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Added May 08 2016

My dog was attacked by a black and white pit bull at the corner of Mozart and Logan Blvd on Thursday May 5. Please be careful of this dog as it has attacked several other dogs in the neighborhood and is out loose tonight and dangerous. My dog has been in the ER and severely wounded. This situation is extremely serious. Community members have consistently reported the dog to the police. Please help to do the same and protect your animals.

  • Why is this dog still alive? God help it, if it attacked my dog. Does Chicago not have a "3-strikes" law for dogs? I know they require certain breeds to have additional liability insurance, because, as the owner of a large dog, I comply with that law. But, if my dog ever attacked someone he would be gone. I am SHOCKED at the people who own dogs they can't control.

  • sjf

    Just for clarification- when you say is "loose and dangerous" do you mean this dog has no owner and is not leashed???

  • There is an owner but there seems to be a lot of neglect and abuse. Hence why the dog has repeatedly attacked and viciously. The police are aware of the abuse as well. Likely the dog is trained to be a fighting dog.

  • SA60611, when was your dog attacked? What was the description? Likely it is the same dog. I agree about the 3 strikes. I am not sure why it isn't enforced. Very concerning. Be safe out there.

  • My dog wasn't attacked ever. I would freak out if someone or something attacked my dog. I have a large dog, and worked hard to make sure I picked a puppy with a good disposition, and then made sure he was well socialized and trained (not perfectly trained, but basics). I get so angry when I see people who clearly can't control their dog. I have no sypathy for the owner or animal.

  • 3 strikes against the OWNER not the DOG If the dog is neglected & abused it needs to be taken away & go to a rescue~

  • Did you file a police report to document the incident? That owner ought to have to pay for the veterinary ER. It's criminal that the dog's owner abuses it and fails to keep it contained.

  • Try calling Animal Care and Control. They are probably the ones who would go in and remove the dog, so they should know the procedures. Mention the police reports. You could also call 911 again and ask what the steps are for getting a dangerous & possibly abused dog removed from a home.

  • So many police reports have been filed against the dog. There are 5 severe attacks that we know of that have been documented. The police are well aware. Animal control is also well aware but constantly refers us back to the police who essentially seem powerless. Our best option is to fight back as a community. Please help us by calling the alderman and asking them to look into this. The dog is still out in the neighborhood and it's just a matter of time before another animal or human attack occurs. I agree also about the vet bills. People have tried to sue the owner of the dog in the past but the court could not find him because he had just gotten out of jail. Please call your local officials to help us. Thank you.

  • Has anyone called 911 in regards to any of these alleged dog attacks?

  • Amber, we have all called 911 multiple times. In fact when it happened the cops were there. But it seems like they are not acing upon it when people who lives in the neighborhood feel extremely unsafe. If you want to help please call the local alderman and complain.

  • Sarah May. Sounds like that free-foaming pit pull is abused and abandoned, and in need of rescue itself. There are Pit Bull rescue organizations in the area. Calling one might offer an avenue of assistance for both the loose dog and future attack victims. Peace for Pitts; Contact Us: 312.834.3747 [] / or maybe Chicago Pit Stop Rescue [].

  • Citizen Pain Citizen Pain

    But... but... this never happens with pit-bulls. "They're just misunderstood" and "It's all about the owner/training/upbringing... ... ... "

  • Make sure you are getting copies of the reports and approach Animal control. Sometimes the police officers dont know what they should be doing and really cant help the situation. More likely than not the animal is being abused and is a danger to him self, other dogs and people.It's not the dog it's the owners who are at fault and they should be prosecuted as well.

  • Citizen Pain you are SO right. Sadly the dogs will be the ones taken away or possibly put down when the owners should be prosecuted. The owners are abusing the dogs in broad day light and clearly training them to fight. The story is so awful. The poor dogs. Pit bulls are wonderful dogs. It is not the dogs fault. I have also gotten PETA involved. The dogs really need to be removed and helped.

  • Thanks Amber. Unfortunately when you use that resource page you just posted and call 311 for animal control they tell you to call the police and file a police report. There is no way to talk with animal control directly. If you know of another way please do share. Sadly the system seems to be broken.

  • If you would like to private message me copies of your police reports, er bills and any photo evidence.With that walking into a police station I can get a detective and animal control officer to visit the premises of the owner. The system isn't fully broken you have to be diligent and have the details to back it up.

  • I'm so sorry to hear about this. I live on this block and keep hearing things happening with this dog and it scares me. Did the dog run away after the attack happened and is still on the loose? A neighbor posted about someone else almost having a run in with a loose pit bull over the weekend and I wasn't sure if it was connected to this? I would like to help and will also call the Alderman.

  • I agree the owner is responsible, and should be held accountable, but if this thing has attacked several people and the police/animal control don't feel they can take care of the situation, I can do it. I'd have no problem. It's a dog. It's not a person. And I'm sorry if it's had a miserable time, but there are plenty of things to be concerned about, living in this city. A dog attacking me is not going to be one of them.

  • Contact the 14th District Caps office and see if they can assist you with what to do. If this is an ongoing problem this dog may hurt a small child or anyone. I am an animal lover and it's very unfortunate your dog was injured. Not all pit bulls are bad dogs. In this case this animal is abused and is living in an unloving home, being abused. If he was in a good home and not abused and properly walked around on a leash, I'm sure he would be a different dog. I understand your anger, the problem is with this owner and this dog needs to be immediately taken out of this very unhealthy environment and placed in a home where he can live a happy life.

  • Sarah May. Did you try contacting any pit bull rescues in the area as an alternative resource? Animal Control (and often police, etc.) want a specific address or situation "in progress" in order to respond. Special focus organizations might be able/willing to handle things differently or provide other options to get that roaming pit bull off the streets.

  • Hello again, first I have to say that even though this incredibly traumatic and devastating situation occurred and has to other dog owners in the past as well, the response from the community is to powerful and heart warming. I am grateful for the help from everyone. I got a call tonight from Animal Control that the owner relinquished one of the pit bulls (the black and white one) to be euthanized. While I feel a little safer I don't feel a sense of justice. This is giving pit bulls a bad reputation and the owners should pay for abusing their animals. SO we all still need to keep fighting for justice for our animals. I will keep everyone posted as I learn more. Thanks for the tips about going to the police station and calling a pit bull rescue, I will do that.

  • I am sorry this happened to you. I do own two pit bull mixes. They are truly two of the sweetest dogs you would ever want to meet. But as an owner I do know the reputation they have and I watch them very carefully. I just wish people were more responsible when they take on a pit bull. Again sorry this happened!!!!!

  • You need to call animal control not the police.

    They will pick up the dog and handle the situation with whoever owns it.

  • The fact that this guy has another dog is terrifying. This is in the works and I hope that people really do report abuse this owner should not have any animals.

  • Amber H. Lp -- The proposed abuser registry to prevent known abusers from acquiring animals is a step in the right direction.

    But many animal abusers will slip through the cracks (just as sex offenders do, even though there are laws and registries), making it important to act when you know a pet is in danger from an abusive owner. If this guy has another dog, it's probably in need of rescue and rehoming before it, too, is relinquished for euthanizing. Domestic animals are lifelong "dependents" and deserve intervention and protection when humans fail them. There are many options for rescue and rehabilitation for abused animals, but none will happen without good people stepping up to save them.

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