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Added Sep 13 2017

The Pilsen Alliance isn't so innocent when it comes to race.

  • Orange is the new DEGENERATE

    This really bugs me.
    You know (Pilsen Alliance), buildings in Pilsen are owned by EVERY color of person. EVERY color of person is either selling or wanting higher rents.
    I bet even Mexican owners are asking higher rents.
    As a white person I find you especially offensive to select "whitey" over any other color.

  • I'm glad you posted this. I am getting sick of it as well. There is a sign on Carpenter Street inside someone's front door that says, "Keep Pilsen Mexican" that's been there now for a couple of months, which I find incredibly offensive to everyone in the neighborhood. You can make the case of affordable housing but you don't have to post racist signs all over the place.

  • This form of racism has been ignored, and allowed to go on in the Pilsen/Heart of Chicago area for a few years. And it has always been associated with the "Pilsen Alliance", a non for profit organization.

  • Jambo neighbor

    And why isn't this on the news? If a white person posted a sign like that it would be. They should have to take their racist signs down.

  • @Erik H, care to elaborate?

  • Orange is the new DEGENERATE

    I think he means to say prejudice is acceptable in disguised, repackaged doses.

  • @Orange...thanks for the explanation.

  • Something to note here to compare this situation to another. If a real estate professional suggests that any neighborhood leans toward one race or another, they can lose their license, pay fines and/or face criminal prosecution if caught. It is literally illegal, across the whole of America, to create or promote a one-race neighborhood on that attribute alone. Another thing to point out. This area was still over 50% Euro immigrants when I was born, and I'm Gen X (i.e. not old). Either way, neighborhoods are better off with a good blend of different kinds of people; and it's too bad that this fight isn't directed at the money-grubbers who profit from these side-stepped race debates.

  • Morgan S. Live in Heart of Chicago / Pilsen neighborhood

    Ltt-Rch, could you please clarify " real estate professional" of your above comment? TY

  • Orange is the new DEGENERATE

    He means a Real Estate agent.

  • Morgan S. All licensed real estate brokers or sales agents are subject to that rule which is national and a condition of their licensing. It's a major tenet of the National Association of Realtors' rules up there with fiduciary duty and ethical behavior. It's one of the questions in the licensing exams, everywhere.

  • Morgan S. Live in Heart of Chicago / Pilsen neighborhood

    Ltt-Rch, to clarify the question or concern is who is the Real Estate Agent?

  • Morgan S. I don't know what you mean. It's a hypothetical comparison. We're not talking about an actual person who committed an infraction.

  • What are you asking Morgan S.? Both statements were as clear as glass.

  • Morgan S. Live in Heart of Chicago / Pilsen neighborhood

    Ltt-Rch, I thinks its clear as glass that It appears you are claiming someone that is posting here is a Real Estate Agent, posting in violations of regulations, please Identify who a Real Estate Agent is?

  • Morgan S. I'm sorry. You are not understanding. Nothing I wrote suggests anything like that. Read the comments again more carefully. They are very clear. I described rules that govern real estate professionals, not any actual person.

  • This comment has been removed by EveryBlock staff because it is a personal attack.
  • My comments are perfectly on point, Morgan. Racial identification in real estate is illegal, which is a point that follows the very first post. I didn't speak in code. I didn't veil anything. I don't know if I know anybody in this thread. I didn't accuse anyone of anything. You are accusing. You are projecting. Are you in real estate, Morgan?

  • Morgan S. Live in Heart of Chicago / Pilsen neighborhood

    To all fellow Every Block readers , The accusation by Ltt-Rch is false and malicious of myself.

  • Morgan S. has interpreted all of it incorrectly. We're only still commenting because of Morgan S's absolutely puzzling misreading of all of it. There is zero malice or accusation from this end. Bye, now. Sorry this has dragged out so long for no reason, Orange.

  • Orange is the new DEGENERATE

    As a real estate professional ANYWHERE you can't "steer". Meaning you can't direct people to a neighborhood if the intention is good or bad.
    Example: You can't direct a Mexican family to Pilsen simply because they're Mexican and Pilsen presently has a high Mexican population.
    The intention may be good but for a real estate agent, it's illegal even so.
    I don't read any veiled meaning in these posts.
    What the Pilsen Alliance is doing is directly "steering" and even worse.
    They're singling out racial groups as enemies in their own neighborhood for the fact these people are not Mexican.
    Racism to a major degree.
    They have not interest in harmony.
    Their cause is self serving and delusional.

  • Ringo712 Block Captain

    Looks to me there's alot of Indians and other Asian groups moving in as well. What they all have in common is green money. If you don't have money you can't choose were you live.
    Pilsen Alliance are nothing but a bunch of jerks.

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