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Added Mar 18 2017

When can we vote this arrogant, tone deaf fool out of office?

Yesterday is not soon enough!

  • He thinks the schools are bad in Indiana? They are better by a long shot than Chicago. Chicago public schools are a joke. We don't mind paying taxes. We just hate getting less while paying way more. The politicians are selling us all out. Its all about them. They care less about any of their constituents until it comes time to vote. This is the left, progressive way.

  • Anthony Harebrained Portage Park Young Blood

    Arenas not wrong- but his delivery could use some work.

  • Weebis SWCC Vet. (Ret.)

    Anthony, Arena is completely wrong! His "delivery" is his arrogant/jerk personality in it's full display. If you cannot see that, then it probably wouldn't be wrong to assume you voted for Comrade Bennie too.

  • Pretty soon we'll be bringing our own Tupperware into a grocery store so they can dole liquids into them after some bird brain decided to tax us for the plastic containers food comes in. And then some doofus will tax us for soda. Wait a minute some doofus did come up with that brainstorm. Arena mentions we should all wake up and pay pay pay those taxes while our politicians squander all the money on nonsense. They have no clue how to run a lemonade stand let alone a city as big as this. I can guarantee I could run Arena's ward better than he is for sure!!!

  • Chicago aldermen once proposed an Athletic Shoe Tax. Basically, "If You Take A Walk, I'll Tax Your Feet!"

  • Anthony Harebrained Portage Park Young Blood

    His name is Bernie and yeah I did vote for him. I love that you call Bernie a communist for wanting everyone to have healthcare and an education. Yet your guy ran on wanting to build a Wall.

    You know, communists are the ones with an actual history of building walls.

  • Like Obama building the wall around his place in Chicago and now the place in D.C. He's the king of building walls and the king commie in our country, next to Bernie.

  • Anthony Harebrained Portage Park Young Blood

    A walk around your house is called a fence.

  • Denise M Seasoned dog owner

    I agree, his delivery could be better, but he's correct. All those taxes could be avoided ( not too difficult)-I've been amazed at the older constituents and the bags they bring and haul home from the store. Also, Indiana ranks 25th, 50th% in the nation, does not make them great.

  • Anthony..That wall you mentioned was designed to keep people IN..Not out

  • Per Arena, Chicago, and Illinois are a utopia compared to Indiana..??? He mentions all those petty taxes and seems quite proud of them..BUT, he failed to mention the BILLIONS of dollars both the city and state are in arrears for the pensions, abysmal credit ratings for both city and state, and the MOST exits of residents to OTHER states..And lets not get into the crime problem..Ya blow your horn ARENA

  • And apparently, according to Mrs. Arena we "racists" are the problem

  • Denise M Seasoned dog owner

    All I was suggesting is that we should prove to the administration that that they will not collect those taxes from us. Prove them wrong- they think they will solve all our problems collecting more but we have to force them to balance their budget better.

  • PortageRules Love Portage Park!

    A "good" elected official listens to his constituents, discusses topics with his voters and peers, allows rebuttal, and usually tries to proceed along the lines of what his voters/constituents are asking for. He is not only taking an extremely defensive and argumentative stance and's blatantly immature. He's saying if you don't like it, leave!! Don't let the door hit ya, where the good lord split ya!! That's nonsense on many adult levels. But, for a politician to encourage his voters to physically move because there is a disagreement on something so important as safety concerns, property values, congestion, etc. is worthy of asking him to step down NOW!! Of course he is too narcissistic to ever do this, but, it is this voters wish that he would. He is no different than the people he is railing against. Actually, he's worse...he has the power of the pen to make things happen regardless of what the majority wants. And, by majority, I'd venture to guess that those who are ok with this is somewhere in the 10%. I'll be leaving, John. There is no doubt. I've been part of before and I'll probably be part of it again and it's called: white flight. Racist? Not sure. But, I can say of the places I've moved and can look back on now....all indications are me and the others who either left before and after me clearly made the right choice. Sadly, it didn't have to happen. But, when the Gov't steps in to make things "better" for all....that is the wake up siren to start packing. See ya on the other side, Johnny Boy!

  • Denise..I understand your reasoning, and I'm not being critical,because you are right..WE, (citizens) have to make difficult decisions regarding OUR budgets..But the politicans here either increase existing taxes, or dream up new ones( bag tax) to replace $$$ existing taxes didn't produce..It's unending..By the way, the bag tax in Ireland is 25 cents per bag..Rahm and Preckwinkle surely know that..

