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Added Mar 05 2014

Thank you all for sharing photos of the poodles we found earlier this week! Without your help, we wouldn't have solved the mystery as to whom these lovely pups belong to. They were ABANDONED, left on the cold streets to fend for themselves. Turns out their owner tried giving them to several other shop owners in the area. They had no idea that if they didn't take them, he would just let them loose. It's DISGUSTING! These two pups deserve better! If you're interested in FOSTERING or ADOPTING, please let me know!

  • Avondaler noisy neighbor

    can you let us know who to contact if we are interested in adopting? And how awful, who does that?

  • Andrea in Logan Square

    Times like these make me wish I lived in a dog friendly home cause they're too cute

  • Tara Season Evangelist Temple of the Dog & Meow Lounge Owner

    Thanks Avondaler for asking! All interest in fostering or adopting, please email me at

  • Sighryn Roscoe resident

    Hey Tara! We talked yesterday. I will post them to my FB page!

  • Ev

    Wow, so very hard to believe as they look like they have been taken care of. Were you able to talk to the owner of these pups or was this from word of mouth?

  • Wow, people are truly disgusting. I know of a few rescue groups that might be able to take these dogs and have them fostered. Lmk if I can help.

  • CJCR2 Long time Logan Square resident

    So sad . SMH. I hope they find a good home.

  • Jen Baron JBaron

    SO SAD! Bless you for helping these poor animals!

  • Jena

    Sad and irresponsible. People who abandon pets should be ashamed.

  • These dogs are so beautiful... I wonder if the "owner" didn't steal them or something before trying to pawn them off to pet stores? Just a thought...

  • Veronika Fashion Designer,Gallery Owner,Web Designer, Muse

    Wow, how truly despicable. If you don't find an adopter or foster please let me know and I will start to post to my contacts for the rescue group I foster for.

  • Jenny G. Forest Glen homeowner

    So sad and cruel. I hope they find the loving home they deserve.

  • If they are still available, I'd be happy to take them in and make sure they get the grooming and vet care they need.

  • Hate to be the bearer of bad news. However, there is a very specific and very fragike protocol to dog rescue. Look to legislation before you proceed with homing these dogs.  Rescue Me Clifford will be sending me info that I will forward to Tara. Also, Marilyn Frey is mentioned a recent incident that occurred to a business owner in Niles. Definitely not worth citations or losing your business. Fantastic these dogs are off the street. Lets make sure this story ends happily ever after.

  • oddrid is correct regarding the possibility that these dogs were first stolen. Have you checked for a microchip? Any decent vet will do this for free if you explain the situation.

    Also, the person who did this committed at least a misdemeanor & Animal Control & the Police should take a report.

  • Beth G 15+ year Bucktown resident

    I think the original post said no chip.

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