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Added Jan 12 2013

Great explanation of the situation, timeline and criticism of the McDonald's located at 2707 North Milwaukee. I would be extremely frustrated if this were to happen in Rogers Park. As we continue towards lower car use, we need to ensure our communities are developed to standards that meet all needs, aesthetically and purpose.

No business should have the influence to circumvent a forward-thinking ordinance.

  • Kyle Hillman Community Organizer, Coffee Addict in Rogers Park

    To be fair Aldermanic Prerogative is just a non written rule that other alderman will trust the local alderman on matters in their ward.

    If Colon's residents don't like that he is bending the rules they could have organized or stop voting for Colon.

  • You really think this would have not happened if "residents would have organized"?

    From the comments:

    Either complains enough, or donates enough money.

    The campaign contributions come from the following:

    * V. Oviedo, $500 in 2008,
    * V. Oviedo INC. McDonald's # 2367, $3,000 total in 2004 and 2009,
    * Midan Inc., $1,000 in 2011,
    * Midan Inc., $1,000 in 2007,
    * Midan Inc., $1,000 in 2003,
    * Total: $6,500

    This amount puts Virginia Oviedo, franchise owner, and her associated companies up there with SEIU, AFSCME, and Primera Engineering/Construction Management in the quantity of money donated.

    What do you know...

  • Kyle Hillman Community Organizer, Coffee Addict in Rogers Park

    Justin, first of all 6k isn't a lot of $ when you are talking about campaign dollars. But, to your point - yes I have seen over and over again local alderman will bend to public opinion.

    But it has to be a critical mass. 10 people, no.

  • Jim A Sic Semper Canis

    But it's much harder to build a critical mass after the exception has already been approved, especially if the process by which the exemption is gained has been created without any community input.

  • Steven Vance Urban planner

    Three of us from BikeWalk Logan Square, and non-affiliated Logan Square resident testified at the zoning committee meeting against lifting the Pedestrian Street designation. It was only after Alderman Brendan Reilly (42nd) asked if there was a known traffic crash problem that I thought to look that up. Reilly was the only alderman on the committee who asked any questions relevant to what one may call "community planning" or "community input".

    I looked up the traffic crash problem. It was clear that there were more crashes around the drive through and at Sawyer than at other blocks on the same street (holding for recorded traffic counts as well!).
    (The "other blocks" analysis was done for the Grid Chicago article, but not included because it wasn't relevant anymore.)

    I think the second photo in my article on my personal blog, Steven Can Plan, exemplifies the care the zoning committee has for issues that have opposition from residents.

  • Kyle, this is indirectly related to this post, but it frustrates me how nonchalant you are about alderman prerogative when the way you handle national or even state politics in a mocking way towards certain representatives. As if they don't have the right to vote against a bill or filibuster to stop something you personally agree with. But you're "whatever, that's how it is" locally on something that is clearly bending the rules for a specific entity regardless of whether they have the power. Why is that power even in place?

    It's accepting the norm and moving forward that allows me to hear Alderman Moore say "my money" referring to the menu money distributed to each ward, it's not "your money," it's "OUR money." You may have been voted in, though you're not some great sorcerer or warlord with money allocated to your piggy bank. It's the community's money, simple choice of wording or not.

    Posting this here was in hopes to inform more people of this tool's potential just as I was informed of this.

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