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Added Oct 22 2016

Someone put blue ribbons on every street tree on the 3000 block of S. Throop. Does anyone know who did this? I'm a property owner on the block and no one asked my permission.

  • On the public parkway doesn't require owners permission.

  • It's to show support for the police, I believe.

  • Westsider

    Just remove them. People are not allowed to post anything on public property.

  • emj1900 bp

    what's the big deal? they did a nice thing actually....take it down if you prefer and you will look bad....

  • I think its for a great cause. When you or anyone else gets robbed or hurt in anyway, the first thing you do is call the police right? Well if you don't like the ribbon...then you must not like the police....so don't call them when you need them!!!!

  • Wow. EG asked a simple question. Now that eg knows what the ribbons are for, eg might not mind having them up without his or her permission. Don't assume he or she doesn't support the police just because he or she asked about something that was put on or near his or her property with no notice.

  • I think they would know because its been on the news, in the Bridgeport paper as well.

  • I might be mistaken, but if the trees are on the street sidewalk then it''a city property.

  • Angelo King south side resident all my life

    well Karebear thats the problem with assuming as he clearly states that he didn't know what they were i live in the area and didn't know either until i saw the explanation here. The funny thing is my first thought was "it better not be any fu**ing cub fans!"

  • Angelo, he did not say that he didn't know what they were for, his question was who did it and he made a statement that he wasn't asked permission. He may or may not have known. He may have known it was for the police or perhaps he thought it was for the Cubs, either way his concern was who did it. But as stated, if it is on the public parkway his permission is not needed, but perhaps city permission would be required, I don't know that answer to that. Who did it and why? Who knows. Hopefully it was in support of the Police and not that North Side ball club..... Go White Sox!!!

  • It was in support of the police and nothing else

  • Are you sure it's not Cubbie blue

  • i came here so that jenny novak could give me a thumbs down for hugging a cop.

  • Our 9th district police officers are awesome! I listen to the scanner and hear all they have to deal with on a daily basis. I respect them for what they do each day! #ourpoliceofficersrock

  • emj1900 bp

    @ beezil.......She gave me thumbs down as well...who cares......guess she doesn't respect the CPD........

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  • eg

    Thanks for the comments! I wanted to know who put up the ribbons because some of the landscaping on the public parkway in front of my property was damaged the day the ribbons appeared. By city ordinance, I’m responsible for that landscaping.

    As for the speculation about whether or not I ‘support the CPD’ from emj1900 and karebear… Why worry about my feelings about the CPD? Why the casual bullying? (emj1900: “you will look bad…”, karebear: “don’t call them when you need them!!!”)?

    I know good cops and I know bad cops. I’ve worked as a corrections officer, and I’m familiar with the job. Like every other Chicagoan, I’m helping to ‘support’ this year’s $263 million in legal costs for police misconduct. Maybe I’m idealistic, but I’d rather see that money go to a reasonable CPD contract, better training, and an effective police oversight initiative. I’ll happily plaster my property (not the parkway!) with blue ribbons when that happens.

    My family has been part of the CPD since the 1920s, and while I love and respect many people in the CPD, I’ve also learned that I have to careful. There’s the time I walked out to my backyard to find a CPD officer, literally waving his gun, screaming “I’m going to f##@*@% kill you!” to an unarmed 14 year old… And the trips I’ve made to get brown skinned friends and family out of the 9th district lock up. When I ask why they are locked up, I get: ‘mistaken identity,’ or, more frequently, ‘we don’t know.’ If it happens to you, and you want to get someone out, here’s a hint: bring a friend who’s a lawyer, or start talking about your relative who’s a detective in another district. That said, no need to believe me. Get in touch with a Bridgeport native, Shannon Spalding: http://chicagotonight.wttw.com/2016/06/20/whistleblower-cop-ending-police-code-silence

    Anyway. I’m wondering how emj1900 and karebear would feel if someone posted Black Lives Matter signs on the parkways where they live? Please let me know.

  • robin in WRP I support a 28th Amendment 4Free & Fair Elections!

