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Chuy Says NO to the Belmont Flyover!

Calling the proposed Flyover “an unnecessary expenditure of taxpayer funds that will generate little return on investment,” Chuy Garcia expressed his opposition to the Flyover.

Read more, and check out our website at:

A vote for Chuy Garcia is a vote to save Central Lakeview!

  • I was undecided about who to vote for, but now it looks like I am voting for Rahm. We need a mayor who is not vague about how to improve the CTA.

  • Lynn Olejniczak Life-long Chicagoan, who loves her city.

    A study showed that the El isn't as "late" as the proponents of this deal want you to believe. The public meeting at the Belmont Police station was nothing more than a display of maps where the fly over was supposed to be and location-counterdicting pictures of soon to be "available store fronts for your new business."
    I went in to the meeting unsure of my position but left feeling that the CTS and those backing it were trying to pull the wool over my eyes.

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Chicago Street Photography Lakeview

Recent candid street shot

54 min ago

Management Broker for Bean-and-Co.

New to the site! Help me get started in the neighborhood, like to hear from old timers on how this site works. Fill me in. Looking forward to making great new connections.



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Rooftop Deck -Permit


I'm interested in building a rooftop deck on top of a 3 unit condominium. Can anyone share any tips on the permit/inspection process?

Much appreciated

  • You're going to want architectural drawings, structural engineering calculations and you're going to need two entrance/exits. A professional architect and contactor should be able to guide you through the permitting process.

  • Start making hefty contributions to your Alderman, and start saving your shekels for putting your lawyer's kids through college because you're entering some lengthy if not endless litigation.

    Alternately, you could save yourself and a lot of other people a lot of trouble and just put a few lawn chairs and a Weber grill on your roof. Go for Old Skool Charm, instead of Money-Grubbing Ugly.

    Anybody with me on this? Can I see a show of hands? Thanks.

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What happened on Wolfram at Central Park

Does anyone know what happened last night on 3600 Wolfram at Central Park last night? Lots of cops, ambulance & fire truck.

  • Anton Irie 4 Years And Still Unsure About LS

    i don't think i know but do you know about what time this happened? i was walking the dog around 8:30-9 and heard what sounded like a swarm of emergency vehicles in the distance .. just wondering if it was that.

  • Yes. That is the time it happened.

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White Castle

Does anyone know what is going on with the White Castle near Addison/Elston/Kedzie?
There is a construciton fence up around the property. I'm guessing it's being remodeled or torn down.

Feb 23

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Thoughts on Bad Dog being Gone?

What are the thoughts on Bad Dog Tavern being shuttered?

  • Botkin Kinch: the knife-blade

    I got the worst food poisoning of my life from their ahi tuna tacos. It was a very memorable experience.

  • Whoa nelly! Eating raw fish from a burger and fries bar? If you did that before I think you were really lucky.

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Buyer looking for 4 bedroom home in Lakeview

New or newer construction preferred. Or complete renovation.

  • Ashley Donat Real Estate Broker ashley@millerchicagorealesta...

    Email me at ashley@millerchicagorealestate.com! I have some options for you!!

  • The market is pretty tight right now but there are some options out there. Assuming you are looking for a single family home here is a summary of what is available by number of bedrooms and bathrooms: http://lucidrealty.com/homes-for-sale/Chicago_Lakeview/single_family_homes.php

    You might also want to check out working with a full service realtor that shares their commission with you. It can save you thousands of dollars.

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Salon/nail shop spaces for lease

I'm on the look out for salon & nail shop spaces for lease in Lakeview and Wicker. If anyone notices any available storefronts, or knows anyone looking to have someone take over their lease, contact me!

  • Prefer the south part if lakeview bordering LP

  • How about Evanston? I have a 1200 sf space across from retail, restaurants, condos, a hotel and the main Metra stop in town... email me at: lherlihy@mccafferyinterests.com Thanks!

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Chief O'Neills for St. Patty's day

Has anyone been to Chief O'Neills for St. Patrick's Day celebrations? If so, can you share your experience/thoughts on the event? A group of us are thinking of going there this year on the 14th. We are older 20's/younger 30's. Over the last years we've visited a variety of neighborhoods including Beverly, Wrigleyville, Lincoln Park, Old Town and River North and we're wondering how Avondale/Chief O'Neills compares.

  • I go every year and it's wonderful! Whenever I take others they end up loving it too. Lots of festivities and the Chicago PD marching band (whatever they are called), come in and play while walking around. The irish dancers are fun also.

  • TB in the HP You just gotta keep on livin'. L I V I N

    Chief O'Neill's is loads of fun. Definitely go, but be prepared for the crowds.

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  • SPIRO 1983 sergeant 19

    Yep typical chicago bs the owner gets the shaft and the renter gets off free..what a sham!!!!

  • Mr. Cullen established the theater and the restaurant. He had no health insurance when he had a costly stroke a few years ago. He's given immensely to theater as we know it in Chicago for decades. You can lose everything you build. This is a tragic story.

22 hours ago

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Old news?!?!

Has anybody else noticed that EveryBlock detectors are picking up articles from 2012-2013???

