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Added Oct 16 2012

New gal here and decided to post regarding a need for a dog park in Pilsen. There are doggies everywhere!

  • The corner of South Washtenaw Avenue / West 18th Drive is a fenced in area owned by the city or Ryerson that is gated and lots of room to run around. We have been using it for years.


    Maybe we could focus on areas that are available now for this great idea, this location or any other that might be available for city pet owners to use.

    I agree with you that we need to get more areas in the city to participate and make it the best pet city around.

    Keep us posted on your ideas!

  • Unfortunately, that area is a little dicey for me. I live on the east end of pilsen, near the highways; hopefully something is in the works

  • I completely understand, ironically I have been harassed more at "WigglyVille" than at this location but I guess that comes with living the city.

    I agree with you that every area should have something to make it better for the animals and better for the city!

    Talk to your Alderman and see if they recommend anything.

    Top 12 Chicago Dog Parks

    1. Challenger Park 1101 W. Irving Park Road Chicago, IL 60613 (312)742-7802

    2. Churchill Field Park 1825 N. Damen Avenue Chicago, IL (312)742-7554
    The dog park is located on the park's southeast side.

    3. Coliseum Park 1466 S. Wabash Chicago, IL 60605 (312)747-7640

    4. Grant Park S. Columbus Drive near 9th Street Chicago, IL 60605 (312)742-7648

    5. Hamlin Park 3035 N. Hoyne Avenue Chicago, IL 60618 (312)742-7785
    The dog park is located in the park's southwest corner.

    6. Lake Shore East Park 450 E. Benton Place Chicago, IL 60611

    7. Margate Park 4921 N. Marine Drive Chicago, IL 60640 (312) 742-7522
    The dog area is located toward the southeast end of the park.

    8. Montrose Beach Wilson Avenue and the Lake Chicago, IL 60640 (312)742-5121

    9. Grace Noethling Park (aka Wiggly Field) 2645 N. Sheffield Avenue Chicago, IL
    The entire park is dedicated to dogs, so you should have no problem finding the dog "area."

    10. River Park 5100 N. Francisco Chicago, IL (312)742-7516

    11. Walsh Playground Park 1722 N. Ashland Avenue Chicago, IL
    The dog park is located at the north end of the park, along the train tracks.

    12. Wicker Park 1425 N. Damen Chicago, IL
    The dog area is located in the park's southeast corner.


    Good luck on your search!

  • Excellent advice. Thank you.

  • Glad I could help, I hope you find a diamond in the RUFF:)

  • ringo712 Lived here all my life

    Next door to the hot dog stand on 18th and Halstead looks like a good place.
    All it's being used for now is for signs that call for a boycott of the hot dog stand next door I was waiting for the bus the other day and really had a chance to study them.
    I was appalled!
    You could take that sign and instead of the hot dog place they could've put"Mexicans" in it. Or "Black Peolple" Or "Chinese" You get my drift, it's being used for nothing but discriminitory remarks. That would be a real good place for a dog to take a crap

  • Yes! A dog park is totally needed, dogs bring happiness to their owners and friends : )

    To ringo712 - the "Boycott Express Grills" signs/protests exist for an interesting reason. Protesters believe Express Grill brings negative/unwanted traffic to the already-busy intersection of 18th and Halsted....

  • ringo712 Lived here all my life

    Can you provide evidence that back up Protesters beliefs?
    They have been open for at least a year

  • Walt Longtime East Pilsen Heights Resident

    There's a dog park on Halsted and 16th next to the tracks. There's a fountain for dogs there are well. No one ever is there though.

  • ringo712 Lived here all my life

    I am asking that you take your time before you comment further.
    I am past there most days and I have yet to see the "riffraff" you want to keep out
    I see nothing but a peaceful neighborhood.
    I see the coffee shop across the street; Have they ever filed any complaints against the hot dog stand?

  • Justin K. McKinley Parker since 2008, south sider since 1998

    I think Kristoffer's Cafe (across from Express Grill) led the effort to oppose the Grill.

    Does anyone remember the old Maxwell Street, before UIC tore everything up? There was an Express Grill (I think) at Maxwell and Halsted that was hopping at all hours of the day. I believe this Express Grill moved over to Union, where it still attracts a huge crowd of loiters and panhandlers.

  • ringo712 Lived here all my life

    They moved just east right next to the xpressway
    You asked if anyone remembered the old Maxwell St.? I do, I was a little boy and my Dad used to sell hubcaps there. Matter of fact, I found a picture of the old Maxwell St. of a man selling hubcaps and I think that man is my Dad!
    I will find it and post it
    One more thing, from the south loop all down Rooseelt there are panhandlers.
    I see more there then I see on 18th

  • ringo712 Lived here all my life

    There is never a good excuse for discrimination. I don't see garbage all over the ground, nor do I hear loud music being played.
    The reality is you don't want the hot dog stand there because it does not meet your criteria. You are trying to mask your reasons by claims that are not true.
    You just would'nnt be able to get away with it if you were to give your real reason which is you don't want any low class peoples of any color coming to 18th and Pilsen.
    That is discrimminattion and no kind of discrimination is ever acceptable

  • ringo712, I did not claim any of these anti-Express grill sentiments were mine. I was merely providing you information, citations and updates with the neighborhood. As of a woman of color, I can relate with many issues faced by people of color all over.