    Supporting the Police and supporting BLM is not mutually exclusive

  • emj1900 bp

    @ eg......If my comment angered you sorry wasn't meant too. Perhaps you should have said they damaged something to begin with. If they damaged my landscape, I too would be miffed....I am sure they didn't mean too. AS far as a BLM poster, I would simply take it down. But, that is hardly the same thing a blue ribbons right? Just seemed you made a big deal without putting all the facts there until now. But it was true about taking it down....you would have look bad. Nothing wrong with that comment. Sorry you feel otherwise. I am not gonna debate it....And fyi, they did pop up by us as well....a few months back. They are all still there...No one questioned a thing as we have several of our CPD living here....

  • JNo

    @eg you're my everyblock hero this morning!

  • eg

    emj1900: I'm puzzled by one of your comments:

    "As far as the BLM poster, I would simply take it down. But, that is hardly the same thing as blue ribbons, right?"

    Could you explain? Why would I "look bad" if I took down the ribbons, but you wouldn't face the same sort of problem if you took down the BLM poster?

  • This comment has been removed by EveryBlock staff.
  • emj1900 bp

    OK eg I will bite this stupid question....and Then I am done ok hun..... A simple blue ribbon shows respect for the CPD and our support. A BLM poster on my tree or your's considering where we live are you even serious? You can not even compare the two. And No I do not support BLM as many do. ALL LIVES MATTER TO ME.You are the one who made the big deal out of someone doing it without your permission. Not I.No one needs your're permission to do it as the trees belong to the city. I am also sure that they, who ever placed them there, did not mean to mess up you're landscaping around it. I am sure you have fixed it and moved on...If you were the only one who actually made a fuss about it and took it down, well sorry. To each his own. I have no clue what you were rambling about in your for mention comment about lawyers, friends of lawyers, wttw, mistaken identity, whistle blowers etc. Seems you blew it all out of proportion here. There are good and bad. The bad makes it way harder for the good. And they are trying to make change. Perhaps if you really get down to it, the bad need to stop being protected by their UNION and tossed to the curb. Any officer of the LAW who have numerous founded complaints made against them are a threat to all the good officers. What's it called, 3 strikes and your out? Time to thin the herd perhaps. CPD or any officer of the law have a very hard job. They are understaffed and out gunned. You my dear, can support anyone you choose too. But as far as a blue ribbon on a tree? Really. Just seems to many that you, made a big deal really out of nothing. You are entitled your feelings and the rest of us are entitled to ours. Perhaps you should NOT have wrote anything about all and just taken it down if you so preferred....And called it a day. Please save your response, this conversation is over...Be safe and be well.....

  • robin in WRP I support a 28th Amendment 4Free & Fair Elections!

    emj- that's like saying you don't support the Equal Rights Amendment because you support rights for all, not just women.

  • emj1900 bp

    the 14th amendment has nothing to do with this conversation. I do not SUPPORT BLM.....As ALL LIVES MATTER . And speaking of them....where have they been lately? 15 people shot since yesterday morning. To them a black life only matters if it's shot at by a cop. which is even sadder. They have DONE nothing that know of to stop the senseless shootings for innocent people in our streets.As far as the 14th amendment goes, Robin....women do have the right to choose, sorry if you expected me to say otherwise.. They are they only ones who have to live with their choice. Not you,me or anyone else. I assure you, if men could also have babies, the 14th amendment would NEVER EVER be under a constant threat of being taken away...How you all have a good day....I am going to mute this entire conversation as it has become senseless. It was just about BLUE RIBBONS.....

  • Angelo King south side resident all my life

    I support the boys in blue and BLM. I support the police who follow protocol, protect and serve everyone, and who do not buy in to the code of silence against police misconduct. The people who actually peacefully protest for BLM get my support as well. As with both sides no one is perfect and everyone is deserving of support when injustices are being done. BLM isn't about saying BLack lives are the only ones that matter. It's simply saying all lives matter, so please include the black lives as well. BLM is just a reminder that all lives matter, everyone is so quick to think it's an exclusion movement. It isn't, it's about us all uniting, so we can get to the place of all lives truly mattering.

  • Thank you eg, Robin, and Angelo.

    I support the CPD boys in blue out there fighting the good fight, without racial profiling, escalating violence, and a disregard for others' humanity. I also support BLM, because call me crazy all you want but I think people undervalue the lives of blacks in this nation and ESPECIALLY in this city, yet black lives matter just as much as anyone else's. All lives matter is just thinly veiled racism. At no point has anyone thought or suggested that white lives don't matter, and white people receive a ridiculous amount of privilege in this country. If you wouldn't run around saying white lives matter, don't start chanting all lives matter. Two sides of the same racist coin.

