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Added Feb 10 2014

As a dog walker I continually am harassed about actually throwing dog feces in the black garbage cans behind peoples house. I'm told all kinds of ridiculous things. I have even had the police called on me. When I asked a man once why exactly he had such a problem with me throwing something in the garbage can that belonged to the city he told me it stinks up the whole neighborhood and I should throw it in my own garbage can. Other times people try to tell me their garbage fills up and my little bag of poop apparently takes up the whole garbage. I tell people you can call the city and request another garbage can. Anyway, please people can you be thankful of the responsible people who actually pick up after the dogs they walk instead of harassing them about how you don't like the fact that you have a city issued garbage can that I use to deposit it. You may always hire a private company to dispose your trash. I always try to use the city trash and not the ones that people actually pay for. As a person who pays taxes in this city I also pay for the use of the black garbage cans in your alley!

  • robin in WRP I support a 28th Amendment 4Free & Fair Elections!

    That's ridiculous! Better in the can than on the sidewalk!!

  • Why do you feel so strongly to not oblige to your neighbor's request?

  • DoubleA 36-year Chicago resident

    well they are not my neighbors for one, I do not live in the area i work. I never said I didn't oblige. I put them in the garbage next to "theirs" so the whole neighborhood doesn't stink.I strongly dislike the idea of collecting 14 bags of poop in a day and driving around with them in my car so i can oblige someones request to dispose of them when i get home in my own garbage can.

  • oh, ok---i misunderstood. i know you said "as a dog walker"....but for some reason i just assumed you meant your own dog(s) in your own neighborhood. yeah, i agree--better in a can than on the sidewalk. that's all i would say to them.

  • brenda Bj

    I think that's the way to roll, I wish the dog owners in my area were so thoughtful and considerate. I have no dogs or cats and I am cleaning up poop all the time in my front yard my, back yard. People curb your animals and clean behind them.!!!!! If someone is disposing animal waste in plastic bags be gratiful, you wont step in it.

  • April in Lincoln Square resident 23 years

    You are not alone. A few years ago a neighbor told me not to throw a paper cup of dog poop into a garbage bin because it stinks.(Isn't garbage supposed to stink?) She ordered me to put it in a sewer. A couple of weeks later someone saw me dropping some turds through a sewer grate and told me not to put poop in the sewers because it clogs them up. ??? Isn't there already waste from our toilets down there?
    Seems to me that plastic bag-wrapped poop in a garbage can is the best way to go. If it's wrapped up, how bad can it smell?

  • DoubleA 36-year Chicago resident

    They ari even had a woman on here tell me its law i put it in a box and label it dog waste outside the trash. ill have to find the link to the thread later and post as its quite humorous .

  • DMC Average Citizen.

    Given the amount of trash people leave in the bushes in front of my house, I would appreciate the effort of putting it in a bin. I really don't need people decorating the bushes like a garbage christmas tree, leaving dog bags, cans and food wrappers nestled in the bush.

  • DoubleA 36-year Chicago resident

    ------said comment telling me its illegal to put dog waste in the garbage---
    Kat W
    "Well my love, you do realize it's illegal to put dog waste in a garbage can don't you? YOU must put it in it's own box outside of the garbage cans in the alley and have it officially marked "DOG WASTE". Being a dog walker and all abiding citizen not wanting to break any laws, is it safe to assume that you do this for EVERY SINGLE one of the dogs you walk? I mean it is illegal if you don't. And yes, the dog waste law is real. I"m in construction and it is treated just as needles, hazardous waste."

  • Save yourself the headache and buy the lavender scented poop bags. Set up a box in your vehicle and place them there until your return home and can discard them in your bin. If tied properly you won't get a scent in your vehicle.

  • If you're a dog walker with 14 bags of waste a day, you're in business. You need to act accordingly. It is illegal to throw anything into someone else's assigned trash bin. The smell factor is real. Granted, practically speaking, it's better than illegally leaving dog waste on the public way, but you have a responsibility to follow the law as well as try to be courteous. Clove's lavender suggestion sounds like a good one.

  • DoubleA 36-year Chicago resident

    I think i act quite accordingly. i do not have a responsibilty to be coirteous. coirtesy is a choice. if these people treated me with courtesy and asked me nicely to abide by their silly reqiest i may abide but in fqct im instead demanded. funny thing is these people are the same ones who fail to shovel or salt their sidewalks. on another note mqybe you can ake it upon yourself to call up the dog walking companys owners and suggest their employees are breaking the law under their direction and suggest they provide a suitable refuse alternate.

  • That's your responsibility, too.

  • DoubleA 36-year Chicago resident

    According to the law im required to remove pet waste from public areas nowhere have i seen a law dictating that i need to carry it around with me. The trah bins are property of the city of chicago to which i pay taxes to and live in. when my family and friends visit with their pets from areas other than chicago where do they deposit their pet waste? Not sure they can cqrry it on a plane back home.

  • You can let them use your trash bin.

    From section 7-28-260 of the Municipal Code of Chicago: "It shall be unlawful for any person other than the owner, his agent or occupant of the premises served by a refuse container to deposit or cause to be deposited therein any article or thing whatsoever."

  • MARCUS MCLEAN 8 years Logan Square

    That is the dumbest thing ever when my dogs poop in my backyard it goes in the same trash cans in a bag .Next time toss it and walk away there isn't nothing they can do about it if they don't like it then they can bring them in every week

  • DoubleA 36-year Chicago resident

    Yhat a good idea i will suggest that to the next control frak garbage nazi who says something

  • robin in WRP I support a 28th Amendment 4Free & Fair Elections!

    Really, April? Please who complain about dog poop in their garbage cans are equivalent to those who murdered 13,000,000?

  • DoubleA 36-year Chicago resident

    No soup for you!

  • I would think the smell isn't bad when the poop is left in the bins during cold weather. Next time maybe you can explain to those who complain that your circumstances as a dog walker would mean carting around poop for hours. In other words, you are not just a lazy person who can't be bothered to wait 10 minutes to carry it home with you at the end of a walk.

  • DoubleA 36-year Chicago resident

    oh i have..

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