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Added Feb 15 2018

To the surprise of absolutely no none, Alderman Loyola has given the university exactly what they want. The Loyola-ization of East Rogers Park continues unabated and all but unrestricted. Welcome the newest eyesore to the neighborhood.

    Alderman Moore to hold meeting on proposed Loyola athletic practice facility at Loyola and Winthrop Avenues
    Dear Neighbor, I invite you to attend a community meeting to review Loyola University's proposal to build a three-story athletic practice facility on the university's campus at the southwest corner of Loyola and Winthrop Avenues. The meeting will take place Monday, December 11th, 7:00 p.m., at the Damen Student Center, 6511 N.
  • Rob

    Jeff in RP- who cares? It's a building on Loyola's campus that no one is going to see unless they go looking for it. You wouldn't happen to live in one of those buildings that is gonna have its precious sunshine taken away are you?

  • Nobody's giving Loyola anything. Loyola already owns the property. Loyola isn't asking for and doesn't need a zoning change, a variance or anything special. There's nothing to abate or restrict in the first place. Prevention of sore eyes is free and it's easy. Just don't look at the athletic center after it's built.

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  • Phill Unfair suspension without reason. No rules broken

    Thank you for this good post!

  • d3 NoHo

    He drawback is Loyola's tuition is going to triple in a decade

  • lisaann mom

    My daughter did her undergrad at Loyola. I have also lived in the neighborhood for 30 plus years. I try to look at things in a balanced way.

    I have seen Loyola take more and more property and build a bigger and bigger campus and raise tuition over and over. Pretty Loyola does not pay the kind of property taxes we all do.

    First some quotes form the alderman, then a comment:

    "Neighbors living across the development also expressed concern that the new building would block the sun from their property."

    "The students attending the meeting expressed opposition to Loyola’s decision to spend money on an athletic training facility when, in their view, the university should be spending its resources on other more critical needs".

    "the practice facility would cast a morning shadow on the buildings only two months out of the year–mid-November to mid-January–and the shadow would be limited to the first floors of the buildings only."

    These are all valid concerns. If my sunshine was blocked the months of the year I needed it the most, I'd be angry.I would also be interested what "critical needs" the students were concerned about. Anyone know?

    The alderman will almost always vote for Loyola, and developers. sometimes its a good thing, sometimes it's not. I do know I do not want to live in Lincoln Park where I used to live The more Rogers Park becomes like that, e.g. DEPAUL, cookie-cutter businesses, big condos and less homes, the more I am thinking about leaving.

  • Jeffrey Littleton If you can't be a poet, be the poem.

    If you live near a university or a hospital you have to expect land-banking and expansion.

  • It’s concerning as that path is a bike route. It does explain why Loyola has not repaired the brick tiles on that sidewalk.

  • It seems like the only part of Rogers Park Alderman Moore wants to develop is Loyola / Rogers Edge. Whats his kickback?

  • Rob

    Barry - you too huh? Do you happen to realize the alderman is not a developer? Do you know that there are developments happening that Loyola has nothing to do with on both Morse and Howard? Are you aware of the entire vision Clark street project?

  • Bill in Rogers Park Rogers Parker - co-founder of Glenwood Neighbors

    Ignorance is bliss....and from many of the posts here, lot of people on ecstasy

  • Joe Moore Alderman, 49th Ward

    Barry, I can't recall when you moved to Rogers Park, so perhaps you are unaware of the number of major developments on Howard Street in which I've played a major role, including the Gateway Shopping Center, the renovated Howard Red Line Station, the rehabilitated Howard Theater Building, the Howard streetscape, the creation of Willye White Park and the Willye White Park Fieldhouse, just to name a few.

    And within the next year, Howard Street will be home to a new residential development, just down the street from you at Howard and Bosworth.

    Plus, I'm always promoting Howard Street businesses with my Follow Me on Friday business promotion event. In fact, I will be holding a Follow Me on Friday event at your business in a few weeks, which I'm looking forward to.

    No kickbacks, just hard work.

  • Bruce_ Comment by TBD, whom you've muted

    The gateway was a rough timeline. Took years to complete. As was many of the developments on Howard. I have many photos of gateway under construction and the Howard theatre.

  • Alderman Moore,
    Thank you for letting us know about the development on Howard and Bosworth, very close to me. I was sad to see the beautiful street art that the former building had go, but the building was definitely in a horrid state of disrepair. I hope rent prices are in tune with the neighborhood and that it will encourage a little commercial development. We have some great small businesses, but too many empty store fronts.

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 + years

    Kari, here's some information, floor plans, etc. for the development at 1531 W. Howard:

    I attended the community meeting last April.

  • I am quite aware of what is going on Howard Street. As an SSA #19 commision and a Howard Street business owner I take an active role in neighborhood improvement. We are currently working on a rebranding initiative on Howard Street. We are meeting with Police, Park District Personel and Liquors Store owners to have conversations about Public Disorder. I have been open for almost two years and my business has never been visited by the aldermans office. It would be nice to see Aldeman Moore go to and support businesses that dont just sell liquor and food. To address issues of public safety before they happen not after. ☕️

  • The Gateway complex, though generally successful, cuts Howard St into sections. The rents charged by the property owner make it difficult for small businesses to rent spaces. Essentially the spaces in Gateway sit vacant and add to idea that Howard Street is not an area economic development, prosperity and improvement. Thank god for Jay Johnson and other developers taking a chance on East Howard.

