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Added Sep 19 2012

Hello all. I have a small shih tzu male boy "max" I take for walks and sometimes to the wicker park dog park. I would like to see if we can form a sort of dog park club. Schedule meet ups to watch our dogs and sip latte!

I suggest the WP dog park until and if the Logan Square one opens.

  • I love this idea. I have a little dog too and she gets pretty overwhelmed by all of the bigger dogs that are usually at the dog parks. There's also a little park on Cortland and Leavitt where I let Scrappy run around. It's grassy and would work great if there weren't more than 5 or so dogs.

  • MJH In LoganSquare West Logan Sqr.

    Sounds like a good spot!

  • Angel L. Ortiz In love with Wicker Park

    I have a chihuahua and love the idea. I don't live too far from the park so I'm in for the club idea. I also know that my BFF will be interested as well.

  • This is an awesome idea!! l am right around the corner from Wicker Park and I take my little Yorkie there all the time, he is very shy but I think this would be great for him to have some buddies to hang out with:)

  • MJH In LoganSquare West Logan Sqr.

    It sounds like it is becoming the small dog park club! I am totally fine with.

    I like the idea of an off the beaten path park like suzy suggested too eventually.

    What time is good? I go on the weekends mostly but also can do in the evening Thursday and Fridays.

  • Angel L. Ortiz In love with Wicker Park

    After 6 PM is ok for me on weekdays. Weekends are better unless I have something going on.

  • Weekends in mornings are good for me but afternnons can work too. During the week after 6pm is best,

  • MJH In LoganSquare West Logan Sqr.

    How about we start on Sunday at 10am. Not to early and we can all get a coffee. Then we can work out future schedule.

  • Sunday at 10 am is good. At Wicker Park, right?

  • MJH In LoganSquare West Logan Sqr.

    Yes Wicker Park dog park 10 am Sunday! I will have the small orange radio playing.

  • I won't be able to make it Sunday mornings, but since I work from home I'm usually pretty flexible during weekends and week days. If you all meet up again, post it here and I'd love to make it!

  • MJH In LoganSquare West Logan Sqr.

    What was the name of your park Suzy? We could do a week night one there and a weekend one at WP.

  • It's called Erhler Park. It's on W Cortland St. just west of N Leavitt St. It's technically not a dog park, but my dog is small enough and well trained enough that I let her off leash and she does fine.

  • MJH In LoganSquare West Logan Sqr.

    Let's alternate or at least try out the other park during a week night. I'm good after 6:30 pm on Thursday and Friday's

  • This sounds fun! My pooch and I will try to make it Sunday. If you're looking for an "off the beaten path" spot there's a tiny park at Noble and Blackhawk that would be perfect. I think it's technically a dog park, but I've rarely seen anyone use it. It's just a small fenced in patch of land.

  • Caitlin Works on the south side / Lives on the north side

    Can't make it this Sunday, but I also love the idea and would love to join in. My little chihuahua mix would love it!

  • MJH In LoganSquare West Logan Sqr.

    I will be taking my boy max over to Erhler Park tonight at 6:30 for anyone who wants to drop by.

    Look for the Orange radio!

  • Hi I wasn't able to make it Sunday morning. Did you make future plans to meet again??

  • MJH In LoganSquare West Logan Sqr.

    No problem. I was there but not sure if anyone else showed up. I had my lil square orange radio. I will go next Sunday too. Time TBD

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