  • Shelly Lifelong suburbanite, now in South Lakeview.

    Jennifer, yep!

    L, yes.

  • Yes, I went to Uptown for news and there was news from 2012.

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Boil Water Advisory status?

Hello, we received a Boil Water Advisory on Feb. 26 "until further notice" and I called 311 to check the status, she said the water is safe to use now and that the city would not be providing any formal notice, is that trustworthy? Any thoughts? Thanks!

Feb 23

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434 Melrose

Does anyone know the status of the unfinished construction site at that location? There was supposed to have been a hearing at City Council in regard to it.

  • Robert Rohdenburg Affordable Housing Activist for ONE Northside

    I've reviewed the published agendas of both the Zoning and the Housing committees from August 2014 through January 2015 and could find no mention of this address for a zoning change or any other city council or committee action. Because of the election, there will not be any city council...

    Read full comment…

    I've reviewed the published agendas of both the Zoning and the Housing committees from August 2014 through January 2015 and could find no mention of this address for a zoning change or any other city council or committee action. Because of the election, there will not be any city council meetings or committee meetings in February. There is a Housing committee hearing scheduled for 3/11 10am and two Zoning Committee Hearings next month: 3/12 and 3/17 , both staring at 10am in Council Chambers,before the 10am 3/18 City Council meeting. No agendas for these committee meetings are available yet. Shortly after 3/1 some of the agendas for the March meetings should start to appear. You can check the web site:
    https://chicago.legistar.com/Calendar.aspx for any additional committee meeting dates, changes in times/locations, and the meeting agendas. The current or new alderman for the ward may know more about the property before any hearing action. The press coverage about the property are old stories at:
    May 21,2012 story:http://chicago.curbed.com/archives/2012/05/21/stalled-condo-building-to-serve-as-skeleton-for-luxury-rentals.php
    June 3,2011 story:http://chicago.curbed.com/archives/2011/06/03/failed-lakeview-condo-development-leaves-a-stump-behind-1.php

  • I'm sorry to hear that nothing has transpired, but thanks very much for your thorough review-I appreciate it!

  • Ed H. 5 year Lakeview resident

    What a great location, I cant believe that lot is still the way it is.

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Tearing Up Streets by St. Wenceslaus

Starting next week the City has announced that it will be tearing up streets in my area, including the Monticello block by St. Wenceslaus, for water/sewer repairs. They've also posted "no parking" signs that extend into April. There doesn't seem to be any provision of what the many people who pack the block with parked cars each night should do. All the blocks around are zoned for permit parking. Has anyone heard any news about easing of permit parking restrictions or such? Yes, I can call the alderman, but I wanted to tap the community grapevine first. Thanks.

  • Is there additional information on when they are tearing up the streets? Start and end dates? I live quite close to where the work will take place, but don't live on any of the specific streets, so maybe they didn't need to notify me?

  • Tom G Living in Avondale since 1994

    Todd, Sorry I didn't notice the exact dates, but it's about now until about April whenever. I should've checked before opening my trap. The fact is there has been a lot of flooding on my block for years, so this is a good thing if it relieves that.

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$100 Rush Hour parking ticket.

Does this restriction start before or after the sign? I took this picture from where I was parked ( on the corner.) You can see the sign about a third block up. I have been parking here for 2 years with no problems but if I am wrong I will park somewhere else. I could google it but every blockers tend to know it all..

  • i got caught on one of those rush hour spots on armitage near calf. i'd been parking there on weekends (so no rush hour) this was summer and the single sign for the whole block was in the middle of a bush. weird when one sign covers a whole block, but guess it does.

  • Sighryn Roscoe resident

    I asked a Police Officer and she said it covers the entire block. Looks like I am out $100.

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Daniel Knox @ Constellation

Singer-songwriter Daniel Knox celebrates the release of his self-titled record with a pair of shows at Constellation, 3111 N. Western Ave., tonight. The 9:30pm show is sold out, but there are still tickets for the 7:30pm show; they're $10.

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Found SD Card on Roscoe

I found a camera SD card in the snow on Roscoe st between Ravenswood and Lincoln.

  • Sighryn Roscoe resident

    Did you check to see if there was anything on it?

  • Dan27 Roscoe Village home owner

    Is it white by any chance?

5 days ago

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Buyer Seeks 3BR/2BA+ in Elevator Building

Our client is seeking a 3BR/2BA+ in an elevator building in the Lakeview/Lincoln Park area. We have exhausted our search on the MLS and are looking for owners considering selling.

Prefers updated; concrete between floors; pets (cats) allowed; quiet neighbors; HOA fees lower than $1000 if possible.

If you or someone you know has a condo similar to this they would consider selling please let me know..

  • Messaging you with the realtor for a unit for sale, not yet listed, right now.

  • There are a few units at 3530-3534 LSD that meet your criteria, particularly the concrete floors/walls. It's exceptionally quiet, and does allow pets (1 dog, any size and up to two cats per unit).

3 days ago

Tree trimming season!

