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Added Mar 27 2014

Really need your assistance neighbors, anyone have any good recommendations for vets? In our area or burbs, just need the best vet. Closer obviously better but willing to travel any distance. Let me know and thank you in advance

  • Deb R 60641 resident 40 + yrs.

    Diversey Animal Hospital (Diversey and Central) is great. Dr. George is a very thorough and compassionate vet. I've been taking all my pets there for aprox. 20 years. You might try him. His office hours are convenient for most people, but you must have an appointment.

  • arnie

    I have used Portage Park and hear great things about Ace as well.

  • I would check the vet museum on Milwaukee, they may have information on existing vets in the neighborhood.

  • Forest Glen. Dr. Oral. Great vet works with you on everything. Doesn't do any unnecessary procedures.

  • AJP

    I have been going to TLC on Milwaukee Ave and have NEVER experienced what Sean4514 went through. Dr. Sue and Dr. Monica have been great with my dogs. I have had a couple of emergencies and they said bring the dog right in, saw me immediately. I also euthanized an older dog there and the staff was wonderful. I have been going there about 5 years and have never had a bad experience. I have trapped a feral cat and they spayed her and vaccinated her at a discounted, I found an injured bird and Dr. Sue helped me rehab it and find a place to take the bird. They are terrific and I highly recommend them.

  • We can agree to disagree there AJP, this is not only my experience but that of other friends, and for my friend Dennis yes i can provide them unlike our road diet disagreement lol. Dr Sue and Monica, are they nice? yes. i have no issue with them as people, just their work ethic. You have zeek who is the owners dog walk into every room during exams and distract everyone. We were there one time for a follow up on poison our dog happy had eaten. We were in the middle of taking blood. It was Dr Monica, a few staff, my mom and myself. Suddenly Dr Monica and all the staff leave the room. this is the back staff only area. not a patient room. We wound up waiting over an hour for them to complete the blood test they already started because Dr Sue had gotten some test results back for her dog that were not good. Literally for a hour the entire staff was distracted, making calls to different places, looking through research and crying with her while we and a couple folks in the waiting area were left waiting. They dont dispute any of this by the way. Im glad that they came right in for your dogs, they made us the same offer and gave us the email and i dont know whose number but it was one of theirs. They stayed late one day because we were already there and all we heard was Dr Monica complain. We were made....the same offer when our older dog began declining. Despite a couple unprofessional experiences we kept him there because there was nothing more that could be done for him, he already knew and felt comfortable with the place and we were told as long as we did not contact them middle of the night they would come in to euthanize him so he could pass in a familiar place....

  • Also TLC is minutes from the home. We called them i want to say about 715-730 that evening, told them he was in pain moaning and we knew it was time. did not hear from Dr Sue, but Dr Monica called and said she had worked the whole day and was to tired to come in. So am i wrong for thinking hey dont make the offer if you wont do it? We took him to Dempster where Rose who used to work at TLC and left worked where we put him down. I wrote a email to TLC the next day informing them he passed. Very polite email, they even thought it was. However i got a response back from Dr Sue accusing me of writing that email to make them feel bad and then she proceeded to write a list of her personal problems. She apologized for that later. I have those emails I can forward to anyone who wants them. Then there are the recent issues of Dr Monica calling us liars by saying she never prescribed certain meds though we had the bottle with the RX ordered by her on it. My 10yo girl April hurt her paw and went in earlier...... and Dr Monica flexed her knee a couple times and said it could be ACL. We tried to tell her its not, to point out the only place she had pain or resistance was the foot and toe. We asked for xrays and were told xrays wont show breaks or tares. That is when we could get a word in since staff kept coming in as they always did multiple times a visit about other cases. Then instead of xrays we got to listen to Dr Monica complain about her work loud. give us attitude not for demeanor of ours or something we said, but simply because we were there. We also got to listen to a story about a constipated cat. by the way, if you folks do decide to take your animals there one of the first things you will notice is not just the owners dog walking around, but that they refer to him as the vampire. why? Because when there is blood in the hallways, the exam rooms or procedure area they think its funny for Zeek to go in and lick it up....

  • See that for yourselves. if AJP thinks they have great quality good for them, and as much as i like discounts I like my animals to get quality care. I like to be treated respectfully unless im somehow rude or offensive which they never accused us of. on my fathers grave i promise those experiences are accurate and not isolated to just us. As for everyone else thanks for your recs, im going with my friend Dennis’s first and then down the line. thanks folks.

