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Added Dec 31 2017

I live on the 6400 block of Leavitt, and the feral cat that lives under our deck had two kittens who are approximately 4 months old. They have nearly identical markings, except one is short-haired with a pink nose, and the other is SO FLUFFY with a nose dot.

I've been feeding and sheltering all three in insulated heated outdoor cat cabins (and trying to TNR but that's another story). However, the short-haired kitten has not been seen for almost a week. Sorry I can't provide better photos, but I call this kitten "Ghost" for a reason. The first few weeks after they moved into the cat shelter in my backyard, Ghost was so freaked out by people that they would tear out of the yard like their fuzzy butt was on fire. However, after daily feeding, Ghost headed STRAIGHT for the food every time, and was inseparable from their much fluffier sibling.

However, I was away from Dec 16 to Dec 29, and had my friends and neighbours looking after them. However, they saw no sign of Ghost, only Shadow (because said kitten rarely if ever leaves their mother's side). With the sudden deadly drop in temps, I am really worried. If you live on or near the 6400 block of Leavitt, and you've seen this kitten in the last week, can you reply?

Here are videos from Dec 3rd, so you can see the kitten's markings more clearly:

Edited to add: sorry for the blurry close-up below, but the flap to the cat cabin was fogged up. The missing kitten is on the left.
  • Hi Tara, sorry your feral is missing, have you checked the cacc they post pictures of cats that have been brought to the them, there are a few trappers who've been rumored to be going around trapping and dumping cats at cacc. you can see if your friend is there. Have you reached out to tnr organizations like treehouse or paws to see if they have trappers in the area or other feral cat caretakers that might have taken in your kitty or be able to help with it? A lot of times ferals disappear for a long time, or sneak in and out without being noticed. good luck, hope kitty is okay.

  • I've been checkibg Petharbor daily, and am going to call Treehouse today.

  • Still no sign of the missing kitten. I've been checking PetHarbor's and PAWs websites, and created a flyer on the Illinois Lost Pet facebook page. It's not been almost 2 weeks since I last saw Ghost, tho my upstairs neighbour thought she saw the kitten on Jan 1.

  • Have you put out any video surveillance or anything? Some people find that their missing feral is actually still sneaking around getting food but sheltering somewhere else close by.

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  • Please see "Crying Cat" in today's postings. Good luck. Carol

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