The winters close to being over and time to make sure your trees are healthy and strong at joses tree service we will give you expert advise on deciding if your trees need some work get your free quote from on of our professional trimmers

4 days ago

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Found Toyota Key in Roscoe Village

Hi Neighbors,
I found a Toyota key buried in the snow near School and Wolcott. If it is yours, please let me know what is on the key chain and I'll return to you. Thanks!

  • Lost mine a long time ago..if mine would have a bronze medallion that would have 4/7 Cav on one side and Garry Owen on the other

5 days ago

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Summer Options for 6 year old child

I'm looking for daycare options for my 6 year old for this upcoming summer. I work from 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday. The Neighborhood Boys & Girls Club doesn't start until 8 am but I have to be at work by 8 am. I need to pick up as late as 6 pm on some days. Any suggestions/recommendations for high quality group childcare for a 6 year old in the area? Looking for entire summer, not just short summer camps. Thank you!

  • mike Return Chicagoan circa 1996

    Hamlin park offers day camps during the summer that I have sent my boys to. It's not too expensive and you need to sign up online. It is offered through the Chicago park district.

  • SPIRO 1983 sergeant 19

    Put the delinquent in a boot camp or ymca or bible study thank you very much.

6 days ago

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Specialty Video Closing

I was told today that the video store on Broadway, between Melrose and Belmont will be closing in the Spring. The reason was a rent increase.

Feb 24

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Wayne Electric Building - Elston and California

Does anyone know what is going on with the old Wayne Electric Building on Elston and California? They just put up fencing all around the property. Has it been bought out? Are they going to tear it down and build a commercial or residential bldg?

  • They were tearing at least part of it down when I went by on Thursday morning.

  • Jacko Z just livin' in the hood

    Pedestrian traffic would help, however the size of the sidewalks and discombobulated intersections make it very hard to develop a restaurant/bar. Also the Elston strip just south of this intersection needs a redevelopment.

3 days ago

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Chicago Ballet Center Open House, March 1

Happy Spring, everyone .. well, almost! The Chicago Ballet Center (4024 N Cicero) is hosting an open house this Sunday from 1 to 4pm. Meet the faculty, join the group music classes and age appropriate dance classes from 1:30 to 3. Shanti Kumari will offer a joyous yoga experience at 3 that is open to all ages and includes live musicians. Our 11 week spring session begins March 9 and finishes with our annual Extrava-DANCE-a performances May 30 and 31 at Filament Theater. Registration will be available during the open house for anyone ready nurture that inner artist. 773.283.6510 for more info.

5 days ago

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Story on parenting and transgendered children

I'm a graduate student and reporter for the Medill News Service at Northwestern University. I am currently working on a story about the successes and challenges of being the parent of a transgendered child. I am looking for a parent (and if possible their transgendered child) who would be willing to speak with me about their life experiences. The story would be composed of a 400-600 word article and a 2 minute video piece. So ideally, I would like to...

Read full message…

I'm a graduate student and reporter for the Medill News Service at Northwestern University. I am currently working on a story about the successes and challenges of being the parent of a transgendered child. I am looking for a parent (and if possible their transgendered child) who would be willing to speak with me about their life experiences. The story would be composed of a 400-600 word article and a 2 minute video piece. So ideally, I would like to have you speak quickly to me on camera. It is possible to be on camera anonymously, although not preferred. The piece will be published on our website: http://news.medill.northwestern.edu/chicago/ and CanTV (the public access channel) for a day. If you are interested or know someone who may be a good contact, I would very much appreciate a message back.
Thanks, Julie

  • Hi Julie,
    While I don't have a child, I just wanted to mention that generally the correct term is considered "transgender" instead of "transgendered."

    (See problematic terms)

    Good luck with your research!

  • Julie, a good friend of mine is willing to speak with you. You didn't leave a phone number for her to call you, but she has said I may share her email address with you so you can contact her. kfgrobman@live.com

  • JulieWoolie Graduate Student/Reporter for Medill News Service

    Thank you so much! I will email her.

4 days ago

Found a Ring

Yesterday I found a ring in the middle of the street on the intersection of Clark & Diversy. This seems to be a wedding ring & would like to return it to its rightful owner. I know this is a long shot, but I figured I'd try anyway. I'm not going to post a pic of it but if you recently lost your ring and believe it is yours please send me a private message with a detailed description or better yet a pic. Feel free to forward this.

4 days ago

Daniel Knox Delivers Gritty-Beautiful Music On His New Album

The official release of the new album is this Saturday during two shows at Constellation (3111 N. Western Ave). The 9:30 p.m. show is sold out, but a 7:30 p.m...

4 days ago

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Feb 11

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  • Dave- Scott is anti-status quo in that he refuses to vote along with Rahm's left-wing lackeys on the city council, so you two should really be kindred spirits!

  • Joe Lake Facebook, Twitter, Klout, EveryBlock, Yahoo Groups

    In 2007, Scott Waguespack defeated formen Ald. Ted Matlak (appointed as alderman in 1998) by 121 votes. The Ted Matlak-Terry Gabinski-Dan Rostenkowski-Joe Rodtenkowski regime had run the 32nd Ward for nearly one hundred years. That's status quo.


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