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Added Sep 25 2012

Looking for someone with a huge heart.
2 baby squirrels dropped from a tree about 30 fee high in front of my office. I tried to help best as I can but they are not in good shape they are not going to make it past today

Here is a picture of them
If anyone can help. My office pitched in few dollars to anyone that can come by to nurse them back to health. Maybe our money can cover food or something.

  • PetParent Founder of Pitter Patter Parenting

    Call the Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation center for direction on what to do. (847) 842-8000.

  • They need powdered milk from pet store for puppies every 3 hrs

  • Call 7738376686 he saves squirrels

  • Thanx for the replies. We spend the better part of the afternoon trying to find a home for these guys. Everything from craigslist to google ads. At last a husband and wife couple came in to rescue them.
    There are good souls out there if you look.

    Hope they all make it

  • Reid Humbolt Park resident, 9 years and counting

    Another resource for the future is the Anti-Cruelty Society:

    They network with many animal rescue/sanctuary organizations, and they don't only work with pets and exotic animals; my wife took an injured young pigeon to them and they arranged for it to go to a local wild-bird rescue.

    You would want to ask what they do with the specific species of animal you're giving them; some species are considered rabies vectors and must be euthanized by law.

  • American Science + Surplus sells glass eye droppers, very useful in this line of rescue.

  • Shelena Marie Beach goer

    This is so sweet of all of you to post! This thread just made my day. I love people who are kind to animals.

  • Me too! Thanks for caring, everyone! Since there has been two recent baby squirrel posts, I will add that my dad makes milk replacer for newborn animals. It's species-specific, so he even has squirrel formula. Here's a link:
    Or you could always call him to see what animal rehabbers are in the area.

  • In case anyone wanted a update
    So it turns out there were 4 of these little guys.
    The mother killed by a simi
    We were able to save 3 of them lost the last one to another simi truck
    Note to anyone with a similar situation
    Do not offer money to someone to help we had a hanful of very shady people come by just to claim the cash

  • jules 20 yr resident of wicker, ukrainian & e. humboldt

    Sometimes the Animal Welfare League will take in baby squirrels. Give them a call and ask first. I've brought a baby squirrel in to them before - they even emailed me a few months later to let me know that the little guy healed and they released him in Washington Park!

    6224 S Wabash
    Chicago, IL 60637
    Phone: 773.667.0088

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