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Added Apr 12 2018

I just received this is my mailbox today in the 60641 zip code. Bizarre. Someone walked around the neighborhood and placed these in everyone's mailbox. Between 7:30 AM and 3:30 PM today. It's a double-sided 2 page rant about Middle Easterners controlling us through microwave technology.

  • It kind of looks like it as written by a teenage girl with all the rounded letters and circles over the 'i's

  • Looks like we have ourselves an eccentric. Seems that this person is scared of everyday functions. Paranoid of technology, which doesn't make it any easier when you have companies who spy on you pretty much confirming these types of people's fears. I don't blame them, but I do see this being problematic.

  • You have a real nut case living by you. Be careful.

  • I would report this to police...particularly if you were singled out. Your original post seems to suggest it was disbursed thruout the neighborhood. Nonetheless, this was distributed by somebody who doesn't seem to be mentally stable.

  • I live in 60641 and I did not receive this.

  • Childhood Neighbor - may she just hasn't hit your block yet

    After speaking with neighbors, this is distributed by a middle-aged white woman that then tries to sell you a device that blocks the microwaves from phones, smart meters and sending your conversations to the Muslim people listed in this rant. Yes - the police already know about it. She's been reported before.

    What she probably doesn't realize is that she is breaking a FEDERAL law by placing her missives into a mail slot or mail box without postage.

    She has a very tight tinfoil hat on her head.

  • MJK

    Can you give the general area (main street intersection) in 60641 where this happened?

  • North of Irving Park Road east of Laramie

  • MJ you should definitely turn it in to the police with a description of the woman. Call your districts CAPS office or send them an e-mail with all the info. They might already be aware of the individual.

  • paul in jefferson jefferson park resident

    She probably a resident of Irving hotel.

  • I only use microwaves for popcorn. I had no idea my snack food was spying on me. lol.

  • Can I convince one of you to email a scanned copy of this to me?
    It looks amazing!

  • Citizen Pain Citizen Pain

    that's so bizarre! everyone knows that's it's subliminal video frame placement they control us with. Jeezz...

  • paul in jefferson jefferson park resident

    They probably will blame Trump for this.

  • Paul in JeffPark

    Who is 'they'?

  • idiots

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