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Added Jan 16 2013

Please help!! Our bassett hound was in our backyard and is now missing. She did not have her collar on. She answers to the name of Ellie. Tri- colored, black white and brown. 55-60lbs call Annie 563-528-1319 or Chris 319-371-4887 ANYTIME

  • Mike Michaels

    whats your location?

  • How long was she in the yard unsupervised? Were/are your gates secure since she went missing? Post her info on "Lost Dogs IL".

  • Mike Michaels

    Also post on and call the 2 local police departments in case someone calls in finding her.

  • Sarah L. Newbie to Portage Park

    Annie's house is on hutchinson between laramie and leclaire

  • kenji Find us here -->

    So people know what a basset hound looks like:

    Ours gets out soemtimes too. Out of all five dogs the basset heads out and goes the farthest. Must be because they smell and sniff out stuff so much. I hop in the van and go three blocks away if it escaped within 10 minutes. I stop at corners, pull over and look down alleys and blocks and look at hedges and garbage cans, until I find him. I make a concentric circle back towards the house.

  • Some people say they tend to go in the alleys because there's a lot more to smell there. And if there's no reason to go in any particular direction, go towards where the wind is blowing from, since that direction carried a bigger variety of smells.

  • Good luck,I know the heart break you must be feeling. I will keep a watch. I have taken to locking my gates only to protect my dogs inside the yard. Be sure to check with animal control as well. Hoping she was chipped!

  • Carry the leash. Carry a bunch of snacks the dog likes so you can toss them towards the dog. Gentle voice. Better, no voice. Just calm standing, Better is calm sitting not looking at dog's eyes. Quiet is better than pleading. Never shouting. Best wishes.

  • aren't the basset hounds the one's that find people thou? wouldn't a normal basset hound find their way back home? i really don't know i am just asking. it may be possible the dog was stolen.

  • Snacks. Toss means a few feet from you towards the dog so it doesn't think you are heaving rocks. Remember dogs have poor night vision. Smell is everything. Then hold out one held highly visible in your fingers. With you sitting. With you not looking at the dog. Set it down where the dog can clearly see it. Maybe scooch away a little if the dog seems tentative. If you simply must reach out, reach with a treat in your finger tips. Don't leap for the dog.

  • I will post on my FB page. Good Luck.

  • Post on Facebook LOSTDOGSILLINOIS .. Great website

  • Our dog got out of our yard last year. Here is what helped:

    Post a picture here: Lost Dogs Illinois - FB Group

    Her picture was posted here the day after she went missing. Keep checking this site.

  • Hey there. Last week when I found the husky I called the 16 th police district and I told them to take down my info that I had found a husky. Maybe if some1 finds ur dog they" ll call there too. You can leave your info with them

  • We are new to Portage Park, only been here 3months. We generally like it and think it is safe, but with the garage break ins we are wondering if someone might have taken our dog. My 2nd cousin used to live here and his dog was stolen last year. He found his dog being walked by two men on the street. They denied stealing the dog but the dog answered to him and so with a slight altercation he took the dog back. Is this common? In the event that she was stolen, what else can we do?

    We are offering a reward for our dog, we just want her home safe.

  • christyr20 Northwest sider

    Is she microchipped? Make sure your info is current on that registry. Social media has been a great tool to find lost dogs lately.

  • kenji Find us here -->

    @Annie, there wasn't any sign of escape? Gate open, hole dug under a fence, obvious area of yard dog could jump over or push through to get out?

  • We found her!

    After searching for 4+ hours, calling the 16th district station, animal control, and a half dozen animal hospitals, I got a call this morning from the Portage Park Animal Hospital saying that they had a basset matching Ellie's description.

    Annie picked her up this morning. Thank you all for your concern and advice.


  • kenji Find us here -->

    Is she neutered? You know what I'm thinking. Spring is in the air.

  • Mike Michaels

    Thank you for updating us, I'm happy you found her :) It's a scary lesson... don't let it go to waste. Mike-

  • KC -monte clare KC , Monte clare

    what a great ending !!!

