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Added Mar 29 2017

A warning to all dog walkers/pet owners: Today I was attacked by a pit bull.

There were two 3 legged pit bulls walking on the opposite of Grace from me as I walked my dog. The two dogs started freaking out as we walked past, on the opposite side of the street, one of the dogs broke free from its owner and I watched as it came bolting across grace toward my dog.
The owner was shouting at me to "quick get my dog" and I remember thinking "Lady I have my dog right here, your dog is loose?!" but I didn't get a chance to say anything.

I have never had an encounter with a vicious dog before. This dog jumped at my dog in a way that I can only describe as dog fighting. I instinctively lifted me leg toward the dog to get it away from mine, and it circled back around and went for my dog again. I put my arm in the way and was bit in the wrist and subsequently my knee as I tired to get the dog off my arm with my other leg. It seemed like it took forever, as I realized this dog was really biting me, finally the owner grabbed her dog and wrapped herself around the dog in a protective manner or in some attempt to prevent the dog from seeing anything. I remember my blood pumping really good and calling the dog a psycho and telling her the dog was a danger. I should have called the cops but my injuries were minor and my dog was unhurt. I just wanted to get away from the situation. If the owner was not around, nothing short of incapacitating the dog would have stopped its attack. Please be careful or if you know these dogs owners please advise them to muzzle, properly leash, and attempt to rehabilitate their animal who obviously was involved in dog fighting. The more I think about it the more unsettled I am by the whole event.

  • Once again. Gun

  • I would've called the cops immediately, how do you know they aren't the ones making this dog fight?

  • You should report ANY dog bite to the police not matter how minor.The police complete a dog bite card that goes to Animal Control and CCAC conducts an investigation. I would call animal control to relay this incident to them. This dog may be involved in dog fighting. Or simply bad owners.

  • J

    The dogs only have three legs; so I am assuming they lost the leg from dog fighting. Thanks to all for the advice. The main purpose of this post was to let other dog owners in the neighborhood, who are accustomed to friendly dog interactions, know that these dogs are not friendly and in fact are dangerous and the owners are treating them as if they are regular dogs--which they are not. I will call the police and figure out the best way to report this even though I don't know any of the dog owner information.

  • Man bites dog. That is my answer. Ukfay the dog.

  • Neighborhood Dad 25-year resident of North Center/St Bens/Lincol...

    Here's a link to the thread when this same post was made under "Neighborhood News" -

  • (2) three-legged dogs? what are the odds?

  • Neighborhood Dad 25-year resident of North Center/St Bens/Lincol...

    About 75%, I guess. Or maybe 25%?

  • ncenter.
    3, (2) legged dogs. Just not sure which (2) legs though. I would play those odds, because i am. Ha,ha.

  • Where about was this ?

  • Grace and what?

  • Actually it was Berteau and Clark. I think I wrote Berteau and Grace because Grace was in the earlier post and stuck in my head.

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