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Added Jun 25 2014

We are moving into the Portage Park neighborhood at the end of July. I'm hoping to get some recommendations for a good vet. We have a dog and a cat - thanks in advance.

  • We go to Dr Andy at Chicago Pet Clinic on Cicero. He is very gentle & thorough with our dog. The prices are very good also. Read the yelp reviews

  • bellyer Information Security Geek, Beer Lover & Homebrewer

    We use Portage Park Animal Hospital. I have had no complaints with the service there. They are pretty good.

  • Kelly Dunning

    We go to Ace Animal Hospital on Irving. Used to go to Portage Park, but recently switched and couldn't be happier. Dr. Dougherty is great with our dog and have no complaints.

  • A&K

    We use ace as well.

  • Used Ace for more than 13 years now. Not a fan of not being able to schedule an appointment, sometimes there's a bit of a wait depending when you go, but other than that really have no complaints. Prices are reasonable, both vets are top notch, and the rest of the staff is great.

  • Beeba in Portage Park Portage Park resident

    Ace is the place! The people there are extremely caring for both animal and human.

  • Ace for us.

  • K-MAN Jeff Park concerned neighbor

    Forest Glen Animal Hospital at 5324 N. Elston - Reasonable prices and caring vets. Ask for Dr. Orals. You'll be glad you did!

  • I also recommend Ace. Their decor needs some serious updating, but they are extremely kind and affordable. After I had to put my cat to sleep, they sent a really beautiful card with all the staff's signatures and a sweet personalized message. It really touched me.

  • We love the Portage Park Animal Clinic, and have taken our pets there for over 20 years.

  • We also use Dr. Andy at Chicago Pet Clinic - it's near Cicero/Addison and as the person above says just check the yelp reviews. Dr. Andy is so caring and doesn't recommend unnecessary tests, is able to deal with difficult animals and it's easy to get an appointment. We have used them for 4 years and are totally happy.

  • Thanks - I will take a look at all of these options. I appreciate the feedback.

  • Dr. Anderson at Norwood Park Animal Hospital. She is very knowledgeable, patient, and loves my dog!

  • TLC First Animal Hospital Dr Susan is amazing.

  • I also recommend Dr. Andy at Chicago Pet Clinic as well. He's always so patient with all our questions and gentle with my pooches. He's genuinely happy to do his job. We switched to him after going to Portage Park Animal hospital for years. Its a far more personal experience.At PPAH we never got the same doc twice. We no longer sit in a waiting room for as long and we definitely dont pay anywhere near as much for visits, shots, or meds.

  • Sean Creative Strategist and Beer Maker

    Dr. Olsen at Portage Park

  • We have an appointment with Dr. Olsen at PPAH next week, and had a message on the answering machine this week saying she had resigned! Boo! We really liked her.

  • Dr Andy Jaworowski at Chicago pet clinic 3510 N. Cicero. really nice, takes time to explain things and does not push a lot of expensive medicines, shots, etc. I really appreciate someone who cares about my dog and not just about making more money.

  • Katie Mt. Juliet

    Dr. Garcia at Portage Park takes great care of my 4-legged babies.....highly recommend.

  • Yes, Dr. Olsen did resign at Portage Park Animal Hospital but I contacted her and found out she is opening her own practice the end of July. Full service and she said prices will be less than PPAH charges. I'm going to check it out when she's in business. Just waiting for city licenses and then she'll open. I think she said the location is near Montrose & California. She is great and does alternative medicine - acupuncture and chiropractic services. She has a page on Facebook.

  • I also recommend Dr. Andy @ Chicago Pet Clinic.

    I've recommended him to my family. They bring their pets from Rogers Park.

  • KC -monte clare KC , Monte clare

    look up Duke animal hospital . Dr Duke is a very good vet

  • I also recommend Dr. Andy for all the reasons other people have already stated. We have gone to him for 4 years and really like him. Our dog actually wags her tail when we tell her its time to go see Dr. Andy!

  • TLC First , although not in Portage Park , you will find is worth the trip. The vet clinic is located on Milwaukee north of Devon. Dr. Sue and her staff are first rate. Good luck with your decision!

  • BerteauBungalow 20 year resident.

    Ace Animal Hospital on Irving, just west of Laramie. Our dog loves the staff.

  • KC -monte clare KC , Monte clare

    It also depends on "what kind of vet" you are looking for? One that recommends redundant harmful shots year after year or one who is up to date on latest information and recommends, yearly exams, titer tests for vaccinations, dental exams, good nutrition , weight control, disease prevention protocol , Yearly or Bi-yearly lab work (depending on age)VS over vaccination, too much antibotics, prednisone, rymidal etc ... all things to consider and every pet guardian is different ...

  • Kathy in 60630 10 yr. resident

    Norwood Park is the best Dr. Hammer Is the Best for diagnosing special illness's. Excellent surgeon. Top of the line and great staff.

  • Susan Long-time Jeff Park resident

    We have used Veterinary Home Health Care for over 30 years. Dr. Nora Carroll and now Dr. Corinne Dobner. They come to the house--wonderful when you have a dog and a cat. Dr. Dobner refers to Ace Animal Hospital for surgeries, which I was also very happy with. Veterinary Home Health Care is at 773-237-8230.

  • Definitely Ace on Irving Park (just West of Laramie)! Dr. Dougherty is the only vet in the City that we trust to take care of our cats.

  • ` kenji

    I'll second Ace. We love them and have been going there for dogs and cats since 1984. Wouldn't go anywhere else around here.

  • I would rather go to Diversey Animal hospital on Central and Diversey.

  • Ace Hospital has been my go-to for both of my dogs. I find the vets kind, informative and with empathy for any situation. Dr. Dougherty will tell you if he is uncomfortable with any medications or procedures. The entire staff truly loves animals
    and wants the best for them.

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