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Added Nov 03 2017

State Senator Silverstein has been accused of sexual harassment.

    State Sen. Silverstein resigns from Senate leadership team after sexual harassment allegation
    Illinois Senate President John Cullerton announced on Wednesday that Illinois State Senator Ira Silverstein has resigned from the Senate Democratic Leadership team after being accused of sexual harassment. Legislative activist Denise Rotheimer testified Tuesday in front of a senate panel that Ira Silverstein made inappropriate comments to her while the two worked together on legislation.
  • Dan Miller RP/WR resident since 1978

    Well, that's a start.

  • If that's a start, Dan, what is the next step?

  • robin in WRP I support a 28th Amendment 4Free & Fair Elections!

    A quality candidate to run against him and win. And another for Alderman; the last quality alderman in the 50th ward was Judge Sperling (yah, I'm old)

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 + years

    Robin, unless someone is already circulating petitions, it's awfully late to start.

  • robin in WRP I support a 28th Amendment 4Free & Fair Elections!

    Helen - I've heard from two candidates; I'm sure more will appear.

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 + years

    Do they seem qualified?

  • robin in WRP I support a 28th Amendment 4Free & Fair Elections!

    I don't believe that either has a CPA, but yes, they both seem qualified. Unfortunately qualified does not equal electable (just ask Ted Berland and Greg Brewer)

  • Dan Miller RP/WR resident since 1978

    It's late but not too late to start circulating petitions run in the March 2018 primary for state senator in the 8th district. Incumbents have gerrymandered districts and arranged primaries and petition qualifications to keep themselves in control. And we can see how well that has worked for them, but not us. If Robin is correct and a couple candidates are mulling a run, they should make themselves known now, so supporters can rally to their candidacies. Additionally, I suggest 8th Dist. voters consider the upside of electing a Republican in November 2018.

  • Jeffrey Littleton Sheridan Park Neighbors Administrator/Local Artist

    That's the Democratic Party for ya. It's the Republican Party for ya too.

    In other words...same thing.

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 + years

    Here's an interesting update. You can skip the actual video, which is old, and just read the text here:

  • Phill Unfair suspension without reason. No rules broken

    And Democrats think they're "the good ones", "the resistance", SMH.

  • Michael McDonough Resident of BelCragin

    It really doesn't discriminate by democrat or republican it's all a matter of keeping oneself in check at all times in how you speak to or treat your fellow colleagues

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