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Added Mar 12 2018

In celebration of Women's HERstory Month, we invite you to join us a member of the Great Lakes Illinois Republican Women organization! GREATLAKESILRW.CLUB

    Great Lakes Illinois Republican Women
    Interested in joining the ​Great Lakes Illinois Republican Women? ​Leave us a message!
  • Sheila A. Donovan Have been an owner at the Stratford since 2001.

    This will be a meeting of Stepford Wives. The GOP tromps on women and their rights.

  • Elephant Elephant in the Ward

    @SAD it's ok to have a different opinion about something, but without knowing the facts it's not wise to comment.

  • Saying Republicans are "anti-women" is like making the blanket statement that they're all racist, too. It's complete nonsense. I wonder if die-hard Dems will ever truly ask themselves why soooooooo many Obama voters voted for Trump? Did they all the sudden wake up one day as women-hating racists? No, of course not. I'm not saying Republicans don't have some fundamental issues to work on (so do Dems!!). But, as someone who has always considered myself more of a traditional liberal, I do find myself becoming increasingly conservative over time. It's like liberals are losing larger pieces of their backbones every single day and focusing on who can be made more of a "victim" vs any one real issue. So, as a 'liberal' man, I say have a great conservative, women's march.

  • Elephant Elephant in the Ward

    @DP, thank you for your comments and honesty about your own personal journey and how you've become increasingly "conservative" over time. This post was placed to share information about an organization that liked-minded women may want to join.

  • keep up the good work elephant!

  • Elephant Elephant in the Ward

    Thank you! I appreciate that!

  • Sheila A. Donovan Have been an owner at the Stratford since 2001.

    I have a collection of more than 200 quotes from GOP males that are anti-female. Here's just a few: GREGG ABBOT (R-TX) Gubernatorial candidate, argued that equal pay laws would hurt women because "You don't pay the same at the pump for regular and supreme." BEN CARSON (as GOP candidate for president) "They tell me that there's a war on women. There may be a war on what's INSIDE women, but there is no war on women in this country." SCOTT DES JARLAIS (R-TN) who, as a doctor, had sexual relations with his female patients. He urged those who got pregnant to have abortions, despite being pro-life. "God forgave me for pressuring my mistress to have an abortion." Not only does the GOP think women are lesser beings, mere reproductive machines, some also think children are toys for perverts. REP MO BROOKS (R-AL) In support of child molester Roy Moore, "The GOP agenda is more important than child molestation." This is just a sampling of the distorted, minds and actions of GOP politicians. There's SO many more quotes, but this sampling shows that women need to reject the GOP for their own self-esteem and safety.

  • And this is what the left thinks of woman who don't think exactly what they do.

    They bully, they ridicule and they exclude.

    They don't support WOMEN.

    They only support their leftist ideology.

    This is what new feminism looks like

    and it's absolutely pathetic.

    You should be ashamed of yourself Donovan.

  • @Sheila - I could just as easily go down a long list of Dems/Libs that have said/done equally bad and idiotic things against women ... it means nothing. I mean, just look at the nexis of the #MeToo movement ... who keeps getting snarled in its crosshairs? Last time I checked, it's liberal bastions like Hollywood and the arts that seems to have the most predators. Men can be dogs and we can treat women badly (news at 11). But, that's a cross-platform affliction, no one single party has a monopoly on that.

  • Sheila A. Donovan Have been an owner at the Stratford since 2001.

    beezil, I am ashamed of men on both sides of politics, but the GOP has so much misogyny that it oozes into the laws they are trying to and HAVE passed. Democrats aren't passing anti-female laws. Douglas, same goes for you. Funny how males look the other way when women are being attacked physically, mentally, verbally, politically, online, or just about anywhere. Sorry guys, you just don't get it, or you do get it and are part of the problem.

  • you attacked elephant verbally and politically for accusing her of orchestrating a "meeting of stepford wives"....and I DIDN'T look the other way.

  • practice what you preach

  • It's easy to point to other people and say "they're part of the problem."

  • Elephant Elephant in the Ward

    Thanks to those of you that weighed in on this "issue" that was merely a "post" to announce that Republican women are getting together in celebration of women's history month. There are many posts that I don't agree with, but God made us all uniquely different on purpose, not to find fault, but common ground. If someone doesn't like something, fine, but don't attack them (thanks beezil) or start listing reasons for your attack (donovan) just let it be. If you want to start a debate on the GOP MEN, do it on your own post, not one that I put up! BTW, I AM a women so we can just leave that GOP hates women stuff alone!

  • Sheila A. Donovan Have been an owner at the Stratford since 2001.

    Women who voted for a man that loathes and uses women, loves crotch grabbing, is on his 3rd wife, who has physically abused his first wife, are blind to reality. There is a long list of negatives about this simple-minded man. They voted for him anyhow. I can see men voting for him, because they have the same views as he does. They are scared of equality. Republican women don't want equality. They are followers, and/or afraid to speak up. Again, I have a list of over 200 anti-female quotes spit out by misogynist Republican males. I'm not going to waste my time posting the rest of them. The few I posted gave you enough info. I will respect Republican women when they begin to respect themselves. I'm closing the book on this conversation.

  • This from a person who probably voted for hilary

    Think about it

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