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Added May 12 2016

On Spaulding between Palmer and Dickens: was walking my dog, when a loose pit bull spotted us across the street and ran quickly over and began biting and growling at my dog. I pulled my little guy back, and I guess yelled something in panic at the other dog and then he spurted back to the other side of the street. Some random lady was blazing it up (this was at 930-10am) a few yards from the dog and I asked her if it was hers, and she just stared at me and kept puffing away. I think I've seen her before, and someone who saw the incident said they had seen the dog before. I love all dogs, and have no issues with so-called aggressive breeds, but this one in particular was fast as hell and aggressive.
Posting because I'm not sure if anyone knows the owner (I think it was that woman), or if they've spotted this dog as well. However I just wanted to warn neighbors to maybe keep their pups close and be aware.

Called animal control once I got my dog back into the apartment but exactly two minutes later- the woman and the dog were gone.

  • Can you provide a description of the dog? On Sunday I had an encounter with an aggressive loose pit bull in my alley. It was white with dark brown or black markings. Didn't stick around long enough to see if it had a collar or tags, and didn't see anyone with the dog. I also reported the incident.

  • KateGarland! Puppies and stuff

    This kind of thing is so sad. I'm so glad you and your dog are OK. Thank you, @buttoned for reporting.

    I'm sad about this for so many reasons but also that I've had to start carrying wasp spray (basically legal pepper spray) on my walks with my dog. One trip to the emergency vet for a bite to her leg and face from an aggressive off-leash dog is one too many.

  • @Brad S That sounds familiar. He was an.... odd color. He looked like he might be dirty blonde/yellow but had a greenish tint. At the same time- he looked gray. he was odd looking.

  • @WestLogan- I have to say I'm not sure what's right anymore- I don't think dogs should be unleashed on walks- and I actually just walked by a what I think was an aussie cattle dog also unleashed in the alley.... but my dog loves to play catch/fetch. And when I take him to the park and there are zero people around, I want him to be able to run more than 10 feet to play. But the closest dog park is way over by the skate park on Logan Blvd (I think)- and my little dude would be too exhausted to get all the way over there.
    I know that sounds like a double standard but... I really wish there were options for dog owners.
    The wasp spray is a good idea.

  • Good chance this is the same dog. I saw it in our alley when opening the gate to dump some trash. It stopped in its tracks when it saw me 20' away. I calmly talked to it first, but then it aggressively came after me. I was at my gate and easily closed it before it could get to me. I wasn't about to open the gate to get a better look, but I do remember it looking dirty/off colored. It was definitely a lighter base color, with darker spots.

  • Can I ask- was it around the Palmer/Spaulding/Dickens area? Sounds similar for sure. Thanks Brad.

  • It was at Drake / Wrightwood. I didn't see anyone with it, and it's highly doubtful anyone was given it was sniffing around in the alley. Very scary encounter, and like you I am very comfortable with dogs. I wasn't about to go up to it, but I tried calmly talking to it to see how it would react. It froze and looked at me for a few seconds, then it barked loudly and charged at me.

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