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  • Permit issued for renovation/alteration


    653 W. 117th St. Issued April 23, 2018 Comment

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Lost dog

Our dog ran away 3/26/2018 if found please contact Lauren Ball immediately at 312-859-1913. She didn’t have a collar on. However we miss her so much and are praying for a safe return

Apr 13

Lost dog

Please, help us reunite with our Max.
Ran away 04-11-2018
Fur color: beige/white
Last seen near 95th and Charles, but we do not know how far he could have gone.
If found please contact Susan at (312) 841-1229
Max did not have his collar on with name and information. He is wearing a white flea collar.
Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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Apr 04

The Princes of The People Are Gathered Together!

It may seem that ALLMIGHTY SOURCE-SUPPORT our ONLY WISE GOD THE LORD is silent & as if in hiding,but HE is about to do some OUTLANDISH things that people will not continue to ignore!
One being to bring up & out those who are true first to take the lead in showing genuine Charity for the people.
Against all the shooters,The GOD of Abraham will make known HIS "Shields" of the earth who belong to HIM!
So all who can agree with PSALM 47,let's agree FATHER'S WILL BE DONE in EVERY BLOCK as in Heavenly places!

Apr 03

Mar 29

Updated Mar 30

Yesterday the kids next door was throwing rocks up on my porch and the dog pooh in my

Yesterday the kids next door was throwing rocks up on my porch and the dog has poop in my yard I called the police and they said they couldn't do anything cause the mother wasn't there the kids be home alone . They were outside this morning around 12:00 with a stick banging on the garbage cans .Garbage on both sides of the house with their aggressive dog running around between the houses . I talked to the Alderman and so far nothing has been done living next door to a nightmare and Everytime we come out of the house her son is giving my family the birdie finger.

  • If the kids are13years old and under its against the law for them to be home alone. Contact Lisa Madigan's office for further info on whom to contact and perhaps light a fire under the Dept of DCFS. Can't see why police can't get involved. It's a safety issue. Pure and Simple. Good luck.

  • Jesica Ramos Just one of the neighbors

    kids are arrested for crimes all the time same goes for harassment maybe you need to harass the police with phone calls until they do something.

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Updated Mar 10

What Chicago Residents Need to Know About Early Voting

Ward 34 W Pullman Library 830 W 119th

This article has 48 other Chicago locations (Show)

Loop Super Site (new location) 16 W Adams (March 19: this site opens until 7 p.m.)

Ward 1 Goldblatt's Bldg 1615 W Chicago

Ward 2 Near North Library 310 W Division

Ward 3 Hall Branch Library 4801 S Michigan

Ward 5 Jackson Park 6401 S Stony Island

Ward 7 Jeffrey Manor Library 2401 E 100th St

Ward 8 Olive Harvey College 10001 S Woodlawn

Ward 9 Palmer Park 201 E 111th St

Ward 10 Vodak/Eastside Library 3710 E 106th St

Ward 11 Dist. 9 Police Station 3120 S Halsted

Ward 12 McKinley Park 2210 W Pershing

Ward 13 West Lawn Park 4233 W 65th St

Ward 14 Archer Heights Library 5055 S Archer

Ward 15 Gage Park 2411 W 55th St

Ward 16 Lindbloom Park 6054 S Damen

Ward 17 Thurgood Marshall Library 7506 S Racine

Ward 18 Wrightwood Ashburn Library 8530 S Kedzie

Ward 19 Mount Greenwood Park 3721 W 111th St (March 19: this site open thru 7 pm.)

Ward 20 Bessie Coleman Library 731 E 63rd St

Ward 21 Foster Park 1440 W 84th St

23 Clearing Branch Library 6423 W 63rd Pl

Ward 24 St. Agatha Parish 3147 W Douglas Blvd

Ward 26 Humboldt Pk Library 1605 N Troy

Ward 27 Union Park 1501 W Randolph

Ward 28 W. Side Learning Ctr 4624 W Madison (March 19: this site open thru 7 pm.)

