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Added Nov 05 2017

Chloe has been missing since Friday 11/3.
Last seen on N Avers Ave and W George St.
She is very sweet, but probably scared. She has blue eyes and a pink collar.
Please call with any information!
She is very missed, Thank you!

  • Jen Baron JBaron

    Aggie, I'm not sure if same cat but a neighbor in my building found a Siamese this weekend. I did not see the cat nor did she share a photo, she just emailed me asking if one of mine was missing. She knows I just adopted 2 new kittens. So I just sent her the photo and your info just now. She's at work all day, hopefully she checks her email. If I don't hear from her sooner I will go down to her place tonight when she gets home from work and take a look at the cat she found. Hopefully it is Chloe? We live in Old Irving which is not far from you. This would be some coincidence for two Siamese to get lost same weekend? I hope its Chloe. IF so, know she is being well taken care of. My neighbor is very sweet, has a cat of her own and loves animals. She was trying to find owner by taking to neighbors I guess in direct area, but I don't think she's hip to EB or other sites. I gave her all the info to post the cat she found on all the other sites.

  • Thank you so much Jen!! I appreciate you so much and look forward to hearing from you!

  • Jen Baron JBaron

    Aggie I'm so sorry but it turns out my neighbor found a neutered boy cat, not a girl. She says it does look a lot like your cat but is not. Terribly sorry it's not Chloe:( I will be praying super hard for Chloe's return. Please keep us posted. I hope you find her very very soon!

  • Thank you for the update Jen! And thank you for thinking of Chloe in the first place. I appreciate your prayers so much, I want her home as soon as possible. Will definitely update. Thank you again!

  • CHLOE HAS BEEN FOUND! I appreciate everyone for their concern and for keeping an eye out. And thank you Jen for following that lead. I am so happy she’s come and safe.

  • Awesome! So happy to hear that fine feline is back home!😸😸😸😸

  • @Aggie Humienik: Thanks for letting us know you found her. Can you let us know how she was found? Did someone see a sign you put up? Was it through Lost Cats Illinois? Did someone see your posting here? Or was it just that she showed up at the door?

    Anyway, so glad you found her. It can be such a hard thing when they are gone and you are worried. Glad she's safe and sound.

  • Jen Baron JBaron

    Oh I cannot tell you how happy I am for you all!!! This is awesome news!!! Thanks for keeping us posted. I'm sure we will all sleep well tonight now! ;) Cheers!

  • Such good news! Glad she's safe at home again

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