  • roots Dog lover with Grumpy Cat addiction

    So happy to hear this news. Glad your little girl is home safe. Thanks for posting.

  • I know people are gonna get on me again, but if you already suspected people in the neighborhood could steal a dog as per your story about your cousin, then why was he in the yard unsupervised?

    I'm glad you found your dog. That's extremely odd that your cousin's was taken then he saw someone else walking the dog in the same 'hood! People ...

  • Ruth Marie

    Yes you can't just open your back door and let the dog out no matter how bad the weather is. You have to go out with it each time.

  • kenji Find us here -->

    That's not right, Ruth.

  • OK So now that Ellie is home, let's all go back and look at the comments for their appropriateness to the immediate situation.

    For sake of review let's pretend Annie posted that her house was on fire and she didn't know if everybody had gotten out and what should she do? Would it be helpful to talk about making sure smoke detectors had fresh batteries? The point being, in the midst of the crisis, it might be more neighborly to be silent if you don't have adivice to solve an immediate crisis.

    After the fire is out and eveyone found is time enough to post what some readers might see as a wee bit lecturing to the general public or judgmental of the specific situation, take your choice.

    So read the posts above made while Ellie was still missing. Do they say things helping to get her home?

  • Ruth Marie

    Well that's why you're driving around looking for your dog, Kenji.

  • @PP1948 - thank you for your defense and support.

    Regarding the other admonishment and tsk-ing that has taken place above, I'd like you to take moment to empathize with Annie and I.

    During the 4+ hours that we were wandering the alleyways and thoroughfares of Portage Park and beyond, there was a great deal of mental self-deprecating at the naïveté and oversight that we had exercised, resulting in what we thought was the loss of our beloved dog. I would encourage all to consider that before posting patronizing and/or demeaning comments about why we let our dog in our own back yard unattended, something we've done countless times since we moved to the area in September.

    This event was heart-wrenching and awful, but it taught us a great deal about the great neighbors we have. It was a neighbor who found our dog on the same block where we live and took great care of her. In looking for Ellie, at least 6 complete strangers interrupted their evenings to help us look for our puppy. Our next door neighbor called and emailed other neighbors to widen the dragnet.

    Despite the unavoidable realization that someone opened our gate without our permission, I truly believe we live in a safe, welcoming neighborhood, and I thank everyone on Everyblock and the tangible community for your support and compassion. Though it may present itself n misguided ways in this forum at times, I can only assume that you all mean well.

    Also, I'm rebuilding our gates this weekend, so that people can't get into our back yard without a key.


  • @Chris very well said on all aspects. You demonstrate wisdom. The community became an even better place for this episode.

  • @Chris I take back the well said on one tiny thing...the mistaken use of the personal I in the first sentence. But then I also notice a typo in my post. Nobody's perfect. /s/ English major

  • KC -monte clare KC , Monte clare

    Well Said Chris. Try not to evaporate any energy on those who choose to criticize rather than lend a hand. Some suffer more than others and have not reached a realization in life that value comes from offering as opposed to an attempt to diminish. This was a terrible experience with thankfully a happy ending. I would be devestated wtihout my little guy. Thanks to all your good neighbors/friends and those who pitched in to help. You got her back , all that matters, and likley made some new allies ! Love my wonderful neighbors who always offer to assist. Most Happy when i can give back. Always good to inspect the yard / gate for any extra enforcements after a scary episode as this. I always liked the "double gate idea." One small gate on the inside of your yard, in front of your outside gate. Can be accomplished cheaply and offers an extra layer of protection.

  • @PP1946, thanks for the edit, though I'm not sure I follow.

    I am the husband of Annie, the original posts author, and the other owner of the dog.

    Feel free to clarify.


  • @Chris Annie and me, not Annie and I

    When using compound subjects you can test for correctness by dropping the other half of the compound and see how it sounds. The original post was "I'd like you to take moment to empathize with Annie and I." So dropping the "Annie and " would you say,"I'd like you to take moment to empathize with I. "

    Thank you for giving me the soap box.

  • Uh-oh, our grammar observations from the 'Cops looking for people right now' thread is bleeding over into this one. Carry on, grammarphiles!

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