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Added Nov 19 2012

Hi neighbors. I received a kitten for my birthday and have never had a pet in the city. I want to take her in to be spayed right away. Where do you cat and lovers take your pets? I would take her anywhere on the NW side but want to make sure I have a place with strong referrals.

  • *Cat and dog lovers

  • We love Jewell Animal Hospital on Lincoln at Sunnyside.

  • pugmama artist/realtor with an opinion

    Dr Jewell. The nicest staff, the best doctors.

  • Jayne 20+ years in the Square

    Love, love Dr. Angie Duke of Duke Animal Hospital - Ashland and Irving Park Road. Yelp:

  • We like Mayfair Animal Clinic 4314 N. Elston Ave

  • We go to Jewell Animal Hospital. We had a great first visit in September.

  • Stephanie Longtime City Dweller

    Cat Hospital of Chicago, on Irving Park Road, is fantastic. As you can guess from the name, they only deal with cats.

  • The anticruelty society will spay/neuter cats for $20 and you can schedule your appointment online. For regular vet care we like Dr. Kate Tremlova at Portage Park Animal hospital

  • Been going to Uptown Animal Hospital on Clark for more than 30 years. They are wonderful.

  • Another recommendation for Jewell on Lincoln. I've been really impressed with them.

  • dj long time RP home owner

    I have used Anti-Cruelty for a cat and dog, and have also used Uptown. Both are great.

  • Thanks everyone. This is very helpful. Chloe and I thank you!

  • Dr. Royal at the Royal Treatment on Rockwell! You wont regret it. She's a holistic vet and is very focused on nutrition. We used to go to Jewell and they were very nice but we were looking for someone more thorough.

  • George F in Ravenswood displaced New Yorker

    Uptown Clinic in Andersonville.

  • LS Neighbor Activism is local.

    Save your money and go to Anti-Cruelty Society. Also, check the SPCA website for additional low cost spay & neuter facilities. And check pricing at Furnetic which is the vet clinic at UIC vet school on Harrison.

    I have found it is best to save money on the routine care, because surprises always happen with pets.

  • LS Neighbor Activism is local.

    One other place is Banfield a division of Petsmart. They also have wellness progrms which help reduce cost if care.

    And our tax dollars pay for lowcost microchipping and rabies vaccines from the mobile clinics. The schedule is here from Cook County:

    They also mention spay neuter programs.

  • RLB Albany Park Rez

    I second the recommendation on the Anti-Cruelty Society. For a regular vet, try Dr. Locker or Dr. Burkhart at North Center Animal Hospital on Addison next door to the brown line stop.

  • Sharon 33 year Ravenswood neighbor

    Blum Animal Hospital on Clark & Belmont.
    I've taken all my pets there in the last 35 years.

  • BerkeleyGirl Winnemac Park

    My kitty loves Dr. Murphy at West Wrigley Animal Hospital. She initially went to Uptown, where she got great care, but the hours were difficult for me. Most importantly, Dr. Murphy was incredible when my cat developed a condition rare in young, indoor cats. Her measured care was kind to both my wallet and, most importantly, my cat (who is now fully recovered).

  • One more vote for Anti Cruelty. Took my dog to anti cruelty-the price was reasonable and the the doctor was absolutely wonderful and very caring. I was really impressed as I expected to get less from a low cost facility.( Regular vet is VCA on Chicago Ave not convenient for you)

  • We really like Dr. Jewell for normal care, but we got one of our kitties spayed at the Anti-Cruelty Society and that was fine too. Dr. Jewell is a cat guy himself and always pays special and sweet attention to our girls, even the kitty who is hell on wheels.

  • Kelli Lifelong W. Rogers Resident/Now A Happy Dunningite

    Please do NOT take your kitty to Anti-Cruelty to be spayed! Yes, it is affordable, but you may end up paying a lot more in the end, the way I had to. We took our baby there to be spayed, and she came home with a horrible infection that landed her in the kitty hospital and cost us hundreds. In addition to that delightful experience, we found out almost a year later when she went into heat again, that they botched the surgery and left an ovary in her. In order to remove that ovary and prevent future possible issues with cancer, she'd have to go through another very invasive surgery, which our vet told us she will eventually need. For now, she's ok and has only gone back into heat once since then.

