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Added Jan 31 2018

I am making a complaint about censorship on Everyblock. I made an intelligent post opposing the worst forms of Rap music in the Chicago Public Schools and on Grammy and other awards shows. I advocating teaching our young people time tested standards of decency, promoting traditional education and positive music and culture.

Pretty much every successful adult I meet of all racial and ethnic groups agrees with these positions, and yet we are the ones who are censored, not the worst, most violent, hateful rap "Musicians".

This #*$&*# isn't even music as few rap "musicians" know how to play instruments or read music.

I'll support any Christian pastor, ex military veteran, grandmother from the South anybody that can step in and give our young people some positive direction in life - Catholic Nuns used to wash students mouths out with soap for using the vile language I hear in almost every single rap song - and this music seems to be infecting every part of society. When will it end? How long to the Bubonic plague in Europe last?

  • Thanks. I agree

  • Rick Roche bronzeville father of 4

    Jaye, you are right. Unfortunately, Hollywood is poisoning our society not just through rap, but TV, movies and video as well. At one time, "community standards" carried the weight of law. If this garbage is sanctioned in the public schools, it means I'm not only offended, I'm paying to be offended.

  • upen e31st and indiana av

    fully agreed. I felt the same when I recently visited my son's cps hosting an art show for their kids at evening. Whatever pop/rap music it was.. it was loud not only for kindergarteners but for all parents who also came to see art which was mostly the pictures drawn or taken by their kids.

  • Meh, your comment is a bit of a mixed bag ... I grew up on Punk Rock and listened to some pretty vile lyrics as a kid and I grew up just fine. Although, I would agree that today's Hip Hop has absolutely plummeted into god awful noise vs music. Even Tupac (himself often raping about violence) had an underlining message of hope and betterment. He'd be disgusted that today's "artists" are only about face tattoos and posing in front of $100 dollar bills. You're never going to get rid of Hip Hop. And frankly, your comment comes across no different than the legions of white squares from the 40s/50s yammering on about how Rock N' Roll would be the downfall of civilization. However, what we CAN do is hope that today's generation rediscovers their music's roots, which were more based on conscious observations of life (urban and otherwise). Spitting rhymes and creating poetry of linguistic nuance is rather brilliant, and takes intellect. It's myopic to gloss over that fact, even if we both agree the overall message needs to discover new light.

  • jaye els Returned to Hyde Park Kenwood

    Everyblock is continuing to use censorship against basic crime awareness issues. I posted a blog in the Boystown section noting that a recent serial killer was targeting gays in New Jersey and Washington State. The motive was Islamic extremism. The source was just a Seattle WA daily newspaper. In case others haven't notice lots and lots of the biggest social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Google are de platforming and censoring legitimate Conservative, Crime awareness blogs and stories. The PC Narrative is that Islamists can only be presented as positive people who bring good things and any minor problems these migrants might have (Islamic extremists targeting gays for murder) are all caused by Evil Racist Trump supporters. Islam is not a race. And regular Americans should be able to post real crime stories as long as they are done in an intelligent, fair, honest and non inflammatory way.

  • @jaye - Are you saying there's a radical Islamic serial killer on the loose killing gay people? I'm not at all saying you're wrong, just asking for your evidence? If he/they were truly Islamic radicals, I'd imagine they'd do something similar to the Pulse nightclub incident ... not running around in the shadows like they're Jack the Ripper.

  • jaye els Returned to Hyde Park Kenwood

    No this Islamic serial killer has been arrested. I just wanted to notified Gay people in Boystown should be alerted.

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