  • @sean, your post does not mention the vet is a vet for an animal.
    just me being me ;)

  • lol nice. its all good inactive user, your awesome so its all good

  • My dogs and I have been going to Portage Park Animal Hospital for years now. Great professional vet and facilities. Dr Olsen is the absolute best, very caring, thorough and friendly

  • Dr. Orals at Forest Glenn is very good. We have brought our cats and dogs there for over 10 years. Highly recommend Dr. Orales and his staff.
    773-383-2443 5324 N. Elston

  • B-NWside Lifetime Northwest Sider....

    Without a doubt, Dr. Don Staunton at Niles Animal Hospital. He has been our vet as well as the vet of choice by other family members and friends. Prior to him joining Niles Animal Hospital he was at a facility in Mt. Prospect and we didn't bat an eye with having to drive out there for him to care for our dog Zena. He is highly regarded among local veterinarians. He stays on top of the latest treatment options for our four legged family members. Most dogs hate going to the vet and our loves it with all the attention she gets from Dr. Don and the other vet technicians.
    7278 North Milwaukee
    Niles, IL

  • Dr. Young at Lincolnwood Animal Hospital is fantastic. I had a bad experience at Ace Animal Hospital years ago and Lincolnwood had just opened up, so I tried it, and loved it! Dr. Young is thorough, doesn't try to talk you into things that you don't need, won't make you buy things like heartworm from him when you can get it cheaper elsewhere--just ask, and he'll write you a prescription. It's a small operation and very nicely run. When my dog was super sick a couple of years ago, Dr. Young had my dog stay overnight. I had to work late that night, but when Riley wouldn't eat, Dr. Young called to let me know, and he came in late to let my mom in so she could try to feed him. He cares a great deal about his clients and without hesitation, I would highly recommend him. Also, for emergencies (or specialists), Premier Veterinary Group at Belmont and Pulaski is amazing. They even have an awesome blood donor program where your pet can donate blood to help other pets in need.

  • AR

    Forest glen. Doc orals. Absolutely

  • jeb Portage Park resident

    I love Animal House of Chicago - Lawrence and California.

  • Dr. Anderson at Norwood Park Animal Hospital is great.

  • francie portage park transplant

    I've been going to Portage Park vet for over 16 years and they've been good-you just have to make sure you have the same doctor each visit. I used get a new doctor each time, then I would have to explain my dog's health, etc. When my dog got sick, they referred me to Vet Specialty Center in Buffalo Grove. That place is wonderful! They also have a teaching hospital near UIC. They were all very compassionate when my dog of 16 years passed, sent me cards with personal notes, as did PP.

  • Mayfair Animal Clinic on Elston near Montrose: 4314 N Elston Ave, Chicago, IL 60641
    (773) 478-1868.

  • Riser Animal Hospital in Skokie, just went of Village Crossing shopping mall on Touhy Aenue... been going their for years with both our pooches.... very professional and caring.. found a tumor in our dogs eye and saved him from losing the eye.... and the same ppl work there for long time...

  • This past year has been a rough year for one of my kitties who is terminal with a heart condition. If it were not for Dr. Sue at TLC and her persistence and courage trying different options, I am certain I would have lost him. The past year, and any time I have with my kitty going forward, I owe entirely to Dr. Sue and the staff at TLC First Animal Hospital.

    I know it's tough to lose a pet and I'm sorry that you had some bad experiences with TLC but I can tell you that I also have never had the types of experiences you are describing.

    As I said before, my cat is terminal and they haven't yet offered to come in after hours when his time comes. Honestly, I wouldn't expect them to even if they do offer. As for Zeke, Dr. Sue's dog, he does visit our exam room from time to time. He always seems to know when things aren't going well with my kitty and I need a little extra comforting. I know if I didn't want him there I could ask the staff to keep him in another room and they would comply. I have seen them do this when other clients have come in.

    Not every vet is for everyone and you have a list of great vets here from our neighbors. I am happy to see that you are going to reach out to them and find the right fit for you.

  • C

    Thanks for the post! We have been going to Mayfair Animal Clinic for 8 years and LOVE it! We were considering switching to a different vet for convenience but the care and support they provide will be too hard to beat! We see Dr Marisa most of the time but have seen all the doctors and love them all! They are friendly, answer questions and call to check in after any health scares.

  • The best vet is Diversey Animal clinic, it's on Diversey before you hit Central.

  • Abell on NW highway is a great one if you are close. Dr. Sing and the staff have really kept up the great practice that the late Dr. Mayer had. I have been going there for 20 years with the three dogs I have had over the years.

