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Lavizzo School

Lavizzo School at 109th and Wentworth. We are proud to be a Level 1+ and Only IB School in Roseland. We also have Farmers' Market every Wednesday from 3pm-5pm.

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Sep 28

Noticed The Arab-owned stores Being Closed?!

The City has been closing Arab-owned stores in our neighborhoods,what about considering a Farmer's-CO-OP-Variety-Specialty of our own,uniquely for each neighborhood?!

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Labor Day Started Over Reduced PULLMAN-Pay!

Labor Day strarted when George Mortimore Pullman was prompted to lay-off workers & reduce wages!
It's in "The Pullman Case:the clash of labor & capital in industrial America" by
David Ray Papke,1999!
History needs to be rehearsed for future generations to have a sense of purpose(=Psalm 11)!
Reflect on the working neighbors,on labor,on the Union Movement,that may help us focus on being United States!

Aug 27

How Can Roseland-West Pullman Come Alive(Be a more ACTIVE community)??!!

How can we make a thorough DIFFERENCE in our Community?!
Is only working for someone else at a job your blessing,life & good destiny?!
Is a job only so you can otherwise spend "relaxing" & "chillin' "?! Don't you think being so dull & idle gives room for more killings?!
While giving your all to a job,so you can drown all of you in your fleeting pleasures,don't you see the circular trench our youth is sinking in,paying heavy measures?!
Our youth are restless & ready to DO.
Receive & consider these words,understanding will come & alert you to be diligent & industrious!
Then our neighborhood will stir for good & get busy being ACTIVE!!!!

Aug 26

Kingdom Come-NEW SECURITY & SHADE to West Pullman!

Yes,with the Big Shoulders,Strong Odor Spirit of CHICAGO,we agree & release with all boldness,from this special day of Shabbat(Saturday),to EVERY BLOCK extraordinary,unsual BLESSINGS!!!!
For by the blessing of the upright the CITY is exalted-& may it overthrow the mouths of all the evil wicked-TAKE NOTICE OF THIS DAY!
I'm just working with THE WORD=Psalm26:7-publishing with THE VOICE of many thanksgivings & telling of all THE LORD of lords,JESUS CHRIST wondrous works!!!!

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Aug 22

Recycling In Roseland? Working Cause Life Matters!

Yes,that's two questions actually!
Since our life matters,don't you think it's for a good life to look into The Manuel where all the matters of life are treasured & take note so the keys won't be forgotten?!
Well,with trusting faith & good hope,may some be gained,some be saved & our EVERY BLOCK be "RECYCLED"!

Aug 20


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