  • Joe Moore Alderman, 49th Ward

    Barry, are we still on for the Follow Me on Friday at Urban Warrior on March 2nd?

  • Arrangements for the event have not been finalized.

  • Rob


  • Joe Moore Alderman, 49th Ward

    Barry, I thought everything was a go. You've been talking with my office staff and it's in my schedule. Please feel free to email me and let me know what you need for the event to be "finalized."

  • Why is someone who complained that his Howard Street business has never been visited by the alderman's office dragging his feet with an opportunity for support like this? Very awwwwwkwaaaard indeed.

  • Jeffrey Littleton If you can't be a poet, be the poem.

    Support like what?

  • Phill Unfair suspension without reason. No rules broken

    I don't patronize businesses that do "follow me Fridays".

  • Bruce_ Comment by TBD, whom you've muted

    Neither do the follow me on Friday patrons.

  • headsup not available

    Loyola is an asset to RogersEdge - this school creates a wonderful campus atmosphere to the neighborhood while providing a first class college education to students - we are lucky to have them in the neighborhood

    this decision was Loyola's decision to make - it is their property and their money.

  • Rob

    Bruce - plenty of comments on the facebook posts about the FmF suggest that you are wrong.

    Phil - Rogers Park businesses don't care about trump supporters not patronizing them, so no loss there.

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  • This comment has been removed by EveryBlock staff because it is off topic.
  • Bruce_ Comment by TBD, whom you've muted

    Ask the business managers.

  • Maggie neff

    Rob, are you sure about that? I mean about Rogers Park businesses being Ok with loosing the business of people with opposing political views. That's quite an assumption and seems highly unlikely for anyone with any hope of succeeding.

  • Bruce_ Comment by TBD, whom you've muted

    Only Joe Moore supporters are allowed to live, eat or do business in RP. At least that is Robs continued assertations.

  • Joe Moore Alderman, 49th Ward

    Barry, perhaps you forgot, but my staff assistant, Mike Land, informs me he visited your establishment with Paul Reise from the Rogers Park Business Alliance just about the time you opened and welcomed you to the neighborhood, offering our assistance any time you needed it and tips on signage and business appearance that would enhance your curbside presence.

    On a related matter, I understand we are looking at April 6th, as a possible Follow Me on Friday date. I'm looking forward to promoting your business.

  • headsup not available

    why is Joe Moore arm twisting a business to provide expensive amenities to support Joe Moore exposure. Joe should be paying for these amenities to residents being as he is the one getting the exposure. This whole "follow me" is a campaign hoax that is not missed by the voters. Talk about looking for free booze and food! Yikes

  • Rob

    Bruce - that is a ridiculous misinterpretation about my assertions. No surprise though given the source.

    Maggie - There is no significant business being lost in this case though. "Phil" wants to herp-a-derp about not patronizing any business that does a FmF? Let him. He's the one who is severely limiting his local options given the sheer number of establishments that the alderman has "visited." I'm quite comfortable stating that the number of Rogers Park residents who would subject themselves to such an moronic limitation could be counted on a hand or two. Again, no loss what so ever.

  • Michael Archangel First - 13 Russian nationals; Next - US enablers

    @headsup - If the alderman or his representatives are pressuring businesses to host these events then that is not just improper but it is illegal. Businesses owners who believe that they have been coerced by Moore's office should report such incidents. However, given all the "Follow Me Friday" events that have been held, I have yet to see a complaint from a business owner. Perhaps I just missed these?

    Your above comments suggest that the businesses receive no benefit and the only "winner" is Moore. I would question the business owners as to whether these events are a net negative or positive in order to know the answer. I should think that if you are a business owner and agree to a promotion that could improve traffic to your door, your business is also a beneficiary.

  • Joe Moore Alderman, 49th Ward

    @headsup, the vast majority of businesses who host Follow Me on Friday events ask me to host them, not the other way around. Barry approached my staff assistant, Mr. Land, and expressed a desire to host a Follow Me on Friday event. I was happy to accommodate him, but if anyone's arm was twisted, it was mine :-).

  • Bruce_ Comment by TBD, whom you've muted

    My comments are related to fmf patrons returning to support business after the free event.

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  • This comment has been removed by EveryBlock staff because it is off topic.
  • Rob

    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

  • Bruce_ Comment by TBD, whom you've muted


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  • Tammy Schrader Mom on the Near North Side


  • Tammy Schrader Mom on the Near North Side

    Didn't know Joe Moore could throw shade like that.

  • Well, the good news, partners, is that Loyola's new athletic facility will be great.

  • headsup not available

    Wow -lots of removed comments -especially by a couple of blogger who likes to attack dissenters. Everyone’s opinion is important-hence there are conduct “rules”

    Good job moderators.

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