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Added Dec 12 2017

From the Chris Kennedy camp:

It’s time for Illinois to face the truth: we have a corrupt property tax racket that thrives because it is making insiders very rich.

When big corporations and the very rich don’t pay their fair share, the burden gets passed to middle class and low-income families. So, beyond its crippling impact on our schools, the property tax racket is crippling the economy and opportunity in the state, and standing in the way of a progressive income tax.

Last week, I called on Joe Berrios, Cook County Assessor, to resign. Because I refuse to stand by and watch as political insiders continue to abuse their power in order to preserve a status quo that only works to enrich the entitled, politically connected few at the expense of the hardworking people of Illinois.

The property tax racket run by Joe Berrios and political insiders needs to end and it needs to end now.

Joe Berrios needs to go. But that’s only the beginning, we need to work to bring a radical change in leadership to Illinois’ state government.


    Chris Kennedy for Illinois | It's time to End the Racket. We need a fair and balanced tax system.
    Add your name to the conversation. We'll send you the Chicago Tribune article along with our plan to fix a rigged tax system. Let's end the racket - together.
  • "When big corporations and the very rich don’t pay their fair share, the burden gets passed to middle class and low-income families." Also applies on a national level.

  • Mike New to the Neighborhood

    I disagree with most of Chris Kennedy's platform, but I think he's spot on with the property tax system corruption. It's unfortunate that the Democratic party seems to have already held a coronation for Pritzker.

  • Mike P, I'm with you on that. What use is it to weed out one when another weed sprouts up; the Kennedy name alone represents dynastic politics--same as Berrios.

    "A rising tide lifts all boats" quote that JFK popularized in 1963 is unforgettable. If the new Kennedy came up with something like that and then made it happen well I guess I'd vote for him...next time.

  • Relevant info here about Berrios to guide those who remain uncertain to vote against corruption, ineptitude and nepotism. Vote for Kaegi for Assessor.

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