  • So Arena is basically telling tax payers to leave if they don't like what he's doing. But bringing people into the ward with subsidized housing is progress..ONLY a PROGRESSIVE thinks like that..

  • Denise M Seasoned dog owner

    Very true Robert Scott, and now the state wants to add a "soda tax" on to the one that starts here in July! There will be no where to go to get a drink.

  • 6 Corners Tess

    Wow, I can't believe he posted this. Absolutely we have to make sacrifices to put our fiscal house in order, but to descend to insults and obscenities shows a serious lack of judgement and leadership ability.

  • This is your alderman in action. Unhinged.

  • If you find the above video of our alderman's interaction with a member of the tax paying public disrespectful, please share it. His treatment of this woman in the video shows he has absolutely zero concern for what his constituents think of him. This is shortly after he was elected. I'm sure nothing much is changed.

  • Zoe's mom Hypocrisy is not attractive.

    I'm sure to get some "thumbs down", but I am a left leaning Democrat .. always have been .. voted for Bernie and Chuy ...

    Only once for Arena, the first election.

    But I won't vote for him ever again. I don't trust him. It's a shame, but I don't .. the comments from an alderman who is supposed to be Progressive are only one part of it. When people have legitimate concerns about density both he and his wife .. lump us all as "racists"? What!?!?!?

    You don't have the right. You are hiding behind rhetoric to push through an agenda and that is Chicago Politics 101. Mr and Mrs Arena may not be aware being "relatively new" to Chicago but those who were born here and been around awhile .. yup we see it. Same old politician just like Burke etc. looking for his piece.

    Now this upcoming RTA study, we all know RTA wants more ridership .. how do they get ..more people taking trains. Even though the trains are full during rush hour, they never have enough stopping at Jeff Park ...skip us completely during train issues etc, etc, etc.

    More, high buildings, more density is not going to add quality shopping/dining. If the bank on Milwaukee and Gale becomes a high density building ... do we really think Gale Street will stay without parking?

    Oh yeah but I'm being a racist (sarcasm)., sorry .. because I don't think this B.S. unplanned, untested, no LONG term URBAN TOD studied program is going to benefit anyone except the few it ALWAYS benefits.

    Keep hiding behind calling names....because that's the only argument that appears to be sticking. Sorry for the rant. But seeing this video has just about done me in for the day .. let me go look at that picture of the staff at the Anderson's office again.. yeah the Northwest side is the one not doing enough ?????

    Glass houses and stones, alderman !


  • Dan G Scratch and win

    The guy is a typical Chicago politician. Fatten his wallet and keep it moving.

  • Dan G Scratch and win

    I wish I could run into this fool for being illegally parked. He is a coward let that have been a big strong alpha male he would have been beat to a bloody pulp and his undermanned 16th district police officers would have arrived late enough to order him an ambulance.

  • Pedrito I offer you the RED PILL, that's all.

    OK, you guys really need to get rod of that bully, Arena. Dissing Indiana? Better than his ward I bet.

  • I want to see the other half of that conversation you took a picture of, because that's not "The Whole Picture".

    The glass is half empty if it is was once completely full and emptied half way. A glass that is half full was once completely emptied and filled only half way. If you put both of the cups side by side and mix them up, you will have no idea which one is which because they both look the same.

    In other words, you don't know what something is untill you've known what it was.

    And that picture only shows half a glass.

    Where's the rest of the story?

    Just because your opinion is different doesn't mean it's right.

    If you feel that John Arena has done something, dangerous or illegal....... Get poof/evidence and a lawyer/police involved.

    Run for office your self and make changes that YOU believe are better.

  • Has this pompous jerk forgotten ....WE PAY HIS SALARY!

    Everybody better start paying attention to these self-centered idiots called "politicians".

    Get this idiot OUT!!!!

  • Areana must be off his meds! Strange, considering all these politicians have gold-plated, Cadillac health insurance none of us will ever come close to.

  • MJK

    Did you get that from Facebook? Because that doesn't look like his profile pic. At all.

  • Pax

    What is the context for the screenshot from Facebook? Alternative facts???

    (quoting the YouTube video in the comments): 'That could be your grandmother, wife, mother, or sister'..... WAITING FOR THE BUS.