  • Spay Neuter Brigade

    I am a rescue volunteer and have used Animal Care Center West Loop for 3 years. No appointment needed, open 7 days, good hours and they have a large repeat clientele.

  • Jenny G. Forest Glen homeowner

    Another vote for Forest Glen Animal Hospital. The doctors really take their time examining and are very thorough and really listen to you. They are all amazing. I wouldn't take my babies anywhere else, even if I moved to a different area I would make the drive to Forest Glen Animal Hospital.

  • Andrew Warner Happy to live in Sauganash

    The doctors at Riser Animal Hospital are great.
    We see Dr. Will Sutkay there. My dogs love him. He is kind, patient and knowledgeable.
    They are located at 5335 W. Touhy and the phone number is 847-673-2520.

  • evam eva s, jpna member

    I can say only good things about Dr. Orals at Forest Glen, 773-283-2443. He is a caring and compassionate vet and that means everything to me. Also, he is "LOCAL" and that should be another consideration to "support local businesses".

  • AA

    +1 for Abell on NW highway

  • BerteauBungalow 20 year resident.

    Another vote for Ace. We've gone there for 20 years.

  • Susan Long-time Jeff Park resident

    I don't think I saw this many answers for people asking for people doctors! We have used Dr. Corinne Dobner for so many years I can't count. She is great, AND she comes to the house. Her business is Veterinary Home Health Care, and her number us 773-237-8230. You don't need her address--she comes to you! When you have multiple animals or a dog that is dog-aggressive, she is just a lifesaver. Best of luck to you. You have quite a story to tell, Sean.

  • @shofmels, well, you know where i stand but for me our animals are like our babies and when one of them is facing tough times then differences are aside. So that said you have the strongest of love, prayers and best wishes for your cat. hoping for the best for you

  • Susan Long-time Jeff Park resident

    Agreeing with Rhonda@MSU, when Dr. Dobner was out of town and we had an emergency pancreatitis we took our Lab to Dr. Anderson @ Norridge Animal Hospital. She was really wonderful, and so was Dr. Hammer/Hammar?. Really nice doctors and great staff.

  • Chicago Pet Clinic on Cicero. Dr Andy spends time to explain why and answer any questions. He does not over prescribe and is not pushy but clearly spells out the options. 3510 North Cicero Avenue. Very reasonable prices!

  • ATrueBeliever Writer, Mother,Teacher, Wife & Die-Hard Northsider

    I had a somewhat negative experience at TLC, too, so I am glad to know I'm not just being a witch. They kept me waiting a long time for a simple exam. Dr. Monica was not very nice about my dog being overweight (a case of the pot calling the kettle? seems she could drop more than a few) and she did not follow up like she said she would - she said she would email me - about my dog needing dental work. I've also tried Avondale and Abell and didn't like either one very much. I guess I expect a lot from a vet. I don't understand it when a vet has an attitude. I do like Dr. Oran at Family Pet, but he is way down in Lincoln Park and they kept me waiting for over an hour, too.

    My experience with Portage Park Animal Hospital was positive. Easy going, friendly people.

  • We go to Ace on Irving Park. Our friends have been going there for 30 years and love Dr. Dougherty, so we gave them a try and we like them too. They do not take appointments - but they have a little parking lot/park to the right of the building. So if you have a dog that is unfriendly in waiting rooms, you can take him out to the park and wait your turn after you check in. Very reasonably priced and they don't try to guilt you into things you don't really need. Of course being a good doctor is the main consideration, but I thought I'd mention some things others hadn't brought up.

  • CJ Gladstone Park Native Chicagoan for life


  • Mayfair Animal Clinic on Elston and AMC in Skokie for big breeds, German Shepards specifically. Have had horrrific experiences at Niles Animal Hospital, Abell, Avondale and Riser. At Riser, my gs had emergency surgery, 6 units in a transfusion, weak, stitched entire abdomen..etc brought in on sat. As he got a couple stitches loose, something in my gut told me to go in the back where he had been taken from the exam room. I went into the back staff area, and saw he was being literally beaten!!! I exclaimed what the hell are you doing? " he will not lay down" was the response. Really moron ? He has 75 stitches? I took my pup to Animal 911, as his wellbbeing was my priority, and clearly not there's. I followed up with the owner, who was totally apathetic. Similar situation at Niles, Abell, and Avondale, in our quest to find a GS receptive vet. I found out that many vets, and staff are leary or do not like large breeds. AMC in skokie is A German Shepherd Rescue vet, Dr. Miz donates most of his services to the rescue, or greatly reduced prices. He also has sheppies. Mayfair was recommended to my parents in the 60's, when they had similar experiences with their Gshep at Norwood and a few others in area. Mayfair is still wonderful for large and smalland all critters! Yelp has high reviews too!

