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Added Dec 05 2017

It's embarrassing for those of us in the 9th Senatorial District that State Sen. Ira Silverstein has decided to run for re-election in the Democrat primary in March.

If he wins that primary, he'll glide into the November election, and he'll return to the General Assembly where he'll be called before an ethics committee to answer questions about his unsavory relationship with a female lobbyist.

Now this from a another Silverstein constituent who writes the 50th Ward Follies:

A friend just sent me a WBEZ report that Ira Silverstein served as lawyer for the father of Denise Rotheimer, his accuser in the sexual harassment scandal that cost him his leadership role in Springfield, during the tine she alleges the harassment occurred.

Worse, WBEZ’s Dave McKinney adds that Ira used his office on Devon–the one leased by the 50th Ward Democratic Organization–rather than his private law office to meet with the father, Philip Rotheimer, about a legal dispute over Rotheimer’s father’s estate. McKinney writes that an unnamed “…government watchdog group said hosting personal business on state property could pose a breach of ethics and a conflict of interest if a lawmaker also is doing legislative work on behalf of a client or client family member.”

Read the story. Then ask yourself: What was Ira thinking?

  • He wasn't thinking. They never are, the men who abuse power and position. And because he has kept a low profile and no one in the community has picketed or raised a stink, he sees no reason he won't be reelected.

  • Only a man could come to Eric Son's conclusion. As a woman I know full well the need to humor a man from whom I need something even if I don't like him. It is something women, at least from my generation, learned to live with.

    Silverstein was inappropriate but whether it was harassment is in the eye of the beholder.

  • robin in WRP I support a 28th Amendment 4Free & Fair Elections!

    Even if Mr. Zorn's account is correct, the senator still used his publicly funded office for private business

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 + years

    Did he use a publicly funded office for private business, Robin? The office of the 50th Ward Democratic Organization, which is the one named in the OP, would not be publicly funded. I think the political party office must be separate from his office as state senator, which is publicly funded.

  • it's best to keep personal business separate from political business as we the taxpayers are NOT responsible for supporting personal business- we need a republican in there because Chicago can't afford nor do I want to afford paying for ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS as a taxpayer and homeowner, I DO NOT support the theory of being a Sanctuary city for illegal immigrants that create additional crime and waste taxpayers dollars while AMERICANS are peddling on the streets and sleeping under the Bridge!! (s)

  • Robin, Wow. Maybe Silverstein needs to be replaces but with a Republican? I wouldn't trust a Republican if he was Christ and I'm a Christian. But your disregard for other human beings is disturbing. Your blanket assumptions say more about you than anything else. We have an immigration problem, yes. But people like you aren't going to solve it.

  • robin in WRP I support a 28th Amendment 4Free & Fair Elections!

    Other Robin - please provide the data that supports your statement "illegal immigrants that create additional crime"

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 + years

    Dan Miller, Silverstein represents the 8th District; Daniel Biss in the current state senator for the 9th District.

    Leta D, no worries. No Republican has filed to run for state senate in the 8th District and the filing deadline has come and gone. (That doesn't mean that someone might not be tapped to run in the November general election though.) The following five Democrats filed to run in the Democratic primary though they may not all survive challenges:
    Ira Silverstein
    Caroline McAteer-Fournier
    Zehra Quadri
    Ram Villivalam
    David Zulkey
    Our congresswoman, Jan Schakowsky, has endorsed Ram Villivalam.

  • Dan Miller RP/WR resident since 1978

    The valuable 50th Ward Follies reports that "Formal objections have been filed to the nominating petitions of each of the five candidates in the 8th District senatorial contest. Objectors don't have to admit that they are objecting in behalf of another candidate, and the candidates themselves rarely deign to be so open with the public.

    Then there's Zehra Quadri, who filed objections to petitions for Ram Villivalam and Caroline McAteer-Fournier in her own name. Good for you, Zehra, it shows integrity and courage. Leaders lead.

    Rulings on objections will occur next week. Losers will have the opportunity to seek judicial review if they believe the State BOE made the wrong decision. If there are no appeals to the judiciary, then the Board's decisions stand.

    Petitions were filed by Ira Silverstein, Ram Villivalam, Zehra Quadri, Caroline McAteer-Fournier, and David Zulkey.

  • Dan Miller RP/WR resident since 1978

    re: >>>... no worries. No Republican has filed to run for state senate in the 8th District <<<

    No worries? A Democrat has held that seat since dirt, and Democrats have dominated state and Chicago politics for decades, leaving the state with $22 bln. in unfunded public pension liabilities. Property taxes in Cook and Chicago are the highest in the US outside of Calif. and the Democrat-dominated Northeast. And we have "no worries" that an ethically challenged Democrat will waltz into his umpteenth term to represent us in the 8th Senatorial district?

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