  • Blue ribbons originally meant to honor local award winning Schools. And now learning ribbon program also honoring local police. Question then is, why keep residents guessing instead of promoting cause meant to honor. Vandalism by haters? Doesn't anyone making public statement or protest require permit first? While I have respect and admiration for our cities "Pocket Police", ironically its their job to tie yellow caution ribbons from tree to tree to cordon off crime scenes daily. So Ice-T says tie that blue ribbon tightly around a killer cops neck.

    One beat officer detained students putting ribbons on trees, after assuming color meant to represent gang turf. It's good to hear Property owners looking out for their public parkway tree, since tying anything around trunk can slowly strangle it. And while public tree is city property. Its citizens living closest to them that represent living trees first line of defence. By calling attention to safety issues. While hold no rights to continue badgering Forestry to cut down that dang parkway tree gotta sweep after each fall. Or whose thirsty roots attracted to my leaking drainage pipe original house builders failed to follow code on back in 1960's.

    Students volunteering for program should have been cautioned against damaging surrounding landscape. Like squishing flowers or disturbing hardscape around managed tree. So happy that someone responsibly selected thin degrading plastic material for blue ribbon program. And lucky some house owner did not shoot someone screwing around with their front yard tree. Especially if left attached to trees for the long term, unlike election posters required to be removed in timely manner after ballots cast.

  • Tony bridgeport realist

    Wow, damagaed your property putting a ribbon up!!! I can only imagine all carnage caused by this simple show of support to the local police for all they put up with. I understand the very few bad actors get the media attention, but I can tell you for every bad act there are numerous goods acts done on a daily basis.I myself put up blue ribbons and have an American flag displayed proudly by my house. They are there to show respect for the professional, hard working officers and miltary who sacrifice sometimes with their lives to make our society and lives a better place. I had my blue ribbons torn down and the flag stolen as did 2 of my neighbors, coincidentally on the same day there was a large blm rally/protest downtown. It seems in todays hyper sensitive society everyone is anti this or anti that. What needs to happen is to start showing support and respect for our police ,teachers , parents ect. These Special little protesters living in there mommies basement at 30 years of age need to understand respect is earned not taken.

  • eg

    Dear Tony -- You chose to display the blue ribbon and the flag. I did not choose to show the blue ribbon outside of my house. How would you feel if I put a #MeToo or a Black Lives Matter sign on your lawn? While you have a right to display a blue ribbon or flag, I have a legal obligation to maintain the parkway in front of my house and I am disappointed by your hostile tone and lack of respect for my desire to meet my legal obligations as a homeowner. I don't understand your aggressive lack of civility. Show a little respect for your neighbors and you will be surprised at how it makes a difference.

  • Tony bridgeport realist

    Yes I did choose to put them on my property, not the parkway. What I didn't choose was to have someone come in my yard, steal my flag, and tear down the blue ribbons attached to my fence. Criminal damage to property and theft. If you choose to display something on your property please do so, but I don't think you would be all to happy if you had your property stolen or destroyed. If you are still living in your parents basement I suggest trying to get out on your own and understand responsibility. If you are on your own I truely hope you are a renter and reconsider living on a block where people like to show respect for others be it police,firemen,miltary or any other profession where tge main goal is the safety and betterment of society. Keep up the bottom feeding, ots trolls like yourself that give me a good laugh when I read your post,thanks.

  • eg

    Hi Tony, I'm a homeowner, a taxpayer, a former correctional officer, and close to my very lovely neighbors. No need to insult me; please try to be civil.

  • Tony bridgeport realist

    As a former correctional officer I would think you would support the police with blue ribbons. Former officer???? Did you quit or were you fired and that's why you harbor this animosity.

