural comedy album live at Timothy O'Toole's (622 N. Fairbanks). 7, 9 PM $5

...dance cocreated by Julia Rhoads (Lucky Plush Productions) and Leslie Buxbaum Danzig at Steppenwolf Theater (1700 N. Halsted). It begins with an onstage conversation (in both Spanish and English), then spins out into...

    Kellye Howard records a live album, and more of the best things to do in Chicago this week
    click to enlarge The Reader's Peter Margasak writes of pianist and composer Vijay Iyer , playing Chicago Symphony Orchestra's MusicNow series at the Harris Theater (205 E. Randolph): "Iyer and trumpeter Wadada Leo Smith will give the local debut of their stunning duo, performing A Cosmic Rhythm With Each Stroke, the centerpiece of their 2016 album of the same name.

Nov 13

Survey Recap: South Loop Education Priorities

Survey Recap: South Loop Education Priorities

    Survey Recap: South Loop Education Priorities - Greater South Loop Association
    About the survey: The objective of the survey is to gather feedback from stakeholders in the South Loop, including community residents, families who live within the proposed expanded boundary for South Loop Elementary School, and families who attend South Loop Elementary or National Teachers Academy.


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