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Added Dec 03 2012

I am moving into the Lake View Point condos at 7736 North Sheridan Road and need a trusted dog walker starting in January. Anyone live in this complex? Any recommendations? I have 2 adult dogs that will need to be walked during the day...

  • Gina & Kim at North Side Pets are wonderful! I highly recommend them.

  • mfr RP resident for decades

    Dog Charmer - Sue Johnson
    773 870-6604

  • You can't beat Smarty Pets! 773-220-2237

  • Heaven Sent. They are the best. Great with the pets & owners as well.

  • Bark Bark Club is great. They have a wonderful, experienced team and offer walking service as well as daycare w/ pickup+drop off.

  • Amy Better your world.

    I work for Heaven Sent...and yes, we're awesome! However, I don't think we're adding any additional clients in RP. I could do it on the side for you though.

  • tom 2422 Rogers Parker since 1972

    Welcome to Eastlake Terrace! I would suggest walking your dog on Juneway and Rogers Beach and asking one of the hundreds of other dog walkers on Eastlake who they use. I am sure there are several people on the block who will do this....

    The dog walking community is very tight on Eastlake.

    Also, I know there is a guy who lives in that complex named Blake who appears to walk his labradoodle named Wagner several times a day... he must work at home. Maybe he woudl be interested.

  • EddiePedroza photographer
  • BF626 north rogers resident

    thanks for the leads, everyone :) I will be looking into your suggestions. Amy, do you want to email me your info?

  • Paulina Fargo Resident Rogers Park resident since 2009

    I have two dogs and am on the 7400 of North Paulina and can recommend my dog walker who has been walking my dogs for over 7 years. She works for herself and very dependable as well as reasonable. Although she is not insured she is very trustworthy and also walks Other dogs in my block. If this interests You I can send you her # as I don't want to post her number on this public forum.

  • Kelli Lifelong W. Rogers Resident/Now A Happy Dunningite

    Welcome to the neighborhood! I have been a walker in the area for about 8 years and will have an opening after the new year. I'd love to be of service to you. I work independently, not for a service, and can provide excellent references. If you would like more information, please feel free to message me.

  • JayDubbya 6-yr Rogers Park resident

    Here to provide a shout-out for Green Paws Chicago. Tell 'em Benny sent you!

  • I just used Pawlosophy for cat care, and they were great. You can view walk/visit details online after each visit.

  • Inside Agitator child psychotherapist opposed to school closings

    Karen Gerbig at Leader of the Pack is great. Look up the website.

  • Amy Better your world.

  • karen Animal lover and creative soul.

    We have openings for new clients in Rogers Park.


  • Marcus Rogers Park Resident

    @karen I'm looking for an occasional dog walker for my two pitties. The link you posted seems to be incorrect could you give any other info?

  • DaveP been around
  • I've worked for Chicago Dog Walkers for six years. They have lots of walkers in that area. Very reliable.

  • joe

    If your dogs are in need of special care, consider Eva G.

  • Bark Place in Rogers Park also offers dog walking services. 773-761-4444

  • K9to5 is really affordable, and the people are great!

  • I love Bark Place and they have been walking my idiot dog for over 3 years.

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