Ward 29 Amundsen Park 6200 W Bloomingdale

Ward 30 Kilbourn Park 3501 N Kilbourn

Ward 31 Portage Cragin Library 5108 W Belmont

33 McFetridge Sports Ctr 3843 N California

Ward 35 NEIU El Centro 3390 N Avondale

Ward 36 West Belmont Library 3104 N Narragansett

Ward 37 West Chicago Av Library 4856 W Chicago

Ward 38 Hiawatha Park 8029 W Forest Preserve

Ward 39 North Park Vill. Admin. 5801 N Pulaski

Ward 40 Budlong Woods Library 5630 N Lincoln

Ward 41 Roden Library 6083 N Northwest Highway (March 19: this site open thru 7 pm.)

Ward 42 Museum/Brdcst Communications 360 N State

Ward 43 Lincoln Park Library 1150 W Fullerton

Ward 44 John Merlo Library 644 W Belmont

Ward 45 Dist. 16 Police Station 5151 N Milwaukee

Ward 46 Truman College 1145 W Wilson

Ward 47 Welles Park 2333 W Sunnyside (March 19: this site open thru 7 pm.)

Ward 48 Edgewater Library 6000 N Broadway

Ward 49 Pottawattomie Park 7340 N Rogers

Ward 50 Warren Park 6601 N Western

Student Center East 750 South Halsted Street

9501 South M L King Jr. Drive

5500 North St. Louis Street

    What Chicago Residents Need to Know About Early Voting
    Elections are quickly approaching and early voting is already taking place on Monday, March 5. Here's what Chicago voters need to know: There are 51 locations scattered throughout the city that will be open Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

  • RaleighsMa Not fauxraged but may contain typos.

    I’ll help by starting things off with one:

    Fairleigh Dickinson University survey

    You’re welcome.

  • Bill 4500 N Wolcott 30 year plus resident

    EARLY VOTING At Welles Park
    Turn out IS VERY LOW less than 100 each day Saturday 3-10-18 maybe 200 --- These should be 4 Monday - Friday and 800 plus on a Saturday .... DON'T VOTE then shut up you have no voice -

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Mar 09

Updated Mar 10

Stolen package in Beverly

USPS reported delivering a package to our address on the 9800 block of South Bell Ave on March 8 in the afternoon. The package was stolen. Has anyone in the Beverly neighbourhood had their deliveries stolen?

  • Paul Active resident

    Have you contacting the post office? Not sure which location distributes for your block, but the Mt Greenwood post office always has issues with packages showing a delivered status and still being in their possession.

  • K Wright Beverly resident

    This was exactly the case. Thank you.

Mar 09

Mar 06

Updated Mar 08

Crazy dog next door

It's a hot mess over here I keep telling my next door neighbor about her kids coming over here swing on the lift I have in fort of my house and how the dog keeps jumping at me and my kids she's saying I'm harassing her they throw garbage all over my yard when they get out of the car the pit bull is going crazy he run and broke my window she said she's not paying for nothing she...

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It's a hot mess over here I keep telling my next door neighbor about her kids coming over here swing on the lift I have in fort of my house and how the dog keeps jumping at me and my kids she's saying I'm harassing her they throw garbage all over my yard when they get out of the car the pit bull is going crazy he run and broke my window she said she's not paying for nothing she on section 8 every time I talk to her she keeps saying not my kids the kids be out side every time she leaves doing everything throwing rocks every where I wish her and her kids go back to the west side where they come from

  • Yes you can call Section 8 to report this behaviour. Section 8 will contact the tenant and the owner. If the Alderman's office becomes involved it is a more serious step so the tenant should receive a warning beforehand.

  • MEG Neighbor

    Absolutely LaSalle Neighbor
    There are too many people on the waiting list for Section 8. If that neighbor can't get it right Section 8 will find another family that can. It's a long process but worth fighting for.

Mar 08

  • Permit issued for easy permit process

    gutters. repair/replace drywall as needed. paint. replace doors. hardwood flooring. replace doors. NO electrical under this permit- all work same as exisitng

    11824 S. Emerald Ave. Issued March 6, 2018 Comment

Mar 07

Mar 06

Mar 05

These Are All 51 Early Voting Locations Across Chicago

Ward 34: West Pullman Library, located at 830 W. 119th St.

This article has 51 other Chicago locations (Show)

Loop Super Site/Election Board Annex, located at 16 W. Adams St. (On March 19, will remain open through 7 p.m.)

Ward 1: Goldblatt's Building, located at 1615 W. Chicago Ave.

Ward 2: Near North Library, located at 310 W Division St.

Ward 3: Hall Branch Library, located at 4801 S. Michigan Ave.