  • Just wanted to mention - if you ever have an emergency when all the vets are closed, there is one place that I know of. They are open all night long. It's expensive, but f what you need is an emergency room, it's worth it. Had an incident at 3:00 am on a Monday morning - thought the dog had broken her leg. Thankfully, it was a bad sprain.

    Chicago Emergency Veterinary Services

    3123 N Clybourn (go down Western Ave ) turn east under the viaduct near Belmont). It's on the north side of the street. Chicago, IL 60618

  • arnie

    There is a 24-hour emergency vet right off the Edens north of Willow too. If it is not rush hour it takes only 15 or 20 minutes.

  • FourthGen Part of Portage Park since 1906

    I second @Lulu about Emergency Vet Services. Our dear sheppie-lab had blood in urine on a Sunday morning. I was pretty sure it was a harmless UTI but knew that if I was wrong the $50 'emergency' surcharge wouldn't begin to cover the cost of the Kleenex to dry the tears if it wasn't and Monday was 'too late.' They were great. I was right about the harmless UTI but never regretted. Also love how they followed up with our regular vet at Ace. (And they were really impressed when I hefted the 75 pound dog onto the exam table because I didn't want her to be scared of strangers moving her if she wasn't well.) Animal people understand animal people.

  • I recommend Abell Animal Hospital. My family has been going there since Dr. Abell was actually practicing 1973. Very nice vets who explain procedures and answer questions. The staff are friendly. I was in grade school when my parents began taking our pets there. One time I had a twenty year old cat that was having health issues. Dr. Mayer gave me his home number since he knew how worried I was.

  • Risers has been the best for me over the last 4 years- prior to that had bad experiences at Abel, TLC and Touhy animal Hosp in Parkridge. Risers has lots of consistently good and conservative vets - they are not quick to jump to meds or tests not needed. I work as a physician assistant and although I am no vet I have a good understanding and can figure out pretty easy when a vet is being a bit aggressive with tests/meds ect. I also did not like the roaming dog at TLC. It's one thing to have a loose pet in a vets office,'s another thing when that pet invades your space and makes you uncomfortable when you are trying to comfort your sick pet.

  • Mayfair animal clinic is amazing, all the vets, all the staff A+++++++++++++++. The price is reasonable too!

  • ATrueBeliever Writer, Mother,Teacher, Wife & Die-Hard Northsider

    Just a warning to everyone: be careful of the opinion you voice on Everyblock. Somehow my opinion got back to TLC and my file was marked inactive. So when I requested proof of vaccinations, I got an earful from a staff member. Therefore, someone on this thread either contacted TLC to relay my opinion or that someone is actually a staff member of TLC.

  • Ginger file a bbb complaint. Amazing the trash that works at tlc

  • southsideandy A South Side outpost in the heart of the N.W. Side

    @Ginger: I don't know the situation, but maybe your seemingly off-hand comment/joke about the doctor's weight struck a nerve more than the bad business review. Could be they're a terrible business, I don't know...but that kind of stood out for me when I read your opinion as "um, that was kind of in poor taste."

    Just sayin'...

    For the record, I drive over to VCA North Chicago for my vet needs.

  • Ginger, your comments were honest and helpful but I always think it next to have an anonymous username when posting on a board like this- it kinda stinks but let you talk freely. I think you should contact bbb and post on yelp. Kind of unbelievable that they marked your file. Why not take the comments to heart and implement some change?

  • A question for the feed--- what experiences can you give and recommendations for emergency/after hour vets can you give. I have never had to use one, but I'm sure the time will come some day. Thanks!

  • Mumi - My kitty's health issues started with a bladder stone blockage last year. I was referred to Premier (formerly AETC) on Belmont/Pulaski. They did a great job keeping him comfortable and performing the p/u surgery (or gender reassignment surgery as I like to call it) with no complications or scarring. Unfortunately, the day he got to take off the party hat was the day we found out about the heart failure - which they also diagnosed. I would recommend them to anyone who has emergency vet needs!

    Ginger, this is a public forum. While I can understand you are frustrated about your file being flagged, I'm shocked you are surprised your comments got back to TLC. When I was in last, they thanked me for sharing my very positive experiences here. In addition to the handful of people who are contributing to this thread there could be thousands of others reading/following it. I guess you are right, be careful what you post!

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