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Added Mar 11 2014


RYAN, a spayed FEMALE SHEPARD MIX, got loose from our fence at Paulina & Cortland on Sunday, March 9th at 11AM.

She was spotted in the Jewel / Kmart parking lot on Milwaukee between Paulina and Ashland on Sunday (3/9) afternoon.

She was most recently recently spotted on Halsted heading north between Belmont and Addison around midnight on Monday Night/Tuesday Morning (3/11).

She doesn't have her collar on but she is chipped.

She is FEARFUL and will approach dogs, but not people. Please do not chase her.


PLEASE HELP US BRING HER HOME SAFELY! We miss her terribly and want her back.

847-650-4134 OR 231-852-0681

* She is already posted on Lost Dogs Illinois and on Craigslist. If you are able to help flyer the neighbor please message me. Thank you, again!

  • Southport Corridor Southport Corridor

    We just posted for you - please keep us posted.

  • We will keep you posted. Thank you so very much for helping spread the word!!

  • So sorry to hear ! Will keep a look out we have 2 dogs of our own hopefully she will approach us when we walk them

  • @Kristine thank you. If she happens to approach please call as soon as possible- day or night. I know it is hard to pull up Every Block if you don't have an iphone, but please don't try to grab her- she will definitely run and has ran from other people trying to help. If anything leave a trail of treats maybe she would stick around while you call Mary or Lynda. Thank you!

  • Nora H 15 year Lakeview resident, member ELVN

    Good luck, and so sorry. I hope she is found quickly.

  • I am so sorry! I can only imagine how devastated you must be. You said she's heading north, but if you think letting Lincoln Park know, I would be happy to help.

  • lauren :)

    Good luck!!! I'll keep an eye out!

  • I posted this on my Facebook page this morning. Good luck, I hope you find her.

  • Thank you everyone! We really need all the help we can get. It would be so greatly appreciated if a few of you could print off and post signs. Every bit of spreading the word will help us find Ryan. Maybe you could share her information on Facebook too. Here is the link for the flyer:

    Thank you so much!!

  • Anne F North Side Chick

    Contact Lost Dogs Illinois. They do great work on Facebook.

  • Make sure you give a flyer to your local police and surrounding police depts. also, keep checking CHICAGO Animal Control to see if she was brought in. Put up flyers around and outside your surrounding areas...make sure they are in protective covers due to the weather. Also, make sure to post around schools & dog parks. I posted on my FB page. Hoping for a quick reurn.

  • Thank you both. She was posted on Lost Dog Illinois on Sunday and they go every day to Animal Care and Control. We have been flyering different areas at major intersections. We appreciate the tips! I will update once she is found- so please keep sharing.

  • I sent her pic and info to my son & his partner...they are near Wrigley. They will keep their eyes opened for her. They have a friendly dog they walk 3 times a day....hopefully someone will see her. Another person posted that they are in LP and would help you. Have them do never know where people go and dogs can travel very far..50 mikes or so. Since she is so scared, look in places she can hide from people. Usually, scared dogs go out to eat very early in the morn and then again for dinner....they don't want to be seen. Check near the lake.... Check with animal welfare in Chicago Ridge and other shelters you can think of...give them a flyer if possible.

  • sly-3 donkey wrangler to the stars is also an online option. good luck, as i know it would devastate me should i find myself in your situation.

  • contact these folks here, I'm sure they can help you get more awareness in the Wrigley area:

  • Maybe I misread it and it was your sign but I could swear I saw a sign posted on a pole maybe near the Lill Street Center on Montrose saying they had found a dog matching this description. I couldn't remember where I saw someone posting a lost dog so I didn't take the number but if you didn't post a flyer on Ravenswood and Montrose go look there for the number.

  • Dyana Flanigan Public relations & marketing professional.

    I've been sharing on Facebook and I know many others have, too. Hopefully you will all be reunited soon.

  • At 10:40AM RYAN was spotted near the Mercedes Dealership and the Greyhound Station on North Halsted near Division.

    If you can please help look for Ryan--- call or text the second you see her.




  • Also, please share on facebook the more eyes on the streets the better. THANK YOU!

  • Is it true you found Ryan?? If so, where? I sure hope so!! She must have been so scared. How did she get loose from your fence?

  • Just saw the pictures on Facebook!!!!!! So happy Ryan was found! It's just wonderful to see so many people come together to help, just amazing!

  • For those not on Facebook, but who got emotionally attached to this story from EveryBlock, is there a link to anything else? I am so happy Ryan is back where she belongs!! What a great outcome after a big a snow storm even! If only animals could talk. :)

  • Yes, Ryan has been found!! She was found shortly after she was spotted this afternoon. She was found near Goose Island. She has lost about 5 pounds and her moms are VERY happy to have her home. It will be a good night sleep for all. I am not sure if there will be a link for anything but if there is I will post here. I do know that they are extremely grateful for all of the posts and shares to help find Ryan. Thank you for helping and caring! There are so many good people in the world and it is good to see everyone in action.

  • Thank you for the official update, Jaime! Ryan is so lucky to have pet parents (pet moms) like she does. They (and you and so many others) did a fabulous job!! I can't imagine how scared Ryan must have been all alone...and not eating it seems. The love and devotion her moms showed is such a testament to their goodness. Happy, happy ending. Yea!!!

  • So glad she's home safe & sound!!! Many people will be relieved!!

  • lauren :)

    Yay Ryan!!

  • What wonderful news!!

  • Patricia 25 Year Lakeview Resident

    Makes my day!

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