    The vet that patched her up and has taken care of my others is at McCormick Animal Hospital in Skokie on McCormick just south of Main. They are awesome and affordable. Also, just an FYI, you generally want to wait till your baby is about 6 months old before spaying. Congrats on your new addition!

  • .V.

    My regular vet is Dr. Byron at Animal House of Chicago but, for just spaying/neutering check out the Tree House Humane Society:

  • Elizabeth Hilldale I have learned some things.

    I use Uptown Animal Hospital. Dr. Dickies is the best!

  • Julia Klein What's happening?

    I am (again) for team Uptown Animal Hospital. We have a dog - so I cannot name a good cat doctor - but we are very happy with the facility and the staff.

  • I have been using Mayfair Animal Clinic 4314 N. Elston Ave for years. Love them, especially Dr. Besty. 773-478-1868

  • Thanks again for all the comments. I will make sure we don't take her in for the spaying too early but want to get set up with a vet ASAP to confirm everything is normal. We got her through a breeder on Craigslist and she is very young/little. 6 weeks old. Feel free to share any kitten wisdom with me as well. Thanks neighbors!

  • Sharon 33 year Ravenswood neighbor


    Make sure you keep the toilet seat in the DOWN position.
    Kittens (and sometimes older cats) are very nosey. I speak of experiance.
    Mine fell in once. Good thing I was home. I still keep the lids down and and I don't have a kitty anymore.

  • Kelli Lifelong W. Rogers Resident/Now A Happy Dunningite

    Chilla: we just got a six week old about a month ago too! From Craigslist too, but ours was from a family who's momma cat had babies and they couldn't keep them. The one thing I highly suggest is tacking down any loose cords or wires. At Home Depot, you can get a pack of wire clips to tack cords and wires down to the floor or walls, or those plastic tubes that you put cords in to organize and cover them. Loose wires and cords are like string to baby kitties. Also, when you have one as little and young as ours are, it's usually best to keep them contained to one small room for a while till they get a little bigger. Right now, we're still crating our Punky at night and while we're away, just because she's so little she could crawl into some pretty small and tight spaces, like behind the fridge or under a radiator. Plus, of course, she's extremely curious and everything is interesting, so she's playing with and going after things you wouldn't think she'd be interested in. Make sure you don't have any houseplants within reach, too. When they're this young, they adore any kind of toys, and will be kept entertained for quite some time with them, but be careful to monitor so yours doesn't chew a toy apart and swallow any parts, like feathers or bells and such. One of Punky's favorite toys (and cheapest!) is a balled up piece of tin foil.

    Sorry for rambling, especially if you already knew most of this. Just trying to think of things to share that have come up unexpectedly with our little one. Best wishes to you and your little whisker biscuit!!

  • We take our cat Chloe to Dr. Jewell and Dr. Mitchell at Jewel Animal Hospital. I have heard that Duke Animal Hospital is really good too.

  • J

    Barbara Royal, DVM
    The Royal Treatment Vet Center
    4130 N. Rockwell

  • WindyCityTexan I ain't from here, but I'm glad to BE here!

    Jewell takes wonderful care of my feline sons.

  • kara kmb

    Dr. Rovner at Roscoe Village Animal Hospital is the best!!! He really listens and is very intelligent!

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE Chicago Pet Clinic at Cicero and Addison. It is a little bit of a drive, but worth it!!! Dr.Andy is the best. I am a huge animal lover and have found a vet who is fair, affordable, and so kind! Check them out on YELP as will see the OVERWHELMING number of great reviews!!

  • Animal House Chicago (, specialize in small animals. We have taken our cat there for years for checkups and have been very happy with service and care.

  • Jim, Lincoln Square GRO member

    Dr Castillo (and all the rest) at North Center Animal Hospital on Addison (just west of Lincoln) is awesome! Their prices are pretty good, too.

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