    Every time that a bus has to load and unload passengers away from the curb, away from the safe (and legal ) bus stop, then that delays the bus for everyone.

    This customer, it seems from the YouTube video, thought that the convenience of parking outside a hotdog express fast food, was more important than the inconvenience of people waiting for a delayed bus.

  • I would just add that this was an admittedly edited video from 2011 produced by supporters of the opposition in the 2015 elections. So give some thought to the possible motivations of the source and power of editing.
    And, I would ask if instead of a bus stop it was a handicap parking spot would you feel any differently? I must admit I get really upset when I see apparent healthy people parking in one of those spots.
    My only point is that critics might be right Arena lost it 6 years ago but consider, as presented, this is not a slam dunk indictment of our Alderman.

  • CJC Homeowner since 2000

    Indiana politicians made the very difficult decision to revise GOVERNMENT Pensions, reign In spending, and create a favorable environment for businesses some years ago. The Politicians who made these changes where threatened with impeachment, and harassed on a daily basis, but now they have a state with a monetary surplus and are seeing businesses (and residents) relocating to their state from IL in record numbers. Their public schools on average have a much higher graduation rate and score higher on National Exams than IL schools.

  • CJC Homeowner since 2000

    OMG, just watched that video of Arena berating the customer and owner. If this guy had come at me like that.... game over!

  • Zoe's mom Hypocrisy is not attractive.

    I'm not justifying the parking in a disabled parking space or a bus lane, I am horrified at the alderman's response. Not to mention the video of his wife's response to someone else questioning her that was posted on his Facebook page.

    You don't treat people in your ward this way. The contempt is palpable and those of you trying to justify the behavior ... I don't understand. He is an elected official, if he can't treat people civilly .. how can he be in that position. Because guess what there are going to people all along the way who are going to have different opinions .. you can't bully your way through PUBLIC SERVICE.

    And that is what it is public service ..He is not a progressive. No way.

  • Where did he post this and are we sure it was the alderman, not another John Arena? Just because you saw it on the internet doesn't make it true.

  • Ah, Zoe's mom..He is one of eight proud members of the city councils Progressive Caucus..Sorry, he's a progressive

  • Retired, it was posted on his Facebook page either late last year or early this year. He had a few other winners on there, too, but deleted all of them. The guy is a pig.

  • But black and white still supported a guy who said he grabs womens' privates

  • Zoe's mom Hypocrisy is not attractive.

    @Robert Scott .. saying you are a progressive and actually being a progressive are two different things.

    A progressive would not IMO call names, resort to lumping an entire area of Chicago by the actions or words of a few, would actually listen and develop a bipartisan plan not jam his ideas through, and would most of all be for transparency.

    Lack of transparency is old style machine politics, I have had enough of that.

    He was investigated for pay to play, yes charges were not filed and the donation was paid back, but it happens. The SSA which he did and his staff did back, and then he distanced himself. He did okay payment for LaQuan McDonald's family, without question.. He didn't distance himself from the mayor when pointedly asked about this.

    There are issues please don't say that there aren't.

    Are there POC in his office? He and his wife should not be throwing around words they can't back up. "Racist" or any implication of that is offensive. He doesn't know his audience. He doesn't know everyone he is lumping together.

    He has received push back on ALL of the up zoning, but suddenly he makes claims about the outcry about this particular case .. that's foul, knowing that he stopped a lawsuit AND kept it from the people who live here?

    Ridiculous old school democratic party politics.

  • Zoe's mom Hypocrisy is not attractive.

    @Robert Scott

    Not to mention advocating that people leave the city?

    Statistics show that we're losing people, therefore losing our tax base .. why would a city council member ever say such a thing .. unfathomable.

    We want to encourage people to stay .. this type of behavior and unwillingness to listen and work with constituents is beyond me.

    Agree or not but this animosity and stubbornness and sheer anger towards the ward is unacceptable.

  • Oh Zoe's mom...YOU are sooo right..I was going to point out how an exodus of people affects jobs,businesses, property values,and of course SCHOOLS..I have to wonder if he ever took an economics course in school..

  • Sadly, he may have aspirations for higher office, if you can believe it..Yikes

  • smartypants Be Nice

    Agree with Anthony. Right ideas. Wrong delivery. No matter what the "other side" to this is there is no excuse for a public official to talk that way. Ever. This is the kind of thing that embarrasses me most about Trump. No class. Follow the Obamas "When they go low we go high."

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