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Added Nov 10 2017

I recently rescued a stray cat from my backyard but need to train her to use litter box. I was hoping someone had a large cage that could fit a litter box and bed that I can perhaps borrow?

  • Did you try Chicago Community Cats FB or Garrido's page? They're lovely people.

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  • E E

    That is not how you train a cat.

  • KristinaS New to the area

    Thx everyone! She's using the litter box just fine now, all good 🙂

  • @KristinaS thank you for rescuing her! It's cold out there. 😻

  • Thank you Kristina. You've done a good deed. It's pretty instinctual and if she was someone's cat at some point, she'll remember.

  • KristinaS. Will you be integrating the rescue cat with others in your home, or is it an only fuzzball? We have a crinkle tunnel and a larger play tunnel (both collapsable) our cats used to love when they were younger. If you'd like them, let me know =^-^=
    The nylon, larger, tunnel + laser pointer + cat = a good laugh + great exercise for the cat.

    The mom-cat feral (whose kitten resides in our home) is a true feral that can never be socialized or brought in. We joined with neighbors to TNR that mom-cat immediately after her last litter. She was around a couple years prior to that litter and is still around 7.5 yrs later. We feed her, and only her, on her regular visits to our house/yard. We also have a K&H heated water dish to provide her (and various other outdoor creatures) with water all winter.

  • KristinaS New to the area

    We have one other kitty in the house already, hoping she can be kept inside with us. Making promising steps each day towards feeling more comfortable in her upstairs room :) will slowly introduce her to our kitty when we feel time is right. I was actually thinking of getting her those tunnels so perhaps I can borrow them? Where do you live? I'm near Irving Austin intersection.

  • KristinaS, you can have the tunnels for keeps if you'd like them. We're not far from you. Could meet-up at 7-Eleven or Portage Grounds to hand them over ... or if you have a place in mind where we could leave them for you, that's fine too.

  • KristinaS New to the area

    That would be awesome! Unfortunately I probably won't have time to meet up until this weekend though.

  • KristinaS, another possibility is to arrange a drop-off that instead of trying to coordinate schedules -- Do you use a local vet for your cat/s (like Ace Animal Hospital) where I could just drop a bag with the tunnels for you to fetch at your leisure?

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  • KristinaS New to the area

    Hello, Hmmm, perhaps we can pick up at Portage Park Animal Hospital? Is that convenient for you? Assuming it is since it is right by Portage Grounds :)

    And yes, AprilsAngelsPets, we learned the hard way with a laser pointer :) years ago one of our cats became ADDICTED to it and we realized it probably wasn't good for her as she craved it all the time..... so had to stop using it.

  • Try laser-pointing a twisting trail to treats for happy and nimble cats. :-)

    KristinaS. That would work fine. Did you already ask Portage Pk Animal Hosp if they're okay with that idea? What pet's name should we put on the bag?

  • KristinaS New to the area

    Hi NW-Sider! I have not had a chance to call them yet, super busy with work, not even sure when we can get over there. I hope to get back to you within a few days :) Thanks so much for all your help :) It is really appreciated!

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