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Added May 15 2018

Hi everyone. I found a cat near 3008 w Ainslie next to Ronan Park. No microchip or collar but seems friendly and not a stray. If anyone recognizes this cat please let me know so I can return to owners!

  • Sher Jeff Park resident since 72'

    I remember someone posting about a missing cat on this site. From your pic, it appears to be part Siamese which was the missing cat. If someone does come forward..please update us. However, if you see that one ear is slightly clipped at top..this is a feral(wild) cat. If ear is dipped, check in with the Cat Tree house Project. Many people are signed up to feed and shelter wild cats outdoors. Many around me are very friendly to. They sterilize the cat and clip the tip of one ear. Hope this helps.

  • Hanna Hanna.

    Thank you so much for that information that’s very helpful. I checked but it wasn’t clipped. I will definitely keep you posted!

  • Might be Luna? Lost Siamese, Heartbroken owners had posted on every block and had put flyers up. 1(312)848-5235 1(312)203-0671

  • ! Another possible Luna-cat!

  • Hanna Hanna.

    I actually saw that ad about Luna but it’s a boy cat 😢. Poor thing though, so they never ended up finding Luna?

  • Sher Jeff Park resident since 72'

    I forgot to mention...did you try looking or maybe posting to this site?
    Just another idea. Wish you luck

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