  • Ringo- I live across the street from Express Grill, and I find trash and half-eaten baskets of cheese fries on my front stoop roughly every other day. Perhaps the reason you don't see the trash around is because I pick it up and throw it away.

    From my observation, the people who eat there don't care about what they put into their bodies, and they don't care what they do with their trash when they're done defiling themselves. Not very nice neighbors.

  • We totally took the conversation to a different direction. There is a dog park on Randolph and Washington, which is alittle out of the way. Also somewhere in the vicinity of Indiana and 15th. They are small dog parks but friendly neighborhoods.

  • ringo712 Lived here all my life

    You are absolutely right and I am wrong for taking this in another direction

    In these times we live in, I have found I have a louder voice through the net

    This Everyblock seems to have many well informed people and if I put an

    Idea in someones mind, then I accomplished what I set out to do

  • Maureen@Walkies Owner, Walkies Pet Sitting Service

    We have been trying to start a dog park in the one of the parks in Bridgeport. We wanted to have on in Palmisano Park at 27th-29th and Halsted, but because it a nature park (native plants) the park district said no. We are looking at other options. Is anyone leading this effort in Pilsen? If so, please email me (I have about 300 signatures on petitions to support it!)

  • Maureen@Walkies Owner, Walkies Pet Sitting Service

    Sorry for the typos...silly fat fingers on my little keypad. lol

  • Joanna attorney, advocate, Pilsen res.

    It's really hard to start a dog park. The Chicago Park District has very strict requirements. First, the Park Dist had to have suitable park land to allocate. Second, they have specific requirements that must be met to put a dog park in (fencing, draining, etc.). I've been following the Logan Square Dog park effort for years and they're still not done. Residents have to raise at least $70,000 for a park to be built. It's insane. Chicago is not as progressive as other cities when it comes to dog parks.

  • Maureen@Walkies Owner, Walkies Pet Sitting Service

    Yep. We have been quoted 150K. The Park District may split it with us, so we'd still need to raise 75K and locate appropriate land (I have a spot in mind, still clearing with park district). I've been coached by the South Loop Dog Pac.

  • Joanna attorney, advocate, Pilsen res.

    Good luck, Maureen! I know it's a long, treacherous road, but it sounds like you're really committed and know what you're doing.

  • Kat

    Perhaps the Guadalupe Reyes Park has room for that, with all the unused space east of the courts.

  • Let me know if I can do anything to help you with that endeavor!

  • Hello everyone,

    I am a research assistant at Adler University School of Professional Psychology in the Institute of Social Exclusion. We just finished completing a Health Impact Assessment of the shuttered Crawford and Fisk plants located in the Pilsen/Little Village neighborhoods. We are focusing on the use of open space and the lack of access to green space in these neighborhoods. Right now we are entering the monitoring stage of the assessment and are trying to identify listening events in which we can attend and find out what the community is saying in regards to plans for development.

    I have been a resident of Pilsen and am now a resident of Bridgeport. I am also a dog owner and have definitely felt that there is a need for a dog park; more so in Pilsen than Bridgeport. However, I have also heard arguments against such things because of issues associated with gentrification. I am not taking a stance either way however we definitely want to hear what the community is talking about. If any of you know of local events or meetings related to issues of open space I would love to know about them.

    I can be reached at

    I have really enjoyed hearing all of your opinions and am grateful to know there is such passion for community development in these neighborhoods.

  • Yes I agree Pilsen is in need of a dog park. I live across the street from Dvorak Park, which is on the list of getting a grant for renovations. I feel the park is big enough to accommodate a dog park, specifically there is a section next to the pool, which is not utilized. It only has a sand box which honestly I don't see anyone ever use or for that matter want to use. I believe someone has started a petition.

  • I know this is an old thread, but we just started to actively work towards getting a dog park. We have not yet submitted the proposal to the CPD since we're working on ensuring we have community support first, however we'll be proposing the east end of the Jefferson Playlot Park as a possible location for a Dog Friendly Area. There's a FB group going in this effort - . If you're still in the area, please go like the page and sign the online petition. We'll get this moving!

  • Todd Agosto Analyst/Investigator at Veritatem Cognoscere

    There are quite a few puparents who frequent Jackson Bark. All routes to and from are less congested than going to the dog parks around the loop or northside, plus free parking is available. Click the map icon at the bottom of the page for directions

  • Agree with melirodgriguez! The small triangle next to the pool at Dvorak Park would be an ideal place for a dog park where many dogs are there most days anyway. I have taken my dog there many times and met other dog owners in the neighborhood who would love to have a dog park, new and old residents. For now, I do visit the dog park on Wabash in-between 16th and 18th which is a great park but a bit of a walking distance from Pilsen. There are really no dog parks for owners to use in the nearby area and it would be nice to have a designated space so dogs can run freely and safely.

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