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Added Mar 24 2014

My neighbor saw a hawk kill a pigeon in his backyard this afternoon. The Hawk took off the pigeons head and left it in his yard. Then flew off with the rest of the bird in his mouth and dropped it on my next door neighbors fence. I saw the pigeon on the fence when I came home. I took a picture to show my husband but it's too disgusting to post! These hawks are huge! Watch out for your small pets.

  • You know, I saw a hawk land on a tree outside my kitchen window, and I watched it for about 15 minutes. It was a beautiful bird. Then I saw it swoop down into a wild rose and I realized, before I could even run outside, it had a sparrow on the ground in its claw, and then it flew off with the poor thing.
    All God's creatures gotta eat, I guess.

  • Petra Z Tomatoes!

    I saw a hawk/falcon (?) yesterday...but it moved on when it didn't find its quarry.

  • First of all we need good pigeon and rat control and I prefer the hawks and coyotes to an over population of the pests. Second, your small pets and children should NOT be unsupervised. If you let your small dog out off leash and/or unattended, there are about 100 different things that could happen to it and a hawk might be the least of them. I work in a veterinary emergency hospital... humans cause more harm than the circle of life ever will to the animals.

  • Ellie

    This is great. I think it's absolutely wonderful that wild creatures can still manage to make a life in a landscape that we have so drastically changed. I love to bird watch and I marvel at every hawk, kestrel and falcon I see. I wish we had more!

  • Petra Z Tomatoes!

    How can we tell the difference between hawks, kestrels and falcons? What do we usually have here in Chicago?

  • Tom G Living in Avondale since 1994

    Petra--I know we have red-tailed hawks, peregrine falcons, and kestrels all here in the city because I've seen them, not to mention great horned owls and a few other birds of prey. Just Google their names for pictures, because they're easy to tell apart. Next time you hear a bunch of crows flocking and making a big noise in the trees, look in their vicinity for the object of their anger. It's likely you'll see one of these predators.

  • Kristine Cloud 30 year resident of North Center

    We've had hawks or kestrels in our neighborhood for years - near Lincoln and Damen. We love it - now we can feed the songbirds in our backyard without having a million pigeons hanging out there. The first time I noticed one, it was because I looked out our front window and pigeon feathers were raining down from our catalpa tree. I looked up and there he(she) was, chowing down. We've noticed a lot fewer pigeons around the last couple of years.

  • One winter I kept seeing pigeon puddles all over our yard (our neighbor is a pigeon feeder), and eventually I saw it- a huge red-tailed hawk. I wish I could figure out a way to get it to stay. There's plenty of food on our block!

  • Dalia Cajigas Real estate broker & Avondale resident

    Thanks for all your comments. They are beautiful creatures and I'm looking forward to watching them once these temps warms up. I can do without the pigeon carcasses in my yard, though.

  • B sighthound, Avondale/LoganS 3years, Beat 2524

    Go Hawks!

  • Thanks for not posting the pic. I can totally picture in my mind what that must have looked like... Unlike some people who think its appropriate to post pics of dead dogs!

  • JJ85

    happy in humboldt, that post got deleted. let it go.

  • Ellie

    The Audubon Bird App is actually very helpful and much easier to carry than a book. It's not as comprehensive but there's still an awesome amount of information and it's easy to narrow down birds by shape or family.

  • Saucy City Lover

    Happy in humbolt....u need a name change and self check why you are on this site.

  • Saucy- My name is just fine, thank you!

  • Dan

    Dalia, there have been a pair of red tailed hawks seen in Horner Park for about 2 years now. Very majestic creatures. I've noticed them in the trees along the river, on sunny days, mostly mid spring through early summer.

  • Send the hawks my way, we have a pigeon and rat infestation over here!

  • Beeba in Portage Park Portage Park resident

    For a few years now, there have been peregrine falcons making their home at the top of the huge pine tree next door to me. Not a pigeon in sight!

    I've actually seen one of the falcons feasting on a pigeon in my alley. Gross!!!

  • Tom G Living in Avondale since 1994

    You should watch me eat chicken sometimes, Beeba. It's not a pretty sight. I stand behind the bread display at Jewel until I see the woman at the deli counter put a rotisserie chicken under the heat lamp. Then I spring from my hiding place, grab the hot chicken, and take it home where I tear it apart with my hands and eat it.

  • Dalia Cajigas Real estate broker & Avondale resident

    Dan, good to know. Looks like an interesting bird watching season is ahead. :)

  • Lynn F. Live and work in Avondale

    Just heard on WBEZ, "Hawks on the Rise." May be of interest to those who have posted here. Read or listen here:
    Also, a Field Guide for Chicago's Hawks, so you know who's tearing those pigeons apart:

  • Kristine Cloud 30 year resident of North Center

    I was walking down my street yesterday morning and heard a "pick-pick-pick" sound up in the trees - it was two hawks! I stopped and watched them for awhile, while they swooped around the intersection and then flew away. It really cheered me up to see them, after this miserable winter. Glad they survived...

  • Dalia Cajigas Real estate broker & Avondale resident

    Lynn, Great info from WBEZ...I posted it on FB. Thanks!

  • Patrick Schell Second generation real estate Broker in Avondale

    Ahhhh nature. So happy to see as much of it in our urban setting as possible. I have seen as many of the above mentioned animals in the area in the past 18 years as anyone would see in a suburban/country setting including several coyotes!
    As a one up for the pigeons, I recently saw a falcon carcass under the overpass on Sacramento while walking my dog. I am guessing it was hit by a vehicle this winter while hunting the pigeons that reside there. It must have been buried under the snow for some time because there wasnt much left of it.

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