Ward 4: King Community Center, located at 4314 S. Cottage Grove Ave. (On March 19, will remain open through 7 p.m.)

Ward 5: Jackson Park, located at 6401 S. Stony Island Ave.

Ward 6: Dist. 3 Police Station, located at 7040 S. Cottage Grove Ave.

Ward 7: Jeffrey Manor Library, located at 2401 E. 100th St.

Ward 8: Olive Harvey College, located at 10001 S. Woodlawn Ave.

Ward 9: Palmer Park, located at 201 E. 111th St.

Ward 10: Vodak/Eastside Library, located at 3710 E. 106th St.

Ward 11: Dist. 9 Police Station, located at 3120 S. Halsted St.

Ward 12: McKinley Park, located at 2210 W. Pershing Rd.

Ward 13: West Lawn Park, located at 4233 W. 65th St.

Ward 14: Archer Heights Library, located at 5055 S. Archer Ave.

Ward 15: Gage Park, located at 2411 W. 55th St. [[469577203, C]]

Ward 16: Lindbloom Park, located at 6054 S. Damen Ave.

Ward 17: Thurgood Marshall Library, located at 7506 S. Racine Ave.

Ward 18: Wrightwood Ashburn Library, located at 8530 S. Kedzie Ave.

Ward 19: Mount Greenwood Park, located at 3721 W. 111th St. (On March 19, will remain open through 7 p.m.)

Ward 20: Bessie Coleman Library, located at 731 E. 63rd St.

Ward 21: Foster Park, located at 1440 W. 84th St.

Ward 22: Toman Library, located at 2708 S. Pulaski Rd.

Ward 23: Clearing Branch Library, located at 6423 W. 63rd Pl.

Ward 24: St. Agatha Parish, located at 3147 W. Douglas Blvd.

Ward 26: Humboldt Park Library, located at 1605 N. Troy St.

Ward 27: Union Park, located at 1501 W. Randolph St.

Ward 28: West Side Learning Center, located at 4624 W. Madison St. (On March 19, will remain open through 7 p.m.)

Ward 29: Amundsen Park, located at 6200 W. Bloomingdale Ave.

Ward 30: Kilbourn Park, located at 3501 N. Kilbourn Ave.

Ward 31: Portage Cragin Library, located at 5108 W Belmont

Ward 32: Bucktown-Wicker Park Library, located at 1701 N. Milwaukee Ave. 

Ward 33: McFetridge Sports Center, located at 3843 N. California Ave. [[468343803, C]]

Ward 35: NEIU El Centro, located at 3390 N. Avondale Ave.

Ward 36: West Belmont Library, located at 3104 N. Narragansett Ave.

Ward 37: West Chicago Avenue Library, located at 4856 W. Chicago Ave.

Ward 38: Hiawatha Park, located at 8029 W. Forest Preserve Dr.

Ward 39: North Park Vill. Admin., located at 5801 N Pulaski Rd.

Ward 40: Budlong Woods Library, located at 5630 N. Lincoln Ave.

Ward 41: Roden Library, located at 6083 N. Northwest Highway (On March 19, will remain open through 7 p.m.)

Ward 42: Museum of Broadcast Communications, located at 360 N. State St.

Ward 43: Lincoln Park Library, located at 1150 W. Fullerton Ave.

Ward 44: John Merlo Library, located at 644 W. Belmont Ave.

Ward 45: Dist. 16 Police Station, located at 5151 N. Milwaukee Ave.

Ward 46: Truman College, located at 1145 W. Wilson Ave.

Ward 47: Welles Park, located at 2333 W. Sunnyside Ave. (On March 19, will remain open through 7 p.m.)

Ward 48: Edgewater Library, located at 6000 N. Broadway St.

Ward 49: Pottawattomie Park, located at 7340 N. Rogers Ave.

Ward 50: Warren Park, located at 6601 N. Western Ave.

University of Illinois at Chicago: in the Student Center East, located at 750 S. Halsted St.

Northeastern Illinois University: in the basement lunch room of the Student Union Building, located at 5500 N. St. Louis St.

    These Are All 51 Early Voting Locations Across Chicago
    Dozens of early voting locations across Chicago officially opened their doors on Monday, giving voters who have already made up their minds a chance to hit the ballot box ahead of the rush. With Election Day just around the corner, officials promise that early voting provides more flexibility to cast a ballot without worrying about crowded polling places.


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