  • eg

    I left my job at the jail to go to school full time. My boss wanted me to stay and tried to hire me back once I graduated, but I was burnt out. It's a rough job, and as a woman working on the male side of the institution (I was the only female working in my area), I needed to try something new. I've seen law enforcement from the inside and I love, value, and support my colleagues who do the job the way it should be done. There's no animosity on my part toward law enforcement. Instead, I probably know too much and have had both good and bad experiences with the CPD. I had three problems with the blue ribbon that appeared on my parkway. First, it should be my choice to display a blue ribbon outside my house, not a decision of some anonymous person who may have been well-intentioned but who assumed that he or she could speak for me. (I started this thread because I did not know who put it up or why.) Second, some plantings were messed up and I was wondering if the damage and the ribbon were connected. Third, once I realized what the ribbon symbolized, I was concerned that the blue ribbon has been used as a symbol of opposition to things like Black Lives Matter and would be misunderstood by my black and brown neighbors and friends. Like others on this thread, I support both the honest cops and peaceful BLM protesters. I hope this explanation helps you understand my position.

  • emj1900 bp

    The blue ribbons were put up to honor slain Comm. Bauer. It was very nice to see the sea of them proudly put up by his neighbors, friends and those who cared to show respect in the area surrounding on the trees, light poles and yes some people actually did their railings on their homes. That's all. It wasn't meant to symbolize anything else. Why and how anyone could have be upset is beyond me and just silly. This wasn't an BLM issue stop making it one. It was an issue of honoring Comm. Bauer. One of our own. There happens to be far more important issues here then crying over a darn piece of plastic table cloth turned into a bow...OMG! BOOHOO...Next time call the blue bow police.... All too silly. And by the way EG, if a BLM sign was on my front lawn, I am sure it wouldn't last 3 min before someone ripped it up and egged my house....ALL LIVES MATTER... and that's my position....

  • Blue Ribbons are pro cop.
    Blue Ribbons are not "anti BLM"

    that assertion is ridiculous.

    But not as ridiculous as BLM itself.

  • eg

    I'm sorry emj1900, but the blue ribbon appeared in front of my house in the fall of 2016, long before Lt. Bauer's terrible murder. My post from 2016 had nothing to do with his tragic death. We all lost something important when he was shot; he represented the best of the CPD.

    In response to beezil: The BLM issue was first raised in a post on this thread from two years ago that was deleted for racist content, and I responded before it was deleted. I don't think BLM is ridiculous -- there is a long sad history, from slave times until now, of systematic violence against African Americans because of their race. Over time, law enforcement has been on both sides of the problem. That said, I don't think blue ribbons and BLM are necessary in conflict -- a quote from my post yesterday: "Like others on this thread, I support both the honest cops and peaceful BLM protesters."

    But plenty of people put the cops and BLM in opposition--for example Tony, who in a post from yesterday implied that there was some connection between a BLM protest downtown and vandalism of his property in Bridgeport. (Tony: "I had my blue ribbons torn down and the flag stolen as did 2 of my neighbors, coincidentally on the same day there was a large blm rally/protest downtown.")

    I'm replying because I hope that both emj1900 and beezil are reasonable, generous people, and I am trying to create some understanding and mitigate the anger. I'm not "crying over a darn piece of plastic table cloth turned into a bow." I'm trying to respect you and your opinions, and I hope I can expect the same in return.

  • emj1900 bp

    eg... from 2016? smh.....I consider myself very ressonable and generous always have been. I just do not get the fuss over a blue piece of plastic tablecloth no matter what year it was tied to a tree... It's just all too silly for me to even comprehend. I do not even know why BLM was even brought up as well. Anger over this is well just stupid. Take it down an just go on with your day and life. Just seems you choose to make it a federal case. And for what it is worth go in peace. I will not bother with this utter nonsense anylonger... For that is what it is NONSENSE!

  • eg

    I'm sorry emj1900, your response does not appear to be generous. All I did was ask a question, respond to questions, and explain my concerns. I stopped posting to this thread on Oct 31, 2016, and only resumed in response to posts by "Scott Concertman" and "Tony" this week. I responded because, as the originator of the post, I felt that I had an obligation to follow up, as I did earlier when people put BLM and the blue ribbons in opposition. I don't know why you feel the need to attack people for having a discussion. As I said in my last comment, I'm not crying, I'm not upset, and have not written anything that would imply that I'm angry. I'm not making a big deal over this -- I'm just responding to questions and comments from my neighbors. Is there something wrong with that?

  • JNo

    Who cares about blue ribbons it’s rainbow ribbon month heeeeeeeyyyyyy!!!

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